Rebecca Black is a former etiquette coach who provided workshops and classes for businesses, government organizations, educational organizations and private clients. She is also the author of over 50 books, lesson plans and articles on the subject of etiquette, fiction, business and lifestyle.

Mistaken Identity

In 2011, a young girl sharing her name who is not the Rebecca Black from Davis, created a very annoying and/or catchy song that swept across the internet. The song, "Friday", garnered the girl an amazing amount of very vocal and nasty detractors, who heaped scorn, anger, death threats and hate filled messages on the girl. Some of the ones able to be read on the air during a Good Morning America interview included "I hope you cut yourself and I hope you get an eating disorder so you'll look pretty. I hope you cut and die."

Alas, as such people tend to be poor checkers of fact, they amassed and signed up for and throw insults to various social media accounts that our Rebecca Black had created. Twitter account @Rebeccablack and other accounts suddenly jumped in followers — and hate messages. She wound up making appearances in local media due to her experiences online. (News article)