OMG! WTF!? It's that time of year again...

If you are so inclined to participate, please contribute!


Potluck BBQ at Slide Hill Park - August 3rd, 2008 @ 2pm till all the food is gone! (assuming you are not a grass-eater)

Sign-up (was) =

  • SunjeetBaadkar will bring hot dogs and buns (also for hamburger) and other randomness...maybe some homemade cookies if I wake up early enough to do that. Oh, and I'll try to bring ice and/or soda. Time to find that ice cooler...
  • ChrisLambertus offers to man the grill, and will bring charcoal, fire, plates, sporks, meat, beer, and a cooler with ice. Send me a message if you want me to bring anything from costco.
  • StevenDaubert is always down for a good bbq!
  • IDoNotExist may or may not exist at the BBQ, and will likely bring objects to eat off of and eat with. Update: Whoops. I probably will not exist there after all, due to an unscheduled scheduling conflict with a conflicting schedule.
    • MaryLieth will bring something fruit/vegetable-related & ketchup & mustard
  • ChristopherMcKenzie will bring that damn curry everyone loves, even though he hasn't made it since the last one. He'll think about bringing other stuff too.
  • JessicaLuedtke will bring something edible. Hopefully.
  • CurlyGirl26 will bring chicken salad and perhaps a fruit salad if she can get her act together. She'll definetly bring beer. Drop her a line if you have a preference.
  • JonathanLawton will bring StephanieStudebaker and some burger meat, tomato, onion, and lettuce
  • Aaron.Curtin will bring marinated short ribs and a big appetite (Princess will come too, kids will be at Grandma's) Can't stay too long though, have to finish moving into the new shop.
  • pxl will bike over after the bike church work party. (wasn't that on saturday?)
  • WilliamLewis will bring DavidPoole, StewartShearer, and BrentLaabs. Also, a BBQ and some sort of deli item.
  • BradBenedict, CharlotteHoar and Penny The Dog will most likely show up. With hot dogs. Other than Penny.
  • Sankofa416 will bring friends and snack-type foods.

Remember to bring in your non-wiki friends to the wiki gatherings; we don't wanna seem like a cult gathering, after all.

The Results


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OMG WTF BBQ Italics represent old comments Zogm way to soon -__- or so people tell me... I think I would be down, I'm always down for some BBQ —StevenDaubert

2008-03-06 02:08:50   Mid to late Octoberish? —JabberWokky

2008-06-19 22:02:31   How about one in the nearish future?

(Suggest picking a name for this page that is easier to find. I had no idea where to find the BBQ / picnic page. (For some strange reason, I looked under...picnic.) —IDoNotExist

2008-06-25 22:14:43   on the 4th? —StevenDaubert

2008-06-25 22:39:50   It is possible that I might cause myself to exist briefly for such an event. Although, it might be better to have it on a day where most people do not have alternate events or commitments. —IDoNotExist

2008-06-26 14:07:09   5th of July? —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-06-26 16:32:26   I'm so in! I've wanted to attend Davis Wiki BBQ. And I'm totally free (no work and no school)!

2008-06-26 18:03:33   Turns out I will be in town afterall. Sweet! —JonathanLawton

2008-06-26 22:53:33   I'll be gone, but don't let that stop the fun! —DougWalter

2008-06-27 09:20:02   Given the intense heat and other adverse environmental conditions (such as the current smoke problem), I wonder if it might be a good idea to make the event an indoor event somewhere - either as a potluck, or perhaps as something at an inexpensive restaurant where everyone would order something for themselves. The current forecast for July 5th is the mid to high 90s. —IDoNotExist

2008-06-27 10:26:32   Good call about the weather. Plus, I don't know who'd do the actual bbqing. I know I have the ability, but not the commitment or tools. —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-06-27 11:47:04   I propose having the event at Crepeville. They have many tables and air conditioning. It's also easy for people to order individually, but sit as a group there. They also have a wide variety of relatively inexpensive and tasty food. The disadvantage is that Crepeville can get crowded, so there is some chance that there will be insufficient seating. Another possibility is to meet in the MU Coffee House. There are many free tables there right now because of the summer break. There are many inexpensive dining options. Space for a large number of people will be trivial to find. —IDoNotExist

2008-06-27 11:54:03   Dawiso is already meeting at Crepeville on the 13th. The current weather isn't that bad... The smoke is a bummer, but I think it's keeping things a bit cooler. —JonathanLawton

