Salsa Adicción 2012

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[email protected]
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Winter Quarter 2013: Thursdays, 7:00-8:30pm
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1001 Giedt Hall

Salsa Adicción, is a social dancing club at UC Davis that focuses on teaching componets of dance that are crucial for getting out onto the dance floor! Guest instructors often are a part of the lessons, teaching beginning and beginning-intermediate dance steps.

The focus of this group is mainly on two styles of Latin Social Dancing.

  • Bachata, a style of dancing that comes from the Dominican Republic and is known for being romantic and intimate.
  • Salsa, one of the more traditional and well know of the Latin dances taught in standard salsa On1.

This Club is Currently Active: Winter Quarter 2013, Meetings at 7-8:30pm Thursdays, 1001 Giedt Hall.


Thursday, February 7th, 2013: 7-8:30pm, Salsa Adiccion Meeting in 1001 Giedt Hall

Silly Pose group shot from the final lesson of Winter Quarter 2012


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2019-02-18 14:29:13   > Salsa Adiccion is no longer an active club. Check out Baile de Fuego for information on the Latin Dancing scene at UC Davis at > > The Davis Graduate now has Salsa Night on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.[0]=68.ARDYVL5eV7QHWU3oTo4qEMTSEkkH-yCkZDESpBcjM-xhCm7-5Mkwap-jyOFl33nfrQUoXqIGMwKHmLcUGLarGOFFAOkGGzo3dwyF6Y1bRgBZTd98_5jV3p-NR9DQo1MXv0LbabXv63G_zVq4rZzFOfKEKnnHQwLpQZyJoTxZzgav7OI1-ZivpPWC6JqS9lmW0Rjm-Ova-utN1pz__4Y_K5891fCnrMHtOvaa5WWFWh1lBsV7omVf_v6NN847R5nzoC35F_dflqNkXlrH8HtUWvTqKbYdT48JeEqMO3lIwF0MED824Bim0nI0LCtR37Yjj8JfSj630Awvjkn0TPagjLE8RA&__tn__=-R —bthall