Spa Central Reception

213 F Street
Spa Hours
Tues - Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm
Monday by Appt Only & Closed Sunday.
(530) 758-7400
Kelli Fuller
Payment Method
Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, AmEx

Spa Central Gift Certificates

The philosophy at Spa Central is to offer the luxury of extraordinary spa treatments, within a cozy and relaxing environment. It is critically important to all of the staff at Spa Central that their clients leave completely thrilled with their total beauty and wellness care experience each and every visit.

Kelli Fuller, the owner, has put forth extreme efforts to enable her spa the privilege of offering rare and innovative services that cannot be found in just any day spa. "The feeling here is different...more personal, where everyone knows your name. It's a place to escape, sip tea, have a massage, facial, or body treatment and then get your nails done. A one-stop pampering kind of place."

Spa Central offers numerous state-of-the-art spa treatments, featuring the best that the professional beauty industry has to offer. All of the staff are well-trained and continue the learning process through advanced training programs. They believe that their long-term success will be based upon their continuing education combined with a personal commitment to make your experience perfect!







*To learn about other businesses in Davis that provide professional aesthetic services, visit our Beauty Salons and Barber Shops page.


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    2006-05-08 11:04:26   Spa Cental has the best facials ever, they use Decleor products and I swear I've never had a better facial before. —JackieCaro

    2006-09-14 15:53:59   I get waxing done there when I have the money. The atmosphere is very relaxing and professional, and they are very talented. Also, for the brow waxing, they do as you ask, and ask before they do things with your brows. I will go back and get a facial or a massage from them because they are great! —RathyMarie

    2007-03-15 12:34:19   [To the owner/manager:] Feel free to add more information about the spa. Business listings are generally in third person (Something like "Spa Central specializes in facials. They offer special bridal packages.", rather than "We specialize in facials. We offer special bridal packages."). Think of how it would be written if it were a review in a newspaper and write about everything you offer. In general, others will come back and correct any misspelling and add links, but the basic information could likely best be added by you. —JabberWokky

    2007-07-05 18:23:04   I do not recommend this spa. —ElisaWeller

    2007-07-26 17:06:38   I am a Spa junkie and have lived in many places. I consider Spa Central to be one of the best spas I've ever experienced. The owner is an extremely talented and kind person who makes the spa experience one of peace and well being. I appreciate the hard work that has gone into making Spa Central an exclusive experience in our humble town of Davis. I strongly recommend Spa Central services and am proud that this is owned by a professional woman and a Davis resident. —Cate

    2007-08-29 17:38:34   I’ve recently moved to northern California from LA & have to say that Spa Central is one of the best Spa’s I’ve ever been to (& I’ve frequented some of the most exclusive in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, etc). The employees are always kind, professional & make you feel welcome. I’ve experienced many of their wonderful services & always leave feeling relaxed & rejuvenated.

    I recommend this spa to all of my friends & family

    Spa Central is an exceptional place to retreat & unwind - I will most definitely continue to recommend it to everyone I know.


      2007-09-24 21:51:40   I believe in order to attack another individuals integrity one must have a clean slate and well established integrity.I can not comment on the integrity of Elisa Weller, However the statements she has made on Davis Wiki sound like that of a vindictive individual, to comment on the type of vehicle one drives could be construed as blatant jealousy.As far Workman's comp without all the information It is hard say however It sounds like the owner is the true victim here.Knowing insurance companies first hand they will do what ever they can not to pay out their claims not to mention the growing statistics of Workman's comp fraud.I am not here to sling mud.I just have a hard time with Whistle blowers who do not provide all the facts.Tyler Parker —TylerParker

      Richard Helton Davis Resident —RickH

      2007-10-29 16:14:18   I have been an undergraduate and then graduate student in Davis for 6 years now. I have gone to Spa Central off and on (whenever I can afford it). The staff has always been very nice and pleasant, and the atmosphere is just as a day spa should be. I got a series of facials leading up to my wedding and I truly felt the owner (who did my facials) was excellent. Instead of doing the treatment I came in for (which was in my budget), she would actually do treatments she thought were best for my skin, even if they were pricier. However, she would always charge me the lesser price. I appreciated her helping me look my best for my wedding. The spa also turned me on to the Decleor products, which I love and still use. —AmLin

