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The new Smooth as Silk location at 305 D Street.

305 D Street
Monday: 11am to 6pm
Tuesday - Friday: 9am to 8pm
Saturday: 9am to 3pm
(530) 574-7500
[email protected]

Smooth as Silk was a day spa that closed on March 31, 2012. It offered facials, full body massages, natural nails, waxing and tinting of eyebrows and eyelashes, and soft tap permanent cosmetics done by the owner, Stella. SAS also offered Bare Escentuals makeup products. They offered student discounts on waxing services and free makeup application when you spent a minimum of $75 on products. They had specials on massages, facials, and permanent cosmetics through Groupon. Their website had a full list of services.

Smooth As Silk was voted Best Place To Be Pampered in Yolo County 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 in the Davis Enterprise Readers Choice Awards and Best Day Spa in the Sacramento Area on the KCRA A-List 2007.

On March 20, 2011, Smooth As Silk was damaged severely in a storm when a large tree fell onto the building, forcing the business to move around the corner to 305 D St.

Stella, Jeff, and Corey are now working at Rejuvenations inside the Institute for Restorative Health.

Girlgonegreen Skincare, which operated inside Smooth As Silk, moved to a new location a few doors down, and later to West Davis.


Historical view of the business Business card The original Smooth as Silk location.










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2005-12-29 19:07:49   This place has a nice relaxing atmosphere, but I was cold! I had a hot stone massage and a facial. The facial was wonderful, but the massage left much to be desired. The massage therapist (whose name I'm not certain of) acted very rushed during the whole thing (hard to relax with her moving so fast). As a result, her massage was very superficial—not much strength. It just felt like someone rubbing stones around my body really fast. Also, about a third of the way through the massage, the nice, relaxing music shut off, and she didn't bother to turn it back on. So, throughout the massage, I heard the phone ring, and all the women talking loudly in the lobby. And, as I was cold. My toes were freezing. She must have noticed this when she touched my feet, but she whipped those hot stones over my toes so fast, they didn't have time to warm up. If I go back to SAS, it might be for a facial, or for a massage with a different massage therapist. —LeslieCooper

2006-02-09 21:14:01   WOW... the only bad massage I ever received at SAS was from a woman named Boun. She was so freaky wierd, she thought she was a Dr. and she kept talking about how cold she was and personal issues as well. She was very odd. Luckily, she's not there any longer. —BriannaGarcia

2006-02-01 01:33:34   I had hot stone massage by a Deb at Smooth As Silk starting about five years ago and I go once a month at least and think she is excellent in her skills and I have never had anything but a heavenly stone massage hence my going to her for massage when ever I can. I love the Smooth As Silk shop and she is one of my favorite reasons for going there. YOU sure you are talking about Deb? —JenetteCrossley

—No, I'm not certain it was Deb—it could've been someone else. I'll edit my above comment to clarify. —LeslieCooper

BriannaGarcia LOVES this place:

"I really like the way they've made a classic home into an eclectic spa. The art is beautiful, it's very clean, the front staff is amazingly professional and the operators are pretty skilled at what they do. Jenn the hair stylist gave me an awesome color and cut.

"I never expected to find such an upscale spa in a small town. The service was impressive and competely professional. I have to say that the reception staff was the big sell to me, they were very friendly, helpful and fun. My service was performed by the owner; a very kind, entertaining and talented woman. I can see why the Spa is such a success and will go back again, for a massage next time, they say the Hot stone is incredible. My only complaint is the parking, it's not the best.. but everything else sure was.

"SAS is funky cute in a cool house. It's an Aveda Concept Spa and the minute you walk in you feel so very taken care of. The staff seems more like a family than a group of co workers. There are four treatment rooms, each of them have a different style. The Manicures and Pedicures are great because they only use personal client guard packages so you know what your getting, not what you might be catching! You walk through their kitchen to get to the nail treatment area, it really makes you feel at home.

"I can't say enough about it."

2006-03-13 09:32:53   My girlfriend was looking for a massage and facial, so after looking around, I suggested this place to her since it was local. The inside is surprisingly cute and comfy. When I picked her up at the end of her treatment, she could not stop talking about how great it was. She would definitely return. —AlexPomeranz

2006-11-16 17:23:42   I went here to get my hair cut and colored...the cut was all wrong and my hair turned out RED!! I absolutely asked for it not to be even the slightest bit red, and it is more red than I could have ever imagined. I am very unahappy and would not recommend this place to anyone —SarahRose

2006-11-27 13:29:28   I looove this place! I go in for my waxing (ask for Eva, maria, or caitlin..All soo nice) and to have my hair colored and cut by Melanie..I think she's new. This is my second time coming for my hair and it has turned out beautiful every time..and its NEVER turns out the slightest bit red!! I would recommend this place to EVERYONE! —AshleyRoberts

