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620 W. Covell Blvd. #B (in Anderson Plaza, across from Save Mart)
Mon - Thurs. 11:00AM-3:00PM, 5:00PM-9:30PM
Fri - Sat 11:00AM-10:00PM
Sun 12:00PM-9:00PM
(530) 758-4560
Website — annoying Flash site
Link to printable PDF menu
John Kim
2007-07-06 (licensed 2007-05-24)

Sushi Unlimited was a Japanese restaurant and sushi bar, located in the building where Mirai used to be. On their opening day they served only sushi but offered a 20% discount (excluding alcohol and sashimi). Despite their suggestive name, this restaurant does not offer an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet. However, the menu does include a large number of sushi choices, including a good number of veggie sushi options, as well as fare such as chicken and steak teriyaki. The decor is mostly dark and black, with a sushi bar in the center, dance music playing quietly in the background, and HDTVs on two walls. Wednesday is karaoke night, starting at 9:00PM; they stop serving the regular menu after 9:30PM but continue to serve food from a modified menu until closing at 1:00AM (you might want to call before you come, as karaoke night is sometimes cancelled). As of 2009-01-28, there were some Korean dishes offered as specials.

There are two other Sushi Unlimited restaurants. One is located in Roseville, the home of the owner, and the other is in Folsom. Their Roseville location also has a karaoke night.


Daily Lunch special: 4 Different Specials -> one is vegetarian

Daily Dinner special: Same as above

Happy hour: Various discounts on appetizer, beer, sake, and free edamame! 11am-2pm and 5pm-7pm 3pm-6pm Mondays-Thursdays

NEW 50% off ROLLS: A new menu of rolls -> try the Lincoln Hills, Mama Mia, King Kong, Garlic Delite, Dynamite, and Z Roll!!

They also offer free wireless internet!

The Davis location has a history of being occupied by various Japanese restaurants. It was formerly Mirai and before that it was Tokyo Japanese Restaurant.


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2008-01-12 23:15:46   Service was good and friendly, the vegetable tempura was good as well as the agedashi tofu. It is a bit pricey for college students... but it's okay to go there once in a while... —AiYaZone

2008-01-31 00:15:52   Because of Sushi establishments like Sushi Unlimited and Moshi Moshi I have mostly sworn off of buffets. The food here tastes fresh, and the presentation is really nice. Sometimes they are a little repetitive on the saucing of the sushi, but I can deal with it. I have been able to get the chef choice dinner special for take out, but recently they have seem to not allow that anymore. I have to warn everyone about the karaoke machine. Too many sake bombs + 3 backstreet boys songs later do not equal fun. —AmyTrinh

2008-02-11 10:42:49   we have eaten here several times, it has been good every time. Has a lot of different Mikuni type rolls, and classic Japanese place food. we have eaten there both with a group of adults, and with just my family... if the service is slow, they make it right with free goodies usually, and service is attentive even if they are busy! —Carsonsig

2008-02-13 23:11:28   went there for some good asian food BUT HAD A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. The sushi might be okay or good but my girlfriend and i got the chicken and it was horrible and expensive. We ate maybe one piece of our chicken (no white meat, only fatty parts) and told the waiter (when he finally came back 15-20 minutes later to when he came to see how it was) that it was not good at all and we still ended up paying 36 dollars for food we barely touched. The food took also very long time to come out. We had to get up to get more soda. The only thing good was the soda, steamed rice, and edemame. I don't see how everything took so long and how service was so bad when there were 7 workers and four customers in the building. —nico

2008-02-26 00:42:33   sp roll is good, chicken donburi is bad (too sweet) —YooHyunOak

2008-02-26 20:07:18   I've gotten both unagi and salmon (sake) here. On the IDoNotExist sushimeter, Sushi Unlimited rated the following:

Price: moderate to high - comparable to a good sushi establishment in San Francisco or another major city Unagi: The best I've had in Davis. Good, although it tasted more like the unagi sauce than the eel itself. Fresh and tasty, but not comparable to what is available in San Francisco. Rating: 3/5 Salmon: Dry and a bit tough. Not a good sign in raw fish. Not very flavorful. Rating 1/5. Atmosphere: A nice place. The nicest sushi place I've seen in Davis.