      2008-01-06 12:39:41   Spa Central is great. I don't understand the negative comments about the owner, she has always been nice and very professional, and is not just the owner, all the employees at Spa Central are great. Awesome facials, waxing and the manicure and pedicures are great. Love it!! —flyec

      2008-01-20 22:45:49   I went to this place for years, but I stopped going after the spa was sold to the new owner Kelly. She didn't seem to appreciate her clients, and she hired a pretty incompetent receptionist who once put me on hold, forgot to press the mute button, and proceeded to carry on a personal cell phone conversation while I waited on hold for 15 minutes to make my appointment. The place also experienced a turn over in staff, and their quality of services subsequently took a turn for the worse. —Dr.Lindsay

      2008-01-23 20:44:04   I have nothing but positive things to say about Spa Central. I started going here a few years ago when it was under different ownership and have continued going once the new owner Kelli took over. She goes above and beyond for each and every one of her clients. Working on her days off to accomodate peoples schedules, taking the time to explain products and procedures, and she has always made me feel welcomed and valued. If anything I have seen the spa improve greatly since ownership changed hands, so I am somewhat baffled by the comments made by "Dr. Lindsay". Spa Central is my favorite place to go and unwind and be pampered. Every single staff member has always made me feel valued and special. I would and have recommended this spa to many of my friends, all of whom have loved the experience there. Anyways, anyone who needs to identify themself as being a Dr. on Davis Wiki clearly has some sort of superiority complex.....guess what half of the people in this town are Dr.s so lose the title and the attitude (you're not special)! - sincerely PhD/MD Sandy =) —SandyK

      • 2008-01-24 23:02:07   To “SandyK”: I do understand that individuals of a lesser intelligence often feel the need to personally attack those who disagree with them, but the whole purpose of this website is to provide feedback based on our own individual experiences. I never had "attitude" as you so rudely put it. You are obviously somehow threatened by me and/or the fact that you and I have had very different experiences at Spa Central, but please stick to the facts rather than making feeble personal attacks. They only make you look idiotic.

      Dr. Lindsay (and damn proud of it) —Dr.Lindsay

      2008-07-16 14:41:14   First the GOOD: I had a wonderful massage from Megan. The staff was very friendly :) Now the NOT SO GOOD: 1. Pedicure: they use a spa chair that has a jet tub, not individual bowls. A new study out says that the jets are hard to clean and can breed bacteria. Also, they still cut cuticles which has also has been shown increase the possibility of foot infections. I asked for a French manicure. It was not the best I have ever had. Usually the manicurist cleans the bottom of the white area this did not happen. It looked sloppy. 2. ATMOSPHERE: Could use a new paint job and "deculttering." There are many stains on the carpet throughout esp. at the entrance, which is not a good impression. There are black and white marks along the brown walls where the vacuum must hit. The room where the pedicures are done, feels and looks dirty. The wall you look at has a cabinet that has an aging bad paint job which does not positively contribute to the atmosphere. The walls need repainting and the ceiling needs cleaning. The entire room could use a good spring cleaning esp. underneath the cabinet and chair. I do think the display on the west wall is nice. 3. THE LINENS: The 2 white sheets on the massage table looked worn and had torn edges and the towels used during my pedicure also looked worn and dingy. Most likely the linens could benefit from some sorting, purging and updating. I hope this will help the business improve, I would love to come back. —ACA

      2008-08-05 16:57:14   I love this spa. The facials are amazing and I love the massages!!!! The staff is great and the owner is very involved in the business. The spa is in an older building, but that is not something that can be helped. I will continue to come here and to refer people. —sarahd

      2009-02-04 12:10:59   I can honestly say, Spa Central has given me the worst customer service experience of my life. I have been shown nothing but rudeness and complete disregard for basic business courtesy. What started off as a small mistake on their part turned into a complete nightmare for me.