2008-06-27 22:37:58   The Dawiso meeting should also be mentioned somewhere obvious (upcoming events, for example?) I had no idea that it existed until I read the previous comment. —IDoNotExist

    My sentiments exactly. Maybe a link somewhere on the Front Page would be useful.— MaryLieth

2008-06-27 23:10:08   Also, I'd suggest naming Dawiso (as well as the BBQ, which I think I mentioned before) with a descriptive name. What exactly is a Dawiso? It looks like it might be an acronym for Davis Wiki So. So? So what? So...liloquy? So...phomore? There is no explanation of this on the Dawiso page (although there is a description of what the group is), and those who are trying to find a group of wiki users who meet at restaurants and discuss the dihydrogen monoxide problem are unlikely to find it. I'd suggest picking a name that describes what the group actually is, and that is not an acronym. (Acronyms obfuscate what things actually are, and make it much harder to find the thing you are looking for.) —IDoNotExist

2008-06-28 07:53:21   Personally, I'd suggest just making it a Davis Social Meeting, and making it open to all. There's an (accidental, I am sure) connotation of a distinction between the Davis Community and the Davis Wiki Community when it's phrased like that. The Davis Wiki serves the Davis Community, not an extracted subset that has meetings unto themselves (or so I'd hope). —JabberWokky

2008-06-28 10:46:05   I totally agree with JW —IDoNotExist

2008-07-01 18:26:39   The owner of Ali Baba is willing to give everyone a discount of $1 off of any order over $10 if we hold the BBQ there. Note: I am not affiliated with Ali Baba, and I am not the owner of it. —IDoNotExist

  • Of course not. The owner of Ali Baba exists! —JabberWokky

  • If people want to have meetups at restaurants, that's wonderful, but I think that this should be in addition to the traditional park potluck BBQ, not a replacement. A BBQ in the park is pretty much the most inclusive event possible - families with young kids, people on limited budgets, and people with dietary restrictions are likely to have a hard time at a restaurant. Trust me, you'd rather have my kids around at a park than at an eating establishment, unless you're talking McDonald's. —JessicaLuedtke

2008-07-01 18:46:32   If I show up to the BBQ and somebody sees me, do I exist? And if I do, do I suddenly cease to exist as a result? If so, then I really don't exist. :-) And if I don't cease to exist, then I must not exist either. —IDoNotExist

2008-07-04 09:48:09   Is this taking place tomorrow? If so, where? and when? —IDoNotExist

2008-07-04 10:22:48   Lack of leadership points to "no."

  • Edit: Who led the previous years bbbqs? —SunjeetBaadkar

    • Usually somebody just steps in and declares it so! Gotta be decisive on the wiki!

    2008-07-04 14:47:29   I'd love to lead the bbq, but I have no idea where a good place to set it up is. I've been hearing Slide Park is a decent place. I suppose I can start off and say I'll lead next time...maybe between Summer Sessions in 4 weeks? Or sooner? I can buy a grip of charcoal and hot dogs. —SunjeetBaadkar

    2008-07-04 22:24:47   I'm down to help! —CurlyGirl26

    2008-07-05 00:41:06   Perhaps a rescheduled event would need to have version number 3.1? :-) —IDoNotExist

    2008-07-19 10:17:05   How do I make sure we have Slide Park on a particular day? I was thinking of organizing something for the Sunday between summer sessions. —SunjeetBaadkar

    Reservations aren't really necessary for the smallish gatherings we have (unlike Celebrate Davis and such). If someone else happens to be using the park for their own event, the more, the merrier, eh? —wl

    2008-07-27 15:37:28   Someone else posted a wiki bbq for August 2nd on the event board (same place and time). Are these supposed to be the same thing, or two totally separate entities? —MaryLieth

    I believe that someone else has already posted in on the events board... —StevenDaubert

    2008-07-28 16:40:13   So the BBQ is this Sunday, right? I'm so there! —CurlyGirl26

    2008-07-28 21:34:43   perhaps the ucd meat lab would be a good idea for the BBQ?! communal pool of scratch on delicious flesh? —StevenDaubert

    2008-07-28 21:45:50   Crazy idea, but maybe we could combine this with the Bike Church's work party on Aug 2 (saturday). They are in danger of being shut down (see the bike church page), so maybe if we got a bunch of people to come out — in addition to having a BBQ — that would help them? The only question, I think, would be if it'd be cool for us to haul a BBQ to the domes. The church folk would know, though..? —PhilipNeustrom