Recommendation: A nice place to eat, but the sushi doesn't match the high price. If you really crave good sushi at these prices, you can find many much better restaurants in SF, although you clearly lose something in convenience. If you are looking for a good price for the (not so great) quality that you get, consider one of the restaurants downtown. —IDoNotExist

2008-03-08 22:06:26   I love this place. Hamachi all the way!!!! —changychang

2008-04-13 22:04:12   I just returned from eating dinner here. It was very fresh and delicious. The sushi was far better than any of the sushi I have had anywhere else in Davis. —Chantal

2008-04-30 12:03:54   lol some of the people who comment on this restaurant shouldn't be allowed near a computer. so onto the restaurant, service is terrible, and you will not change my mind. the food was good, i will definitely give it that but $17 for teriyaki? you must be out of your mind. sushi roll prices are not bad but other then that the prices were horrendous. try going to sac if you want amazing sushi that's well priced since you definitely will not find it in davis with the rich kids whose parents pay for everything while they galavant thoughout the city and since they are so willing to pay the higher price, vendors definitely don't have a problem keeping things unaffordable. —simplyg00d

2008-05-03 20:29:39   If you love Zen Toro you'll kind of like Sushi Unlimited...if you love fuji chef you'll love wet dog food (in roll form of course). The service was also stellar. —WalleyWorld

2008-05-19 00:22:37   I've been here multiple times and usually the food has usually been good albeit pricey. I haven't been back since this past March because of the bad service I experienced. My girlfriend and I were seated and our server, Chad, greeted us and brought us a pot of hot tea. That was the last time we spoke to him for the rest of the half hour we stayed. Chad served tables all around us, but after he dropped off the tea, he never came back to take our order. I wish I could say he was busy, but when he wasn't taking orders or serving, he was flirting with the female staff by the soda dispenser. We made eye contact on multiple occasions and even gestured to him, but he never came back. After almost 45 minutes, we got up and left. On the way out, the hostess asked us if everything was okay and we told her we never got served. All she could say was, "oh." There were no apologies, no efforts to please us or even attempts to notify the manager on our behalf. We haven't been back there since, and I no longer recommend it to anyone I like. —CPJ

2008-06-07 16:21:04   Sushi unlimited, I thought that ment all you can eat. The only thing unlimited here is the price of your bill. The sushi is great but way, way over priced. —Kicker

2008-06-23 22:29:03   Well, we went once, that was enough. The "sushi chef" was a second year college kid dressed like Lil' Wayne in a 2004 rap video, and for some reason kept staring at our group with a dirty look on his face; did not make for a comfortable dining experience. The sushi rice was bad, the fish was very average. Since nothing was particularly good or tasty, we thought it was terribly overpriced. We'll pay good money for good sushi, here we payed good money for a poor meal, served by an angry "chef". In Davis I recommend Osaka and Moshi Moshi, they have many loyal and happy customers because they do a good job. —Trevor

2008-06-27 21:36:41   By far the best sushi restaurant I've been to in Davis, and I've tried a lot of them. The sushi was fresh, the unagi-don was good, and the service was pretty good. It was a bit more expensive than other restaurants in Davis, but worth it.

