A pokestop (and related, pokemon gyms) is a term related to Pokemon Go, an "augmented reality" game for mobile phones.  Visiting a pokestop will grant players a few random items, including extra pokeballs which you need to capture the virtual cartoon characters hiding in your non-virtual world. Players can also activate a Lure item on a pokestop, which brings in flocks of pokemon and hordes of players.  Pokemon Go gets you out into the world, which can get you some exercise, but can lead to stupid decisions like walking in unsafe traffic, nose glued to your phone, and then you stub your foot and get a sprained ankle.  That will hinder your catching all of them. Please do not play while crossing intersections.

A Pokestop is based on a real geographical location.  Pokestops tend to be locally-significant landmarks, such as murals or statues.  Beware: the Police Department (if it's like the one in Darwin, Australia) would most likely not want you to be the person walking in with no legitimate reason to be there.  Staying outside the building is probably good enough.  If you're going into businesses, explain what you're doing.  When you're done chatting about Pokemon, ask if the business owner is aware of the wiki!  Pull up the wiki, check for their business name and location, and if they're NOT in here, MAKE A PAGE for that business.  That'd be great.  :-D  Gotta catch them all!  Yelp is taking over and it's weakening our mission.

Related: are you a business owner?  You can probably get more foot traffic in your store if you pay attention to Pokemon Go.  These people had a good analysis of the ROI opportunities: http://www.inc.com/walter-chen/pok-mon-go-is-driving-insane-amounts-of-sales-at-small-local-businesses-here-s-h.html

Local Pokestops

  • Two Pokestops can be found at Oxford Park
  • Two Pokestops can be found at U-Mall
  • Two Pokestops can be found near the W Covell Blvd Safeway
  • Nearly every piece of public art in the downtown area


A Pokegym is another location where players can battle and vie for control of the spot. Holding a spot for extended periods of time awards free in-game currency and bragging rights.

Local Pokegyms

  • first goes here
  • second goes here