Summer Sessions
Summer Abroad

Summer Sessions is the term for the "fourth" quarter at UC Davis which occurs during the summer. There are two summer sessions, Summer Session I and Summer Session II, each lasting six weeks. Classes taken during summer sessions are worth the same number of credits as classes taken during the school year quarters, but since summer sessions only last six weeks to the regular quarters' ten weeks, classes can be intensive. Classes offered during summer sessions are often easier to get into, since there are fewer students interested in staying in Davis during the summer.

Note: Summer Abroad is now part of the Education Abroad Center

Summer session 2013 dates:

  • Summer Session I: Monday June 24 – Friday August 2
  • Summer Session II: Monday August 5 – Friday September 13

What are good classes to take during Summer Sessions?

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2008-09-05 09:18:15   Summer Abroad courses are great! —ces139

2008-09-05 11:16:19   When I was an undergrad, I took classes each session. What I found helpful was taking some of the difficult requirements out of the way during the summer. It helped lighten my load during the regular quarter and it was also easier because I was able to focus on just one or two subjects at a time. I got more out of it that way. For example, I took chem 2C one summer and o-chem 118C the next summer. I got really good professors so the subject matter was much less obnoxious. Got better grades, too. —CurlyGirl26

2008-09-06 10:52:44   I took math 21c,d, 22b, and 25 over this last summer session. It was awesome, since all the courses were taught by graduate students who cared if we understood it, and the classes were REALLY small (math 25 had only 12 people in it.). I highly recommend summer session classes. —ascapoccia

2008-09-06 10:56:36   Pol 107, a night class, is a particularly good choice for anyone interested in the history and present status of environmental politics and policy, also it is a good time to take physical chemistry (life-science) with neat visiting faculty. —DavidPoole

2010-05-22 23:02:10   Last year a four unit class cost under a thousand dollars to take during a summer session. This year, it is almost $1300. Pretty big jump there... —hankim

2018-04-08 22:36:29   I need to have someone takeover my 2bdr. 2 bath rental, available May 1st-August 31 in West Davis. Great for summer school. Large living room space. Some furniture available if you want it (large couch, dining table and two chairs, small bookshelf and tv). Quiet Apartment with outdoor parking in the lot only a few paces from the door. Great pool and indoor gym also just steps away. Please contact the Glacier Point staff: tel: (530) 758-6692 —jdunzy