There is one piece of sushi that me and my friend both hated though. We ordered a sushi plate of chef's choices, and one of the choices was a strange white, rubbery thing with a mint leaf and a dab of hot sauce on top. Totally disgusting. I tried to chew off a small piece, but couldn't do it. My friend, who eats pretty much everything, actually spit it out. If you see it on your plate, don't eat it. You've been warned. —st3phi3

2008-07-05 19:34:29   GOD AWFUL. My god! How does this place stay in business?!!?!? —JimBob

2008-07-06 03:16:30   I think its because people know what good sushi tastes like and enjoy good service and a friendly atmosphere my jimbob troll friend —JJNasca

2008-07-20 01:19:34   I bit more expensive than I thought, but I enjoy the bulkogi box special. I think it's a good deal. Their godfather roll is really good too, they don't put too much cheese which is good. Another good thing about this place is that they put real seafood in their sushi. Also, they've recently added Italian desserts to their menu. —cnk.midori

2008-07-21 01:33:30   I love how when someone takes a #2, the smell goes all the way to the tables(lack of fan in restroom). The service is incredibly slow most of the times. Most of their chefs have very little experience. Food is overpriced for what you get. Zen Toro > Sushi Unlimited !!! —jaredfromsubway

2008-07-24 19:43:46   TERRIBLE service! Both times I've done takeout they've forgotten key things (e.g. the sauce for the tempura dinner), and when you call to let them know, they don't offer to do anything about it. Will never go here again. —odg7

2008-08-21 16:15:51   The food isn't the cheapest but it still tastes good. GODFATHER ROLL YUM! —renee415

2008-09-19 14:46:55   My first time here I thought it was really bad. However, my subsequent two times going it was actually really good! They have good appetizers and really good specialty rolls (spicy santa!) Also, I went with a group of about 15 people and we only had the one waitress (Evie i think?) and she was amazing!! It is a little expensive but I feel like I can never finish what i order anyway! (i.e.: lots of food despite the price!) —endavis

2008-10-21 18:02:37   I made a Davis wiki account just for this. The food is NOT fresh and is NOT worth the money! Moshi Moshi, my regular sushi place, was closed saturday afternoon when I decided to place a pick up order at sushi unlimited. I ordered the lunch special, #2 I believe, that included four pieces of nigiri sushi and five pieces of sashimi - chef's choice. In addition, I ordered miso soup, edamame and an iced tea. The resulting bill was $18. They had two tables of four people each and I figured they wouldn't take long for my simple order. After 25 minutes of sitting in the restaurant, I asked the waiter how much longer it would be. He answered saying my order was difficult to make but was almost done. When he brought it to me, I discovered the pieces of sashimi were TINY not to mention not very fresh!!- barely 2 centimeters squared! In addition he seemed to have forgotten my miso soup, edamame and iced tea...which I had to tail after him and ask for. Without an apology, he rushed away. Later when eating my nigiri, I found the rice to be dry. I have never had seriously BAD sushi, but Sushi Unlimited not only gave me terrible sushi, they charged me a boatload for my bite-sized pieces. I am thoroughly dissatisfied! GO TO MOSHI MOSHI! for two more dollars you get twice the amount of food...and its fresh! —priya

2008-10-21 18:11:00   I have been here once or twice and I really enjoyed it. I cannot claim to be a true sushi connaseiur, but I thought this establishment was quite classy; a bit expensive tho —ChrisWaterstraat

2008-11-11 22:38:00   A very decent place for some nice sushi dinner in davis. No where else can be better than it. —AvilaVoom

2008-11-23 13:40:20   I had my birthday here last night and I would recommend this place to anyone! We had 30 people and Sushi Unlimited was so accommodating and friendly. The service was great, everyone remarked how they loooovvveed the food. I asked for the karaoke machine and they let us go to town. They stayed open late, made planning very easy and were all in all wonderful. Best sushi in Davis! —VictoriaArmstrong

2009-02-08 01:49:16   I had dinner here with my friend last night and we both agreed that it was one of the best meals we've had in Davis so far! I got the Tempura California Roll which was delicious! It was basically a California Roll with a ring of tempura around it. I highly recommend this place. The restaurant was clean and modern. The service was a little slow but well worth it. We will definitely be going again. —Rhymenocerous