2006-11-29 21:36:20   I just had the most incredible facial at this place. The owner was my esthetician...she said she's been doing it for 18 years... definitely the Diva of Skin Care. —DanielleBreowenski

2007-03-16 15:32:57   Beautiful place! Went in to get my first brazilian wax with esthetician, Caitlin. She did a thorough job and made me feel comfortable in a rather uncomfy situation. They offer student discounts, so don't forget to ask for it! —AnnaSmith

2007-04-21 13:51:23   I use this spa and like it alot. The staff is very friendly and I love the old house it's in. The parking could be better though but that's not something they can change. I was just in there and found out they are now carrying my absolutely favorite makeup which is Bare Escentuals. They are the only ones to carry it in Davis so that's another plus for them. Love you guys and see you soon! —Tina

2007-06-01 21:23:31   I went here for the first time today for a wax. I saw Maria. She was great and did a perfect job. I am so happy with my brows. I will be going back in 6 weeks. —HeatherFlood

2007-06-20 08:36:20   I've had mixed results. The wax work was just ok (Kari at Pure Beauty is awesome). I will say that for predicures, they are great. The $55 spa pedicure is the best. The equipment is squeeky clean and the parrfin wax is great for summer sandal feet. The problem is trying to get an appointment. I had to book 3 weeks in advance last time and then they "lost" my appointment. Sadly I haven't been back since though I may give them another chance. It's also too bad that they don't do Dermalogica facials anymore. —Renngrrl

2007-06-21 21:40:54   I have been to spas around the world as I am a freelance writer for a leisure magazine. The staff at this spa seems to be comprised of real people. They aren't pretentious and you don't have to be rich and thin to go there. The front desk staff has no competition in Davis as they seem to make me feel at home and very welcome. They remembered my name and what had been going on in my life after only two visits. I enjoy the services. Sothys is a skin care line only seen in very high end spas in the country and europe as well, Schwartzkopf colour is a european line and rare in California and what can I say about Bare Escentuals other than top of the line. For a small spa in a cozy environment it sure packs quite a wallop! —MarlyStewart

2007-08-10 12:13:16   I had an absolutely fantastic massage here. One of the best I have ever had, if not the best. I would go back for the massage, but I was really disappointed in the level of customer service. It was the first spa I have ever been to where I was never offered a glass of water, the masseuse never introduced herself or told me her name, and the first thing I heard after walking out [completely relaxed] was the amount I owed. I was not asked if I wanted to reschedule - not even asked, "did you enjoy your massage?" I go to a spa to be pampered and it's the little things that help make the whole experience. I will probably go elsewhere in the future. I didn't feel they valued me as a customer despite the money I spent and the generous tip I left. Too bad, because the massage was EXCELLENT. So, mixed review. —me

2007-08-16 22:52:07   Hello "me"... I am the manager at Smooth as Silk and just read your recent comment. I just wanted to apologize for the fact that you did not feel like your business was appreciated. All of us at SAS strive to make each and every person feel comfortable and welcomed from the second they open the door, so I was disappointed to hear that was not the case when you came in. We absolutely appreciate that you came in for a massage, and I am glad to hear that the massage itself was something you enjoyed. I am also sorry that you were not given water, and asked if you'd like to rebook. Since you did enjoy your massage I would hope that you would be willing to give us another try...we do offer a discount when our guests rebook, so if you read this and are interested please feel free to give me a call (or e-mail me)! Your feedback will help us ensure that none of our guests leave feeling as though they aren't valued...because you all are! —Danya

2007-08-26 15:20:19   I've been to SAS a couple of times to have my hair done, and I liked it a lot. I've also spoken on a professional level with the owner and found her to be a really nice, down to earth woman. I wanted to remark about Hot Stone massage. As a Massage Therapist, I can tell you that while hot stones may sound good to youo, it's a nightmare to perform. In order for you the client to feel the stones, they have to get pretty hot, making them almost unbearable to touch by the therapist. The set up is lengthy, the clean up even longer, and the stones are akward to use. No disrespect to any spa offering Hot Stone, but if you want a true Hot Stone massage, find a spa that has technichian who are trained in La Stone Therapy. Most MT's doing Hot Stone were not specifically trained in La Stone Therapy (where the technique originated), and therefore do not have the skills that training provides. If you want an amazing massage, take a long hot shower before youo come in, ask for a deep tissue massage and if you get cold, or the music stops or it's too loud outside in the reception area, tell your therapist. It's your massage, and we can't read your mind, you have to tell us what you need. Don't be afraid to ask, we're here to serve you. Please note, I don't work for SAS, and my comments in no way reflect the views of the staff of SAS. —ElisaWeller

2007-09-05 19:58:37   i was in this spa recently for a brazilian wax. im very dissapointed in the way it turned out. my girl unfortunately was the owner. she was very hurried and left tons of hair. i have had many in the past and this one seemed to hurt ten times more...and i know i didnt wait to long... the place was cute and the rest of the staff seemed nice. i was dissapointed that i got stuck with the lady i had, maybe she was just having a bad day. i will go back but maybe try a different girl —unknown

