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Mushpot Records is an independent and underground music label interested in releasing twee, pop, electronic, IDM, acoustic and lo-fi artists as well as alternative and theme-specific children's music compilations. Mushpot Records, was inspired by the weekly radio show hosted by Fanny Mcgee and Reverb (aptly named "the Mushpot") on KDVS 90.3FM in Davis, CA. The Mushpot broadcasted stories for all ages as well as new underground music from January 2003 to June 2006. For the 2005 KDVS fundraiser, Fanny decided to make a children's music compilation. Musician friends from around Davis, CA and as far as Japan submitted tracks. Releases are as small as limited press of 50 or as many as 1000. Compilations are donated to schools and radio stations. Remaining proceeds go to the next themed compilation or project.

The Mushpot's first goal is to have fun, we are not here to make money! Second, to expose sub-genres of music to children without being cheesy or mitigating educational messages. Third, to inspire artists to step outside their normal musical bounds with exciting themed compilations. Fourth, to expose audio and visual artists that wouldn't usually be featured in mainstream culture.


MPT 001 - Mushpot Children's Compilation 1 MPT 002 - Mushpot Children's Compilation 2 - "Better Than Your Blanket" MPT 003 - G2 - "Loneliness and Love" MPT 004 - Andy Haut - "The Earth Says Hello EP" MPT 005 - Buildings Breeding - "S/T" MPT 006 - SxSW 2007 Sampler (only distributed at SxSW) MPT 007 - Chairs in the Arno - "File Folder" MPT 008 - Please Quiet Ourselves - "S/T"


Superheroes Make Children Cry, Winter 2008 Boolar, Spring 2008 Magic Magic, Winter 2008 Underground, Underwater; Winter 2008 nLn (Nyles Lannon), Spring 2008 Little Naps, Summer 2008 Mushpot Children's Compilation 3 - "Electric Exercises," Summer 2008 Gnomes Buildings Things, Summer 2008 Laromlab, Fall 2007 Chief Briggum, Spring 2008 Drum Machine Dating Service, Fall 2008


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2005-05-04 14:36:38   Maybe this says sometihng about me, but I ran across the mushpot on KDVS and though my first instict was to change the channel, I kept listening and found it fascinating. Maybe this says something about me! —JaimeRaba

2005-05-04 15:00:22   Yeah, it says you like good radio : ) —EricKlein

2005-05-04 16:21:23   Babying them? Why not let kids be kids? What kind of education are you refering to by the way? —GeorgeLewis

2005-05-04 16:28:28   I dunno, as a kid, I always found most kids stuff insulting. Wee Sing and Rafi gets a little old. —ArlenAbraham

2005-05-04 16:29:23   True, but what kind of stuff is this supposed to teach? Values? Chemistry? Metaphysics? I am curious. —GeorgeLewis

2005-05-04 16:38:36   Maybe it's just supposed to challenge the imagination. The Three Bears is crap compared to something like Rootabaga Stories. —ArlenAbraham

2005-05-04 18:20:23   Well the reason I liked it was because it seemed to be a good deal more better and more interesting (more subversive? hehe.) than facile stuff like Wee Sing and Rafi, although I suppose those two have their place. —JaimeRaba

2005-05-05 00:14:42   Well I was wondering what exactly we would be singing to these children...and when i say we, i mean not us, but those people that would be singing. Yeah, you know what I mean. What will be sung? I don't want no damn hippie talk sung to children. —GeorgeLewis

2005-05-05 00:41:55   Hippie Music... What is you opinion of Shel Silverstein's music? —RobRoy

2005-05-05 00:47:16   Why you so defensive rob? hehehe. —GeorgeLewis