2009-02-20 18:32:17   Best sushi ever! Reggae man + Mels + Folsom city = heaven. 20% discount with online coupon! —coolspiros

2009-02-23 14:35:17   I recommend Jubillie is you like cream cheese in your roll. It was delicious. I wish the prices were less expensive, but I'll definitely go back. —KRSanta88

2009-02-23 14:55:22   Had dinner here a couple weeks ago. The service was excellent but the sushi was ... well, I don't like to be mean, but it was pretty bad, especially for the price of the rolls, which was a dollar or two more than other sub-excellent sushi places in town. Also, be careful with the "spicy" rolls. They are REALLY spicy! Usually, "spicy" means, slightly tingly. My wife and I couldn't even finish the rolls and we eat hot food all the time. I wouldn't swear off this place altogether because the service was great and I want to try to do the karaoke thing eventually. But I hope the sushi is better next time, especially for what you pay. —condemned2bfree

2009-03-15 11:38:11   This is a recurring theme in my comments on restaurants, but I think sticklers for tradition and "authenticity" are really missing out. Sushi Unlimited is one of my favorite restaurants in town, and certainly my go-to for sushi. I love the "fast-food" or American style sushi, with all the interesting sauces and ingredients. The Simba roll is one of my favorites, with its cheesy sauce, and the Jubilee is good too, with crab salad. Rocklin roll is another one I like, the whole shebang is tenpura fried and topped off with two addictive sauces.

So aside from the somewhat mind-boggling array of rolls (which I think are the shining achievements on the menu), the soups are tasty and for $10 you can get an udon soup bowl with tenpura on the side... the shrimp is delicious!

As to the service, I'm a fan of going up to the bar and watching the chefs work, and even before I was a regular the staff was friendly. The chefs are great for a chat (my best friend has the biggest crush on one of them ;D ) and if you come in often it becomes even more fun. They remember what you like and make good suggestions for trying new stuff, too!

A couple things to keep in mind... -If you're not adventurous or a sushi virgin, there's plenty of variety even for basic stuff. A good first step is the Philadelphia roll or any of those other basic rolls. Still not into it? Try the soup or other hot items. You don't HAVE to order sushi. -Talk to the chefs! If you know what you like and don't like, let them know and they can help you pick something out. Also, need to customize a bit? No problem. I've got a friend that hates nori, and it's no big deal to have it left out. -Try coming in at odd hours. I've never had to wait for a table or spot at the bar when I come in around 5:30 or so. -You get what you pay for! This is pricier than, say, Fuji Chef, but it's definitely higher quality. If you're not picky about your food and looking for a great bargain, this may not be the place for you. It's a notch below, say, Mikuni (which will be moving in where Fuzio was, or so I've heard) both in quality and in price. -Even on a student budget you can get a great meal, especially if you come in with friends and order to split. You get the variety. Here's my method...

In a group of 4 people, for example, get 1 item each to start. A bowl of udon is great (they're big bowls, ask for smaller bowls if you want to share around) and split the tenpura on the side, then go for 3 different rolls. If you're a big eater like me and want more, get a side bowl of rice to bulk up that soup and order two basic rolls for the price of one special roll. I really love getting the Philly and a tunavo with the spicy santa sauce on the side.

...and now I'm hungry.


2009-04-25 17:26:36   Service here is definitely hit or miss — I've had it be amazing one day and horrible the next! The sushi is great though and reasonably priced! —cfb

2009-05-10 18:57:14   This place has the best chicken udon hands down, everyone should try it!!! —jaredfromsubway

2009-05-15 20:12:53   SLOWEST SERVICE EVER. but good sushi. they never fill up your water. ever. takes hours to get your check... sit at the bar to get food faster. —julpham