2007-09-05 20:06:27   hey there!!! i just wanted to say alittle somethin about my hair. I LOVE IT!!! melanie is amazing and i couldnt be happier!! i get cut and colored. as for the comments about not good hair... i think that was a different girl, and i heard she was awful!! —jillshmo

2007-10-11 16:54:59   I don't know much about computers, but I just thought that it was interesting that the last two comments left are made to look as though they are from two different people, but if you look at the poster's information it comes from the same ISP address. To me, if you're going to leave a comment about a service or experience you had you should do it with honesty. We take any negative feedback and use it to improve, as it is our goal to make each of our guests happy. We love to hear what our guests have to say, it's part of what makes the Davis wiki great, but it is not as effective and credible if those who are leaving the comments are malicious rather than constructive with their criticisms. I would like to note that while you may have been dissatisfied with your waxing service that you had with the SAS owner, you could have given us a call and requested that any hair leftover be removed. Many of our guests request different amounts of hair to be taken off for that particular service, so it's always okay to speak up if it's not what you had in mind. As far as her being rushed, she has been waxing for many, many years now and is very fast and efficient. Her speed may have been mistaken as rushed. Actually, one of the things that a lot of her clients love about her waxing is the fact that she is fast. On another note, thank you for your nice comments about our hair stylist...and you're right, previous negative comments are from before Melanie worked at SAS...Mel is a fabulous hair stylist! —Danya

2007-10-14 22:42:46   I went with my boyfriend and he got a massage, he said his was great. I got the signature facial and I felt like it was not effective as I wanted it to be. Plus, the people in the kitchen next to me (or whatever room it was) were being extremely loud and talking and laughing and itwas very distracting!! —MichelleShaffie

2007-10-19 10:29:51   This place is amazing. I'm new to davis and went here for a facial two weeks ago with Caitlin. It was amazing and my skin wasn't too red or hurt. I came back and got the face products a few days later and my skin has cleared up A LOT. This has worked better then anything I've tried. I went back to go from blonde to dark brunette. The hair is great and they died it a few times to make sure it stuck and it wasn't flat. Overall, everyone here is extremely nice and they make you feel at home, while giving you mroe then your money's worth. —dirtyblondebear

2007-11-30 14:49:29   I had a wax here as part of training session and they did a fantastic job. I felt very comfortable and the esthetician was fast, efficient and very knowledgeable. The wax came out great with little irritation. I would definitely return here and recommend this spa to anyone looking for a comfortable, professional experience. —haileym

2007-12-18 12:33:21   I just had the most horrific experience with the owner of this spa that makes me want to take them to court. About 6 months ago I had a brazilian wax performed by the owner of this spa and after I got home I realized that I had an inch long bleeding rip imbetween my labia and vulva (sorry to be vulgar but the experience was horrible). Although I was steaming with anger, I decided to return to this spa since my usual esthetician (Caitlin) was so amazing I couldn't give her up. Recently Caitlin left this spa (for reasons unknown to me) and so when I called to make my next appointment I asked them to make it with someone other than the owner since I had recently had a bad experience with her. The appointment was supposed to be today and I just received a phone call form the owner telling me she was cancelling the appointment and she suggests I find a new spa to go to. I cannot believe that the woman who ripped my vagina open has the nerve to call me the day of my appointment and cancel on me. Not only is she a horrible esthatician who obviously has no idea what she is doing, she has no idea how to run a business. This is the worst spa you could ever go to! Don't make the same mistake I did.

PS Caitlin, if you ever read this.... please post where you are working now, I would follow you anywhere! —Michelleroland (This review is the only edit this user account has made on the wiki. While it does not invalidate this review, please keep this in mind)

2007-12-19 18:08:41   I had a wax done here a couple of weeks ago, and was very happy with the level of service. Getting waxed is a bit awkward of a situation, but the aesthetician was very professional and comforting. When I got home, I realized there was a small spot missed, and I called back, and they were happy to get me in for a touch up at no charge, even though I couldn't make it in until 2 weeks later. The owner herself did the touch up, and was kind, and very quick (a good thing for waxing!). The front office staff have all been very friendly and helpful, always offer water, and spend time with me answering my questions. No business is ever perfect, and sometimes things happen, but the sign of a good business is one who is willing to learn from their customers, and fix whatever might be unsatisfactory. Smooth as Silk did this for me, and I highly recommend them. I plan to go back for a facial and massage soon! —BeckiBrunelli

2008-01-20 22:35:48   I get my waxing done by Eva, and she is absolutely wonderful! She is so sweet and really good at what she does. I've also received a massage there by Katie (I think that's what her name was), and she was great too. I've also had a facial done by the owner, and she wasn't too impressive. She seemed very rushed, and made it difficult for me to relax. —Dr.Lindsay

2008-01-22 23:55:13   I received a facial, lash tint and eye brow waxing at this salon recently and was very pleased with both the treatments and the results. The owner performed my services and she was very talented and kind, I'd like to return on a regular basis. —Janelle

  • This review was left from the same IP address as sasdayspa. This does not conclusively mean that it's a sockpuppet, but that is the most likely explanation.

