What is it? The Physical Geography Research Group is a group of students (and hopefully one day faculty) who meet to discuss their research. The members share an interest in physical and biogeography.

When did this start? This group was started in conjunction with the Human Geography Research Group in winter quarter of 2006. In the fall quarter of 2007, the groups were moved under the umbrella of GLOBAL, a UCD club.

Why bother? The purpose of the group is for its members to help each other further their research by offering a venue to discuss research-related successes and troubles. The idea is to help physical and biogeographers be successful in their research and help them navigate the university. The students who come to these meetings tend to do well in terms of coursework and finding funding. Is this because of the meetings themselves or do the meetings just draw good grad students? We're not sure. But if you come to a meeting, you're either a good student or you can learn from some. Perhaps we'll leave this question for the Human Geography Research Group to answer.

More info: Meetings are informal and often occur in the vicinity of coffee. Dates and times for upcoming meetings are announced through GLOBAL. People with an interest in physical and biogeography are encouraged to come and chat. Formal discussion involving powerpoint presentations are prohibited except in the event that someone needs to practice a presentation for a conference.

Recent attendees have research interests in:

  • birds
  • mountain lions
  • plants
  • butterflies
  • GIS
  • remote sensing
  • fire ecology
  • watershed pollution modeling
  • habitat modeling
  • mountains
  • beaches
  • grasslands