2009-06-11 14:01:41   Although I have to admit I think I liked this place a little better when it was Mirai, I end up coming here frequently, and am rarely disappointed with the food. The specialty rolls are generally huge, and the appetizers usually very fresh and good (the agedashi tofu is a favorite). Both the Little Green Coupon Book and other local junk mail feature regular coupons for 20% off your bill, so this place isn't any more expensive than Zen Toro. I do have to say that the service here is less than stellar. I've seen waitresses having (openly) catty disagreements and fights on the serving floor in front of customers, and the waitstaff always seems to be in a bad mood (and pretty slow - it once took them 45 mnutes to bring out 2 speciality rolls, and my friend and I were the only two people in the resaturant). If you want to block out their vibes, your best option is to sit at the bar and order directly from the sushi chefs. —calvin2

2009-06-25 09:49:33   As Sushi Unlimited is right across from my apartment complex, I have frequented this restaurant many times. However, I would say it's really worth the money. The meals are overpriced, and now, having been to Mikuni's, I would have to say that their sashimi isn't spectacular. If I was in a real sushi craving without a ride downtown, I would go here. Otherwise, not really worth it.

Also, one time I came with my parents here, and they let my sister and I order off the kids' menu, but when I came back another time with my friends they wouldn't let us order off the kids' menu. Unfortunate, because the kids' portions are a lot better for the price. —aileen

2009-07-05 16:19:42   Excellent Bento boxes all around. Fantastic tempura (broccoli, sweet potato, carrot, onion ring, shrimp) and great tentsuyu (soy, mirin, etc mixture for dip). Pork Bulgogi had a slightly sweeter take than what I'm used to but was pretty good. The light Asian peanut sauce on the salad that came with the meal was excellent. The Oshinko roll (pickled daikon) was spot on although I suppose there is not much to mess up there. The gyoza (potstickers) were tasty too. Excellent serving sizes. The Don Katsu was said to be excellent and the croquettes were lauded as well. Very tasty marinated bean sprouts. As an appetizer we had Jalapenos filled with crab or maybe imitation crab but was pretty good and spicy. Essentially everything was great except the iced tea tasted a little funky. Service was very good and the bathrooms were clean. Although, one member of my party thought it odd there are two toilets without dividers in the single occupancy women's washroom :-) —RyanMikulovsky

2009-07-08 17:49:51   Service is soooooo SLOW and they're never even packed. Sushi off of their buy1get1 menu sucks. stick to the reg menu —ILikeToEat

2009-10-27 11:12:07   This is my favorite restaurant in Davis. Their service is consistent and the food is amazing. Try the zoro hand roll (i get mine without spicy-ness); it's a religious experience. —Jeserah

2009-10-29 20:44:05   HORRIBLE service. Only came to our table twice. Had to wave them down for service. Made rude comments when asked for more sauce. The waiters hang out more in the back and chat and don't help costumers and if a customer asks they act very bothered. Never will i go there again. —psneer

2009-11-06 10:44:02   I have always loved to eat at this place, good food, great service, good chefs..up until recently. Chefs and some staff are still great, but there are a few people who really make this place extremely disagreeable. Especially the newest manager/waitress - she always messes up orders, is rude to customers, and does not know what she is doing. I have also witnessed her acting in appropriately with her staff - yelling at them in front of customers for no reason when she is doing nothing herself to alleviate the work load for the staff. Unfortunately, because of her presence, this is not an enjoyable place to be or eat. I feel sorry for the staff there because they have to deal with her. I do not recommend going to this place simply because of the lack of professional customer service & management. Too bad because this place used to be so great with wonderful food and service - especially during Karaoke nights & lunches. Please spare yourself the embarrassment and eat somewhere else. —0001customer100

2010-04-02 13:14:15   I love this place. Great service and the half off menu is awesome! —mwalters

2010-05-06 14:58:13   The rolls are very good and many are regularly half off. They have many things to choose from. Food is consistently fresh and very good. The service, however, can be strange. You can be ignored for a VERY long time. Sometimes I wonder if the waitstaff is even assigned a specific station or if I'm always seated in the Twilight Zone. I'm pretty patient, so this remains my favorite sushi restaurant in Davis. —toriac