2008-02-07 14:47:54   I only speak for my own experiences at SAS, which have always been positive. I go there for facials and brow waxing on a regular basis, and always with the owner. She is not only kind and courteous, but always makes my spa experience a pleasant one. I am always offered water, and never have to wait long, they ask how the last facial was and if I would like to rebook and the owner is more than willing to work with my schedule (and my upcoming wedding). I look foward to those spa days because it's hard to find a place that is reliable and comfortable. I would highly recommend them. —Kriszti

2008-06-21 17:44:30   I went here for a full leg and bikini wax. Their prices are reasonable, the shop was very clean, and the staff was friendly. However, as someone who has been getting waxed for 10 years I felt that the technique of the person working on me was medicore. She was slow and had a tendency to pull the wax too weakly. It wasn't a horrible experience but it wasn't exceptionally good either. —Zeeba

2008-09-15 15:05:22   My comment is going to have less to do with actual services at SAS (I've never successfully gotten an appointment, as you'll see), but with business practices that I, at least, find disturbing.

SAS went around to local downtown businesses in April offering "promotional packages" - a set of 4 low-end spa services with lots of terms and conditions, but for a fairly low cost (I think it was $50 or so). This included 2 30-min massages, a 30-min mini-facial, and a 30-min express back facial. The sales rep explained the lowered price for these services as a way to drum up business, plus the pamphlet listed lots of conditions (only 4 months to complete the package, 7 days between appointments, at least 7 days notice before making an appointment, etc) that applied, and each service included some sort of sales pitch or another on the service you were receiving (for example, a massage visit might include a "Brief discussion on the benefits of massage therapy"). One of these was purchased for me - on reading the conditions, I assumed I might have to deal with some "timeshare-type" presentations, but I'm pretty good at dealing with high pressure sales situations.

I have since called 3 times to try to make appointments on varying days for different components of this package. Each time, I have been unable to do so, due to limitations on who can perform the services included and the days on which that individual is working. There was no mention anywhere on the package of any kind of limitations on who can perform which services, and each appointment spot on the pamphlet has a line where the reception desk is supposed to indicate who performed the service, both of which would indicate to me that there are multiple folks available to actually do whatever service you selected, but when I've called, I've invariably been told that only one person is available to perform the service, and that person works a limited set of hours.

Today I called to try to book a massage appointment so I could use it before it expires (did I mention the package expires 6 months from purchase?), and was told that the person who could do the promotional package massages only works M-W-F.

I'd be OK with this if the package information or sales rep said anything...ANYTHING...along the lines of "Services may be available for limited hours only", "Services may be performed only by select personnel and are subject to availability", etc. But even on the extensive list of conditions on the back of the document (there are 12 conditions in all, including blackout dates, expirations, etc), it isn't mentioned that the times you'll be able to make your appointments are limited to a select set of days/hours or selected personnel.

I understand the need for the spa to use someone who is less-skilled or in-demand for the promo packages, either because he/she is the cheapest resource or in an attempt to build up a client base for that person. If it had been mentioned, again, I'd say "well, should have read the fine print" and shrugged it off. But I consider it poor business practice to limit the available hours so severely (less than half of the hours that the spa is open) with no prior warning, for services which you have already been paid for (at a reduced rate, but paid for nonetheless). —AmandaCaudle

2008-09-18 17:56:10   I'd like to add a couple of follow-ups to my previous comment, with additional detail so everyone is clear on what I meant.

By "Low-end Spa Services", I was referring to the fact that the package services are toward the lower end, price-wise, of the SAS treatment menu. I wasn't trying to imply the services we'd receive would be "less than" the normal services one might receive.

About an hour after I placed the Wiki comment, I was able to book an appointment via phone with SAS for one of the massages. However, given the restrictions of the package, and the fact that the appointment had to be scheduled 3 weeks from now on a Friday lunchbreak, this means it will be impossible for me to get all the services I paid for before the package expiration. The package expires 6 months from the purchase date, and 4 months after you start receiving the services.

The $55 paid for the service package probably didn't go to SAS. This is a business/promotional deal that is offered to spas...basically, a professional looking brochure and the ability to keep all the money from upsales and re-bookings, in exchange for providing the services mentioned in the brochures created by the promotional company. From additional research I've done on this kind of marketing, this arrangement doesn't usually appear to go well for the spa, so I can see why SAS would want to "cut losses" at this point, I just don't appreciate having paid money for services that cannot be booked in a reasonable timeline. —AmandaCaudle

2008-09-18 18:31:01   As a rule I choose not to respond to Wiki posts as I believe we all have a right to our opinions, be they positive or negative. During the past year we have experienced what we felt were less than honest and even biased posts on this site. After reading this last post, we as a team of professionals together at the spa made the decision that I publicly respond as owner.