      After purchasing a facial/massage gift certificate for my girlfriend for her birthday, Spa Central left a brochure inside with all of their prices. My girlfriend wouldn't accept my $150 gift (too expensive), so I was forced to return it. This is not what outraged me, but it was still disappointing. Would someone at Macy's offer to wrap your gift and leave the price tag on? No way! Anyway, they refused to take accountability for this mistake.

      Spa Central took my gift certificate when I went to return it, but later called me and said they would only return it for store credit. What the heck was I gonna do with $150 at a spa? I was very short for cash (after buying my girlfriend another gift), and I very politely asked them to refund my purchase. "Sorry, but that's our policy," they said. I had no idea this was their policy, so I told them (again politely) that I would come to speak with them in person, 10 minutes before they closed, so we could try to resolve the issue in person.

      I left work early and arrived 10 minutes before closing, only to find that they had neglected me and closed early! I called the next day, understandably a bit angry, and made sure that they would be there for sure that afternoon. Before I arrived, I did some research and filed a dispute with my credit card company. Because Spa Central did not inform me of the return policy at the time of purchase, and because the return policy was not posted in the store or on the receipt, Spa Central had committed a Merchant Violation. This, Visa said, would entitle me to a cash refund. I filed the dispute, but I still hoped to solve the issue in person, because I was leaving the country the next day and I wanted the cash for my trip.

      Again, I left work early and drove to Spa Central. I tapped on the closed glass doors, the manager cracked them open and said, "Are you Bryan (my name)? I have an officer on the way to mediate the situation. He should be here any minute." I was absolutely shocked! Not only had this business ruined the gift, denied my refund, an closed early when they were supposed to meet me the day before, they had now called a bike cop on me as if I was some crazy person! When the bike cop came over, I had my hands in my pockets. In front of everyone walking by, he pulled out his flashlight, shined it in my face and shouted, "Are you Bryan? GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR POCKETS AND PUT THEM IN THE AIR!!!!" The cop continued to shine the light in my face as I explained the situation. Eventually, he turned off his flashlight and agreed that the Visa Dispute route would be the best way to handle my claim. I do not blame the cop for doing his job, but I blame Spa Central for misusing the police to publically embarass me. Needless to say, I was extremely upset.

      Eventually, justice was served. The credit card company refunded my cash based on Spa Central's Merchant Violation. Was all that embarassment necessary? What ever happened to honest business practices and simple customer service? I was even told by the manager that the decision to screw me came down directly from the owner! That is an outrage!

      To Spa Central, I want you to know that I have told all of my friends, family, and co-workers about my experience, and they all agree with me. There is no place for businesses like you who do not recognize the basic principles of customer service - be nice to your customers and they come back and bring their friends, be mean and go bankrupt. I hope you go bankrupt.


        2009-02-04 14:15:34   Just for the record, I would never buy a gift certificate for a spa treatment and expect that I could return it, especially for anything other than store credit. That's just silly to me. Sorry, guess it's my own common sense. Maybe it's because I'm a female and have delt with more spas than a male might have. —AmLin

        2009-02-05 17:20:55   You are right in that I don't know anything about dealing with spas. Still, I think your wrong about the common sense part. Common sense is backed by the law: if you don't tell someone, "Just so you know, returns are for store credit only," how are they supposed to know? That's why it's a Merchant Violation, and that's why the credit card companies gave me my money back. You can't really argue with the poor customer service and the police thing, right? That was all way overboard and disrespectful. —AggieAlumni