2010-05-14 22:15:52   I'll agree with everyone who says service isn't so good. The staff seemed overworked and not knowledgeable about either the sushi or Saki. Service was VERY slow except for the sake. The food its self is ok but nothing to write home about. The one redeeming feature of Unlimited is the hot sake is pretty cheap as is the rest of the cold sake selection. The plentiful sake alone made the meal acceptable. —ARWENNHOLD

2010-07-17 22:07:03   For the price, this is the best place to get sushi. Everything is very tasty and pretty cheap. The service I found to be a little lacking, but it seemed to me that they just did not have enough people, everyone was working pretty hard. The restaurant is a little dark, but I actually like it that way. It works well for this place. —ThomasGoeson

  • It could be said that they have "Soft lighting", and were possibly more busy than anticipated. We were a group of 5, and there seemed to be another family or two in the place at the same time. —MasonMurray

2010-07-18 20:51:01   amazing sushi! i love the river cat, service is always good, the price is just perfect! go for the lunch special for the edamame!! i'll be going back like i have been again and again! —melamazing

2010-08-10 21:40:11   This place has the highest quality fish and flavor/texture combinations you are going to find in Davis. Their portions are much larger than Mikuni, and they have a wider variety of rolls on their menu, not to mention the price is right. I have been there several times, but for dinner tonight and we got the Bon Appetite and J-lo roll, BBQ albacore (which is twice the size as the appetizer at Mikuni), a spicy tuna hand roll, unagi, rice and two sodas for 45 dollars! The sushi bar is huge, and the Chefs will make any special roll you can think of. Tae is the BEST, he is a sushi master. —mollyringwald

2010-08-18 11:20:24   They have the best chicken udon I have ever had. —ashleyinthemist

2010-10-11 18:27:44   I like this place. It is usually pretty crowded but I've never had to wait. They have an extensive menu of specialty rolls, many of which are excellent. THey also have a "half price" menu—although they seem to ALWAYS have it, so I'm not sure that's really "half" price if no one pays full price! Service CAN be good—but on occasion I've felt forgotten about. The waiters are adorable so they're worth the wait! :) I know this is an unusual request for a sushi restaurant, but a couple of darker beers, or maybe an IPA would be divine! (I know, I know, those aren't Asian beers—but that would make it perfect for me!) —toriac

2010-11-05 18:48:06   Since Davis Sushi stopped offering take-out we had to find a new place and went with this. They were running a 50% off all rolls which was awesome. We got the River Cat, Teri Roll, Crazzzy, New Cali & Arizona with a Sake Bomb appetizer. I liked the River Cat and Arizona best. The Crazzy and New Cali are warm and I'm not a fan of warmed sushi. The Sake Bombs were great. I know they usually run a 20% off coupon in the Green Machine, assume it's for dine-in only, and my husband hates using coupons so we haven't taken advantage of it. We ate in once before when we lived in NE Davis and our waiter was very nice. —BaggedMilk

2010-12-13 19:34:47   Never been in here when it's really busy, so my service has always been really quick. Also, SUPER cheap sake bombs!!! Our waitress was even cool with us making a huge mess after doing them, and was ready with extra napkins. —AndrewWalker

2011-01-24 09:44:24   Really good service in the bar area from the bartender Hector. Also, until they get their hard liquor license, they have some sweet deals on beer and sake. —EliYani

2011-02-13 12:12:38   This place as THE BEST Sushi in Davis. Hands down. They have a very large 1/2 price Sushi roll menu (I think most are under $5-7) and we've sampled pretty much every one of their rolls and all are delicious, so no matter which one you go with you'll be happy. They are open until 10pm which is great when you're stuck working late and don't want to cook. Every time we've gone there it's been packed, but we've been seated and served right away — so I'm not sure why some of you say you find the service slow. LOVE this place! —Bryna

