Roller Derby is unique and growing sport played on roller skates. Each team has 5 players on the track to compete in the jam. A bout (game) consists of Jams which are no longer than 2 minutes long. The player positions are 1 pivot, 3 blockers and 1 jammer. The jammer is the only player who can score a point. The jammer must lap the pack of players once and on the second lap will score a point for each player of the opposite team passed. The opposing team will attempt to block the jammer from passing them. It is a fast paced and fun sport to play and to watch.

This sport has a colorful history. It has been played on a banked track or a flat track. There are 2 main organizations for the sport of roller derby; WFTDA, Women's Flat Track Derby Association and USARS, USA Roller Sports. There is also a popular conference called Rollercon held each year in Las Vegas.

Players are often dressed in entertaining outfits and sport witty and interesting derby names. Although this sport has a colorful history akin to televised wrestling, it has grown in recent years as a legitimate competitive sport with aspirations of being in the Olympics one day. One World Roller Derby is one organization working towards mainstreaming roller derby for the benefit of all.

In our area, Woodland Area Roller Derby  practices and bouts in Woodland, CA. Visit the WARD website for more information.