These promotional coupons have been in effect for the past five months and will expire next month, in October. Both this person and her friend have back to back appointments with us for massages in three weeks and these appointments were made hours prior to her post. Two massages, a facial, a back facial and a brow wax are in no way a set of four low-end spa services as she described them. We also have only had one person doing the promotional massages for the past 8 days, before that time there were four technicians performing them, all with varying hours available. The promo's were in effect for only four months, but we as a business chose to extend two more months after that so that the persons buying the promos had adequate time to use them. We also have never been paid for any of these services, although her posts states that we have been. The promotional company received the $55 coupon fee.

We as a team are all very skilled and educated in our field, this promotion was proposed to us as a venue to contact the clients who had not yet experienced what we have to offer. We have done our best to see that the recipients of these coupons leave happy and well cared for and for the vast majority, I feel we have done just that. We love what we do and want the guests who visit us to feel satisfied and positive about their treatments. It is always an unhappy event when we are not able to fill the exact timing and desire of a client, but it is our goal to make that a very minor possibility.

I think my final remark on this post will be that when you choose speak negatively of a business it would be prudent to get all your facts straight first and state them honestly. It is always uncomfortable and saddening when people choose to misuse public forums in such a way.


2008-09-18 19:19:59   The last post from SAS was placed before reading the additional post from AmandaCaudle. —sasdayspa

2008-09-24 11:03:35   I recently visited the spa for a manicure/pedicure/facial package. The front desk staff has attitude. The manicure and pedicure were good and the lady was really nice. The manicure lasted for a week which is great and pedicure has lasted over a month. The atmosphere of the nail area leaves something to be desired. It is sort of funky and not realaxing and really seemed like the technician was over booked. The facial was a totally different story. The facial was one of the worst I have ever was rushed and unprofessional. The technique of the technician was clearly flawed. The worst part of the treatment was when the technician waxed my eyebrows and took the wax too low on my eye and ripped off the top layer of my skin. I had to go on my vacation with a scab over my eye which I was not pleased with. She tried to say that I must use Accutaine or Retin A (which I don't) when I knew the only reason this occured was her poor technique. I get brow waxing done on a bi-monthly basis and have NEVER had this occur in over 10 years of waxing. I was barely given an apology and nothing for this mistake. Any good customer service oriented salon would offer free product or a free return visit for such a serious mistake. Also, the facial rooms are really noisy since they border the reception area where the technicians and front desk staff chat loudly and walk around with heels on the floor. During my visit a woman came in the salon with three unrulely children (not appropriate for a salon atmosphere) and proceeded to talk, hang out and let her kids run wild through the salon. Two of the children even walked over to the makeup bar and touched many of the opened products. The receptionist never asked the woman to keep her children under control or not touch the open products. The poor facial clients had no quiet during this time which is not fair to paying clients. Save your money and avoid this salon. I know I will not be returning...the manicurist should find a salon that is more in line with her great technique. —HeatherP

2009-01-14 16:30:59   I just got a bikini wax here and while I'm not a person who will usually bother to create an account on something just to write a negative review I feel compelled to. This spa is very cute and the prices reasonable and maybe they would be good for other services, but do NOT get a wax here!

The owner did mine and she left me with bruises, lots of little hairs, she seemed completely rushed, took off about an inch farther in on one side than the other, and left wax on my legs so I had to ride home with my pants sticking to me! What is the point of getting a bikini wax if you still can't wear a bikini afterward because you have bruises and little hairs? Luckily I know another salon that I've gotten a full brazilian at (with none of these problems) and I will be booking an appointment there to fix up my shoddy lopsided poonany.

I understand that waxing peoples' bikini areas is not the most fun job in the world but I think it would be better not to offer the service if you don't like to do it than to bruise and batter the nether regions of your clientele. Thank you, I'm going to my ice now. —KatarinaB

2009-01-22 18:13:33   I have been going to SAS for the last 7 years for waxing and facials. I really like the atmosphere of the salon and always feel comfortable when I am there. The owner, Stella, has always done a fabulous job and is who I book my appointments with. The staff is great and I appreciate that as soon as I walk in the door I am greeted by my name and made to feel welcome. They always call me to remind me of my appointments which is a must for me! I was so excited when I saw that they were selling bare escentuals, as it is my favorite make up! I love that I don't have to leave town to get it and can keep my business local. —leighwhitmire

2009-02-02 16:34:54   I am not one to complain, but thought it was necessary to post my experience with this spa. I have had several facials here before, all with different licensed estheticians. I always manage to think that because the esthetician is different, then maybe I will have a different experience. With most of my facials here, I noticed that the person leaves me for very long periods of time (much longer than other spas I have been to) to get more water or more product or even just to wait for my mask to dry. The walls are so thin that I can hear my esthetician and everyone else in the house talking/ even gossiping. I also leave this spa with huge zits, scratches, bruises, or even zits that look like its filled with blood because of unprofessional extractions on my face.