        2009-02-13 12:35:26   I usually do not respond to comments on this page, but AggieAlumni's claims were so preposterous I had to set the record straight. 1. I did my research as well to see if we were out of line by denying a refund and called around to spas in Davis, Sacramento and Vacaville, only to find as I suspected... none of them gave refunds on gift certificates. 2. This person asked for a cash refund when he paid on a credit card, no business I have ever been to would do this, if a refund is due it gets refunded in the method of payment originally given. 3. This person called non-stop asking for his money back after we told him no, then proceeds to tell a female employee here that he has no other choice but to come down here and handle it in person. What else was she supposed to do as a female at night by herself in the spa but to call the police to make sure she's safe? She took that as a threat and intimidating. She did not know this person and what he planned to do to get his money back. Also the cop was in agreement with the employee and told AggieAlumni that his best bet if he wanted his money back was to take it to small claims court, just so we are completely honest here. 4. Stores such as Macys do not tear tags off when gift wrapping that is just completely absurd that he would even say something like that. It is standard procedure to include a brochure complimentary so that guests can decide if they would like to use their certificate for different services than delegated to them they can do that. 5. It is not our problem if the recipient thinks that the certificate was "too much" we even offered to split the certificate for him into several different certificates to use amoung several friends family members as our certificates do not expire, and he of course refused this offer as well. 6. A refund WAS in fact given back to his card as a courtesy to him so where these hostile comments are coming from I am not sure. We did everything in our power to treat him with respect, we never once got rude or nasty, and it was just never good enough which is why we allowed the refund to his card when all was said and done. Our clients are the most important thing to us as we understand that we wouldnt be in business if it werent for our clients. Its a good thing that he doesnt plan on coming back in because we planned to refuse service to him anyhow. We have a strong client base of wonderful people who patron the spa regulary and dont need people like AggieAlumni coming in and causing problems that were THEIR mistake to begin with. I would hope that our clients who have been here know the truth about how much we value our clients and treat them with the utmost respect and if there ever is a situation when a client is unhappy we go to great lengths to resolve teh issue for them. I have never in the 8 years this place has been open dealt with such a person as this and hope we never have to again. —SpaChickie

        2009-02-13 13:26:35   I will agree it was probably a mistake on Spa Central's part to not post their return policies, however, I think they were TOTALLY in the right with asking the police to mediate your meeting. As a young female, which I know most if not all of their employees are, I would in no way feel comfortable meeting with an (ovbviously angry) male after hours to settle this type of dispute. She did what she needed to protect herself, and I'd aplaud her for it. —AmLin

        2009-08-12 16:37:24   I have been going to Paige for facial waxing and pedicures for quite some time now. She does a great job and I enjoy talking to her. She has a strong work ethic, a good sense of humor and knows I am there to chill and escape the rigors of life. The staff always works with me to get an appointment when I need it. Paige has even gone so far as to offer to come in on her day off when that was the only day I could find childcare. I appreciate her professionalism. I have always been treated with respect by everyone there. Prices are very fair. —MrsC

        2009-08-19 22:40:50   Sorry to hear what happened to AggieAlumni, but all the gift certificates I have had from spas in Sacramento S. Francisco and Portland (Oregon) include a menu with the services they offer and their prices. I think they do this, in case the client decides to get an additional service (which I always do). By the way, Paige is awesome. Best mani/pedi —flyec

        2009-09-03 10:07:47   I saw Shelby for waxing recently, and she was great! She was a delight to talk to, was very professional, and she is a quick waxer but extremely thorough with her work. I highly recommend Shelby and will absolutely be going back to see her regularly. I do suggest Spa Central put a sign on the streets surrounding their building because I never knew this spa existed as it is pretty tucked away. —bbt27

        2009-09-12 13:46:32   Going here (bank account permitting) for years now and I adore Meghan. That girl is always friendly, personable and makes you feel at ease no matter what is being done. I love it and have turned several friends onto spa central who are now all equally hooked. —OliviaY

        2009-09-25 17:44:45   I received a spa package from Spa Central as a gift, I was very impressed by their massages and facials. I received another gift certificate six months later and went back with high expectations. The second time I was not as impressed. My manicure peeled just a few hours after leaving and the receptionist demanded an extra ten dollars because the costs had gone up since the gift certificate was issued. I only had enough cash on me to tip so I had to run to the bank and run back in 110 degree heat! Why hadn't the receptionist informed me ahead of time? It's a good thing I haven't received another gift certificate, I won't be using it!! —UMDGrad

