UC Davis offers a variety of academic scholarships; they have a website at http://faoprod.ucdavis.edu/scholarships/

The most prestigious scholarships offered by the University of California are the Regents Scholarships, which are awarded to entering freshman and returning juniors of exceptional academic accomplishment. The scholarships offer an honorarium of $7500 which used to cover all student fees, but due to the rapid rise in tuition over the 2000s decade this is no longer the case. In the case of financially needy students the scholarship provides more cash, and potentially provides a stipend to defray living expenses. Recipients of Regents Scholarships are also automatically guaranteed admission into the Integrated Studies Program in addition to priority registration and graduate student level library borrowing privileges.

Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps offers a scholarship providing full tuition, and tax-free book and monthly stipends. A 4-year officer commission in the US Navy or Marine Corps is granted upon graduation. For some, the commission is a means to an end, while others see entering the military as the ultimate prize. UCD is a branch school of UC Berkeley, which means that the main activities of ROTC, the drills and classes, are held there. UCD has about twenty midshipmen (naval officers in training) Our advisor is Lieutenant Melissa Hiler. If you don't feel like talking to an advisor, feel free to contact me, Ritchie Lee, or any one of the other midshipmen here.

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