My last experience here, the esthetician poked my eye with her finger that had chemicals on it and had to have my eyes flushed with water. Then she did not apologize and just told me I should close my eyes tighter. As I was getting extractions, I heard her mumble with attitude "Oh my God.." and I asked her what was wrong. She said "Nothing, you just bleed easily." After my facial, I looked in the mirror and was mortified. I had several huge zits and was bleeding on several places on my face. I also had scheduled a hot-stone massage a week and a half in advance and specifically requested a woman. When I arrived to my appointment that afternoon, I was told the hot-stone massage specialist is not working today and I had to get a regular massage, but will get the cost difference of the service returned. Not until I was under the sheets ready for my regular massage was when I found out I had a male masseuist. I was pissed!

I have also had my eyebrows waxed here once and the lady messed up (one was obviously thinner than the other and differently shaped) and told me to grow it out and that I can fill it in with a pencil. I do not recommend this spa to anyone. I recommend Skin Renewal Center which is also located in Davis. —DPPL

2009-02-02 22:28:14   Last year I was looking online for a nice day spa that had the feel of the one close by in our own town as a Valentines day gift and did quite a bit of research through reviews and awards. Smooth as Silk kept coming up as a reputable and friendly place to try. My wife is an aesthetician for over 10 years and I wanted to make sure the place I chose would be to her level of expectation. We have visited the day spas in the big casinos in Tahoe and some of the big resorts around, but always thought that the hometown day spa had something that the big ones didn't and that is personality....and this is what we found also at Smooth as Silk Day Spa. I was quite surprised that they had an online printable gift certificate that I printed up and enclosed in my valentines card for my wife which I did from the the ease and comfort of my office computer. When we booked our appointments the front desk staff was extremely accommodating and in fact had to re-book our appointment due to a change in our plans, and they worked it out without a hitch. My wife had what she said was one of the BEST facials she has ever had and it was given to her by the owner. I booked the "Fire" package & my wife didn't want me just waiting around for her so she booked me a hot stone massage also. I have had many hot stone massages and usually try them whenever we are visiting a new area or at a resort, and the one I received here was one of the most relaxing and polished, I have ever received. I can only think of one other that I have received at a resort out of state that even comes close. The day we spent driving there and the friendliness of the staff and charming surroundings along with the great small town of Davis really made for a wonderful and enjoyable afternoon. Not to mention the great Burgers right next door! What more could a man ask for? A completely reposed body, a delighted and relaxed wife, and a great burger and beer next door complete the experience! I'll be booking here again! Davis feel lucky you have such an impressive in town day spa! —OutOfTownVisitor

2009-02-11 09:21:42   I went to Shelby for a Brazilian wax and she did a fantastic job. The room was cozy, nice music, and she made me feel very comfortable. She was a professional like any I've had before at nice salons in major cities. I would recommend going to her for waxing. —EJ

2009-03-12 03:56:50   I had to create a davis-wiki account for my experience here. The first time I came here, I had a bikini wax with one of the ladies, and although she did an okay job-she was totally not friendly. Then the last time I came, the owner gave me a brazilian. I usually probably would not lay there and cry, but she was horrible. I've gotten brazilians before, and she was by far the worst. She said she had fifteen minutes in between her duties, so she decided to take me. She rushed through the whole process, pulling strips after strips, missing spots, and can you say PAINFUL?! The results? I was left bruised and I even noticed a little bleeding (probably due to her quick crazy pulling). I have never had this problem before. I'm really disappointed with SAS, I will probably never come back her again. I advise to avoid this place for waxing. —aykayee

2009-03-20 19:33:56   I had a pleasant experience. I was able to be seen within 40 mins of calling for a brow wax and despite myself running a little late for the appointment, I thought the folks were nice about it. I appreciate their monthly special because it gives students a break and March's special of 2 brow wax for $22 is a steal. —kikao

2009-04-12 14:33:54   I will *never* go back to this place. I've been here about 3 times for eyebrow and bikini waxing and have never had a good experience. The "cosmetologists" clearly know nothing about waxing- they seem to have no idea that if you hold the skin down in the opposite direction that you pull the wax/fabric, it hurts less and pulls out more hair (I, a vet student know this, but they don't). So every time I've had waxing done here, I end up with very irritated, sometimes even bruised skin afterwards because they keep having to wax the same area over and over. I've been waxing for 10 years and have never been bruised before going to this place. Last time I was there, the very rude woman told me that it was my fault that it hurt so much— she told me that I should come up with the time and money to have waxing done every 3 weeks, and it would hurt less. No, it would hurt less if she know what she was doing. She also made the lines of my bikini wax very uneven, with a huge chunk taken out of one side. I suppose that was my fault too. A friend of mine used to go here for waxing until they burned her eyelid because the temperature setting on the wax was too high. We'll both be going elsewhere from now on! —GSB