    2008-07-29 19:57:07   Hey, 5 people is a quorum, right? Cool! I hope everyone can make it, I'm looking forward to my 1st wiki-related gathering. :-) —ChrisLambertus

    2008-07-30 02:27:47   man, I haven't made a BBQ yet so this will be 3.0 that I've missed. —WesHardaker

    excellent, now go to sleep —StevenDaubert

    2008-07-30 10:34:42   So I scheduled one on saturday then like 10 minutes later, someone moved it to sunday. What a punk...but hey, I'm still going! —ChristopherMckenzie

    2008-07-30 17:13:54   Nice drop shadow. I hope that it is cooler that day than the picture implies... —IDoNotExist

    I think the reference in the photo is about internet flames, or at least thats how I saw it... —StevenDaubert

    Open to interpretation, but I when I made it, I was thinking that the event would get so big that those are the people handling the cooking for the huge throngs of attendees. It brought a smile to my face. The overuse of Drop Shadows, Internal Shine, Translucency, Rounded Corners and OverlappinTgext is, of course, because this is Version 3.0, even better than Web 2.0.

    2008-07-31 16:33:44   I'm so happy this has finally taken off. I've been very out of it for the last week and sorta forgot everything about this. Now I'm again looking forward to this weekend. Maybe I'll bake cookies in addition to the hotdogs. much meat should I bring? I would bring burgers, but I'm sorta low on cash... —SunjeetBaadkar

    2008-08-01 16:44:04   As usual, I'll be going! I'll bring a grill, and probably some as-yet-undetermined stuff. —BrentLaabs

    2008-08-01 19:06:12   my plan is to hit costco on the way over for supplies: meat, plates/utensils (disposable), trash bags. I will bring a cooler with some ice too. —ChrisLambertus

    2008-08-01 19:42:05   Love the new logo. I hope to stop by with Jake. —EdHenn

    2008-08-01 20:20:10   Sunjeet, do your buns include those of the hamburger variety? Yes? :D —JonathanLawton

    2008-08-01 21:03:20   Are we gonna have name tags? I want to finally put names to faces. —Aaron.Curtin

    2008-08-01 21:41:59   Name tags are a good idea. I'll bring a Sharpie. And some of those sticky things if I remember. —CurlyGirl26

    2008-08-02 02:10:36   so does slide hill park have bbqs or do i need to bring one ? —ChrisLambertus

    2008-08-02 02:11:24   also: drop me a message here if you want me to pick anything up at costco —ChrisLambertus

    2008-08-02 08:14:31   ChrisLambertus - I could use a few of those LCD TV's at Costco if you can fit them in your car. ;) —Aaron.Curtin

    2008-08-02 10:50:26   I'm wondering if someone should bring some sort of music type device. I could bring my guitar, but I'm not performance worthy at all... —SunjeetBaadkar

    2008-08-02 18:26:43   I was just thinking someone should bring veggies of some kind. If I have the money, I might, but I don't want to be bringing too much stuff... (I tend to be stupidly generous) —SunjeetBaadkar

    2008-08-03 03:02:28   whoever asked me about hamburgers (you weren't signed in, just got an IP address,) I can bring some frozen ones from costco. I don't like to make fresh ones for events like this, too much work and too hard to keep everything cold and clean. my meat plan was mainly sausages. Here's my current list:

    sausages, costco burgers, cheese, some kind of bread rolls, box of plastic utensils, sack of paper plates, paper towels, charcoal, ignition device, cooler, beer, ice. LCD TVs if I have any money left. :-) —ChrisLambertus

    2008-08-03 11:47:02   anyone interested in hitting up new Manor pool? —StevenDaubert

    2008-08-03 20:39:06   awesome turnout, great crowd, hope everyone had a good time.


    2008-08-03 20:52:58   Yup! —JenniferRutherford

    2008-08-04 09:24:01   Anybody take any photos? —JabberWokky

    2008-08-04 10:00:16   Sorry that I couldn't come - wound up having to be out of Davis for most of the day... —IDoNotExist

    • Aha! More proof that you don't actually exist. —BrentLaabs

    2008-08-04 14:30:52   Fantastic little get together. An awesomely wide and shady spot. The food was delicious and plentiful and the company was fine. I hope we get to do it again! —Sankofa416

    2008-08-05 21:12:40   The food was great and I'm glad there was plenty of drinks for everyone (I was worried there wouldn't be enough). Those short ribs were fantastic! I think we should have another bbq right before school starts for the fall. —SunjeetBaadkar