There are two old men that hang out at the very center of the MU nearly every day. Right by the entrance to the section of the Coffee House that has a piano. One old man always has on a fishing hat and the other one is bald. Rumor has it from GarySaylin that one of them is an emeritus art professor. Apparently they are two Town Characters that are worth talking to.

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The guy in the fishing hat taught an art history freshman seminar in winter 2002. It was the craziest class I ever took. I serve him on the hot food line sometimes. He doesn't remember me, but tells me I'm a "wonderful gentleman." -JoshuaHeller

2008-09-30 11:40:42   That would be Professor Emeritus Seymour Howard...he practices Tai Chi on campus last I heard, on Sunday mornings over by the Surge buildings. He's a great guy to talk with about history, art, politics, whatever. —ArthurFrane