2009-06-01 18:41:11   I am very picky with who I go to for waxing. I tried out a few people at Smooth As Silk before I found Shelby. I LOVED the way she did my brows- she took the time to get them exactly how I wanted and was very patient. The other girls just threw some wax on and yanked it off- didn't even tweeze or trim. She also does an amazing job with Brazilians! A few of my friends started going to Shelby regularly too. Except I called to make an appointment with her, and they said she is no longer there and refused to give me any of her contact information! How rude— I am not happy at all! I know the girls work for themselves there so the very least they could do is give me her phone number. And, furthermore, be nice about it! I would like to follow her wherever she is but the receptionists were rude and totally unhelpful. My friends and I are now looking for Shelby and will not return here for services —clc

2009-06-05 18:47:21   I went to Smooth as Silk for my 1st time waxing. Eva was really nice, professional, and helpful. She keep me feeling comfortable, and at ease. So, if you want a wax! Eva is the one! —Vandaline

2009-07-13 13:41:00   Stella did an amazing job with me. I was getting my first full brazilian, and though I was nervous the whole day, she promptly calmed my nerves by warmly welcoming me in. She worked quickly and left me feeling practically painless, even during the procedure itself! I am now a full espouser of brazilians, which I never thought I'd hear myself say. I'm definitely booking another appointment with Stella in the future. :) —AlisonSparkles

2009-08-12 16:44:42   I used to go to Eva for regular facial waxing and pedicures. She does an outstanding job and is a true gem. The reason I stopped going is because it was always a daunting task to get an appointment that would coincide with the childcare that was available to me. I was met with rudeness on more than two occasions and found it not worth the effort after a while. I also remember having to ask for the discount they offered, every single time, even though I had been a loyal customer for over two years. I have since found comparable services elsewhere without one hassle. It is delightful, as it should be. —MrsC

2009-08-17 12:18:34   I just had my second appointment. Again, amazing service was provided, starting with the front desk. I was offered water immediately, and then led in to my waxing room. The waxing was quick and efficient, with little time left to actually feel any pain! And while some pain was felt, Stella (my aesthetician) quickly offered conversation to get me through. Now I am hair free, happy, and sad I am leaving Davis; I will never be able to go back to Smooth as Silk again! —AlisonSparkles

2009-10-25 20:53:17   DO NOT go here if you have sensitive skin! I warned the woman who was doing my wax that I had extremely sensitive skin and was prone to bleeding during waxes. She assured me it would be fine, and proceeded to practically remove a layer of skin from my body. I was bleeding and my skin was raw and red for over a week. I went to another place and had the same wax (bikini line) with no problems. I was told by the second esthetician that the first had clearly used the standard wax to save money, rather than the more expensive wax for sensitive skin. So, yeah, definitely don't get waxed here if you have sensitive skin. —ElizabethAbinante

2009-11-05 07:29:31   I just found this spa. I went to Yoloberry and walked past Smooth as Silk and decided to go in. I asked the receptionist if they had time for a brow wax, which I'd been putting off since I moved to Davis, I'd been going to the same woman at home since I was 15 and was nervous about a new person. She was really sweet and friendly and said she'd check and then said that the owner just had a cancellation and could see me. She gave me a glass of water and had me wait in the couch. The woman that came out to me wasn't an 'owner' like I was expecting. She was gentle and beautiful and had a glow around her, and she really looked into me when she said hello, something about the way she watched me made me feel like I was going to cry because I was new to Davis and had been feeling so homesick and was really missing my mom. She took me into a super relaxing and pretty room and told me to lay down on the bed and asked me if I had any special requests for my eyebrows. I just said I didn't want them too thin because I'd been going to the same woman for a long time and it was scary to try someone new. She told me not to worry, that she would take good care of me. She worked magic on my eyebrows, they have never been so beautiful, but that's not why I'm writing this comment. I sat up and she looked at me and told me that it was ok to feel scared and lonely, that it's a process when we're in a new environment and that each day I'd feel more comfortable. She told me that on the days that I wasn't, I could come and talk with her and she'd be here for me. I asked her why she was being so nice to me and she said that she has two grown children and she hopes that when they are in a new place someone will be there for them, because she believes what she puts out in the world will be given back. She told me that when I'm feeling comfortable in my skin and the time comes that I should be there for someone else and so on...that that's the way we put goodness into a sometimes difficult world and that people need to support each other. So, my eyebrows are beautiful, my heart is full and I've learned something about life that I didn't expect that day. My mom wants her email to thank her for taking such good care of me and teaching me something about life I may not have learned. Thanks Stella. —Julie2355

