355 2nd St Suite A (Upstairs)
between B and C, above Helmus Optometry.
(530) 757.6656
Christopher Pike


Pilates For Bodies closed on May 31st, 2015. So sad to see this wonderful studio come to an end. Christopher Pike continues to deliver his fitness classes through the website CorePowerPlus.com


Pilates For Bodies is a fast paced group fitness class, with an emphasis on strength, better posture, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Their studio is located two blocks from the UCD campus, so the studio attracts a lot of students, but it also has customers well beyond their student years. It includes matwork, weight lifting, as well as a vigorous aerobic exercise. They are the home of "Pikes Core 24", which is modern reinvention of traditional Pilates. They offer many sessions each week. Their introductory package is very reasonable, at 20 classes for $39.






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2011-07-15 02:13:23   I've never been one to work out, but I absolutely love going to pilates classes here. The classes are small and you get personalized attention, and Chris is an amazing instructor. He always shows modifications to different exercises to make them easier/harder depending on your ability. The prices are also extremely affordable. —kaylajoy

2012-03-08 14:49:27   I’ve attended about twenty classes and my opinion of this space and the instructor is very high and continues to rise. The room is light and cheery, with a good grip-able floor. There are lots of Pilates classes offered each week in varying levels of effort (intro, harder, serious, challenging) as well as a great slow stretching class. Chris, the instructor, puts a lot of effort into each session and he seems intent on making it right for all class members. A very laid-back and welcoming atmosphere. —FayeAshley

2012-03-20 22:33:04   Excellent classes , the instructor helps you to engage your body in the Pilates exercises.  You will start feeling the benefits in just one week.. It really works. You will also find a friendly group of people and classes for a reasonable price. —CarmenSusana

2012-06-13 21:10:48   Fellow students! I have lost inches off of my waist in the past 2 months of going 3 times a week! I have always been pretty fit and I didn't expect to see results from Pilates but my stomach is showing definition and my butt has never been so firm! I am a huge fan of this studio and the instructor (so is my boyfriend ;)). The schedule is flexible and the rates are great especially as a busy student on a budget. The classes are divided into four levels of difficulty and it has been so rewarding working my way up to level four. The physical strength I've developed has boosted my confidence and the positive atmosphere and stretching has done wonders for my stress levels. Why didn't I find this studio earlier!?! —nariadangers