        2010-05-19 17:13:07   I had a good first time experience here at Spa Central with a revitalizing facial. I learned about SPA central after bidding on a gift certificate that was donated to the SPCA Dog Gone Walkathon and had heard good things from my pet sitting clients. I never had a facial before ,but after this experience I plan on budgeting to get one every couple of months. It was one of the most relaxing experiences and something I should of done a while ago. Kelli was great, easy to talk to ,very gentle, very professional , and the experience as a whole was awesome. The masks and oatmeal treatment was nice and the massage was pressure pointed and perfect,the oils and lotions used smelled fantastic and the hot towels and cozy bed made me feel at home. My only complaint was the actually bed was too small for me as I am 6'3 ,but other than that everything was great. I can highly recommend this place and Kelli. —ElizabethBarthel

        2010-08-09 16:06:30   OMG............ Soooo I went in for the first time to get a Brazilian Wax! I was soooo petrified! I was sure it was going to hurt like crazy but... It was not bad at all! The lady walked me through the whole thing! She taught me techniques to make it hurt less! It totally worked! She did a great job! I was soooo happy! I can't remember who did it but I remember that she said she was the owner! She was amazing! I highly recommend her! Everyone is so nice there too! It makes the place even so much better. : ) —JackieRodriguez

        2010-10-21 14:11:33   Just had a wax from Meghan. It was unbelievable. Her technique reduces the time, the discomfort, all while maximizing the effectiveness. Her easy-going personality really helps put you at ease and calm your anxiety.

        I got an appointment the very same day; was in and out in under 35 minutes......couldn't be happier.

        Thank you Meghan. And forgive me if I mispelled your name. :-D —browneyedblues

        2010-11-17 09:42:24   Have had facials and microdermabrasion from Kelli and Paige in recent months - both did a fantastic job, my skin looked amazing afterwards. Everyone is very friendly here, love the Decleor range too. —LizA

        2011-02-10 14:00:24   My very generous husband gave me a gift certificate for facial with Kelli. It had been years since I used to have regular facials. I can easily say that this was the best facial I've ever experienced. Gentle and nurturing and truly revitalizing. I hope people who can afford these on a regular basis really, really appreciate them. By the way, the atmosphere at the salon was also serene and joyful. —FranceKassing

        2011-05-07 14:21:56   I just finished the most amazing facial with Kelli, it was truly life changing and a great way to start my weekend! Kelli and the staff were very personable and the experience as a whole was absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend this spa and look forward to many more wonderful experiences here in the future. —meaghan

        2011-07-22 19:49:50   i purchased two groupons for a 30 minute facial at spa central. my friend and i had a wonderful experience for our first ever facial with kelli. The facial was relaxing, professional, and overall excellent. The products used were excellent and smelled amazing. My only minor complaint is that the ladies at the front desk are at time quite loud and I could hear them during my facial. But overall it was great and I would definitely go back! —jfung

        2012-10-27 19:01:36   Had a gift certificate here for a 30 min massage, 30 min facial and a manicure. Megan did the massage and facial and those were both great. The products seemed quality and my skin looked really nice the next day. Megan was professional and overall did I really good job, I would be happy to go back. However, like other comments have said, it was really loud in the reception area and the room I was getting the massage in was closest to the waiting room. Either the owner/ a friend/ someone with a baby came in and they were talking with the other massage therapists and the receptionists VERY loudly. Sort of ruined the peacefulness of my massage and facial. Paige did my manicure, and spa central was really accommodating when I asked to changed my normal manicure to a gel manicure. The manicure came after the massage and facial and I was really relaxed but Paige talked the entire time. She was really nice, and had a great sense of humor but to be honest I really was not in the mood to chat. Generally in a spa I feel like the people working there should take a cue from the client whether the client wants to small talk for an entire hour (gel manicure took 1 hour!) or not. Either way, I had a good experience, manicure turned out well. —cj2012aggie