2010-05-17 17:35:49   I'm the type of person who just books random appointments with anyone for things like haircuts and brow waxes, because I'm pretty easy to please and although I want my brows to be clean etc, I'm not very picky about them. I went to this place several times for brows. Once the owner did my brows and did an excellent job, I must say, however the other two times a woman did them and (as I see a few have noted above) ripped so much of my skin off I felt I'd be needing a face transplant. The wax was WAY too hot one of the times (and truly, I do not have sensitive skin or a low pain threshhold), the other time, she went over the same spot multiple times with STRIP WAX, which everyone who has gotten waxed knows is not supposed to happen, and I walked out of there with an extremely painful/burning strip of skin ripped off from under my brow which bled and later turned into a lovely scab. I have obviously not returned since, however I sent a couple friends who were visiting town for massages and both were pleased with their treatments from Katie. —soledad101

2010-06-05 12:41:39   Hi everyone! I agree that Shelby does the most fantastic job with wax and facials! She's at Spa Central now, just a few blocks away! —LilyS

2010-12-07 19:35:00   My roomate has been going to this place for 3 years and says the service wasn't great but not bad either. But today was awful. She had Lisa do her eyebrows and Lisa just hacked away at them. She wouldn't let my room mate tell her how she wanted her eyebrows and she wouldn't let her see them until the damage was already done. She is trying to get a refund now. If I go there, It will be to buy Bare minerals products, not get services. —KathrynAzarvand

2010-12-22 12:58:46   A friend of mine had a gift certificate to go here, and said she had a great experience getting a massage by Jeff. I went in on her recommendation, and can honestly say it was the best massage of my life! He really focused all his attention on my body, and made my shoulder and back soreness go away. I've never enjoyed hand massages, but he made my hands, arms, feet, and legs feel fantastic. I definitely recommend it, and will be going back for more! —lingawonga

2011-03-22 23:26:08   I booked a massage and facial package as a birthday gift for my mother recently and she loved it. She had never gotten a facial before but she said Stella did a great job. She said the massage was the best she had ever had; I believe her massage therapist was the owner's son. His name might be Corey...I don't remember. We had a very positive experience and the owner was very friendly to both of us. —LoriOrf

2011-04-11 18:47:55   Had a GREAT wax experience there today- legs and bikini. The wax was high quality and the redness went away much sooner than usual ( I have pretty sensitive skin ) and she was very easy to talk to. This place is much better than European Wax, and for full legs and bikini it's cheaper. Highly recommended. —WhitneyMarie

2012-03-10 12:44:50   I have been going to Smooth as Silk Day Spa for two years. I go for relaxation massages with Corey Schmidt. Corey maintains professionalism throughout his appointments. He welcomes me, asks me how I'm doing, and always makes me feel comfortable.

Since I have been going monthly, my regularity has allowed Corey to learn the idiosyncrasies of my body. I find this to be positive as we always have a starting point and then he will ask what other areas are bothering me. Corey’s style of service is personalized and genuine. He asks throughout the massage how I’m doing, more pressure, less pressure, etc. I know I can ask to have the face cradle adjusted, the leg pad adjusted, more pressure or anything to make the massage to my liking and not feel like I’m being demanding. Corey welcomes feedback throughout the massage, making it truly personalized.

Moreover, Corey has an understanding of the body and this translates throughout his massages. I have incorporated massages with him as part of my personal health and wellness plan. By continuing to treat my muscles to relaxation massages in addition to my workouts, I believe I am able to function at my maximum potential.

I have recommended Corey to friends and family members and those who have taken my recommendation have enjoyed their sessions. I will continue to go to Corey once a month.


2012-05-10 17:20:38   Stella, Jeff and Corey are working at Rejuvenations, inside The Institute for Restorative Health. or 530-753-7455. —stellaschmidt

2012-06-08 14:20:26   My husband bought me a gift certificate for Smooth As Silk as a Christmas gift. Things were kind of busy at the beginning of the year, so April rolls around, and I (try) and call to make an appointment. No answer. I do a little searching, and it turns out that Smooth as Silk is closed. But... good news! The owner just shut the place down and is now working out of Rejuvenations! Surely the owner (not just an employee) will honor the gift certificate. So I call. No answer, no return call. Hmm... Maybe they just misplaced the message- I'll call again. Again, no answer, no return call. I call again- same deal. Fine, I will book my appointment on their online system, and leave something in the notes about the gift certificate. Lo and behold! There is a note- "PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT ACCEPT SMOOTH AS SILK GIFT CERTIFICATES." What the what? The owner thinks she can just shut down her business and refuse to honor gift certificates? Super bad business practices, probably unethical, and definitely shady. —AgentJD

  • You might want to check the actual statute, but if the owner is still working self employed at her new place of business she is still legally obligated to accept a gift certificate she sold. It's considered a debt, unless she filed for bankruptcy. —Davidlm