2011-03-24 17:18:38   Too pricey and the fish is very poor quality. I ordered a rainbow roll and I couldn't even recognize one of the pieces of fish. I didn't eat it. A waste of my money. Won't ever go back. —YogiJen

2011-03-26 16:37:38   This place is awesome. The 50% off rolls are the way to go. Delicious rolls with cream cheese (my favorites!). I've never had problems with service and I usually go on Saturday nights when it is relatively busy. I just wish this place was closer to downtown. —OliviaHenry

2011-03-26 22:23:18   one of my more favorable places to eat sushi in Davis. Every time I've gone, the fish have always been decent. If you want really good sushi in Davis, don't bother but this place is better of the bunch. I'm glad this place doesn't serve buffet like most other Davis sushi joints because quite frankly, the words "buffet" and "sushi" does not equate to something good. In order to fill masses of people, buffets tend to use middle of the road or worse quality fish so it's a good thing they don't serve buffet here. Of all the places I've tried sushi in Davis, I've enjoyed unlimited the best so far. —C.Ling

2011-03-27 14:50:11   This is one of the few restaurants in the area that offers dining points for Alaska Airlines. I like to get take-out here, as they package it very carefully. —NoelBruening

2011-05-19 16:05:35   The bar area is where it's at! Hector is awesome, they have a full bar now, and service/food is great! A great place to relax. —scarroll

2011-06-06 06:49:38   WORSE SERVICE EVER! they are so slow. even when they aren't busy. i don't know what takes them so long. the only good thing about this place is the half off rolls. POOR POOR POOR POOR service. —Lisaaa

2011-07-09 11:28:20   Great food, usually service has been good but last night it wasn't. Our waitress was very abrupt and asked us "Are you ready?" while we were still reading the menu!! Wish I got her name; she was a taller Asian gal. It was a Friday night around closing. Then she took our soy sauce WHILE WE WERE STILL EATING. It was getting close to closing time so she was trying to get out of there. And she cleared our table right as me and my friend were in the middle of a discussion...she didn't ask if we were done or apologize...just reached out between us and cleared the table. We were shocked. And she didn't say thank you when she took our bill rather abruptly. When she brought is back, she mumbled thank you and quickly walked by. I have never had such bad service...I barely write on Davis wiki, but I had to write this. Other service has been good; this girl was horrible!! My friend tipped 20% because he didn't have change...otherwise it would have been a lot less. —KMeo

2011-07-11 12:35:36   Sushi here is good and prices are decent. I like the torched rolls the best. Service isn't horrible, but isn't great either.

Their specials are a great deal, but if you want to save on their regular menu then check out the Little Green Machine coupons. There's usually a coupon for 20% off (I think). —mechee

2011-07-11 13:02:43   Sushi Unlimited probably has the best value for sushi in Davis. While I think Zen Toro has the highest quality in town, it's got a price tag to match. Sushi Unlimited is a small step below ZT, but it's a HUGE step above most of the other places in town. Most of the half-price rolls are in the $6-8 range, and if you've got a health appetite, you'll probably eat 2. There's great variety in ingredients, sauces, etc. All of the fish I've had in the half dozen times I've eaten here has been very fresh.

There's one big downside, and that's the service. It's always friendly enough, it's just slooooooow. We went last weekend and waited about a half hour for our rolls after ordering. After maybe 20 minutes they brought out some free edamame, which they often do, but it was a long wait. Unfortunately, it's not unusual. —TomGarberson

A quick update: we've been sitting at the sushi bar whenever possible the last few times. Service is generally much better. —tg

2011-07-21 09:30:03   came in here with some friends the other day and noticed that they completely switched out their staff! i used to think that service sucked in terms of waiting time, but now service just sucks period. don't come here if you want to wait over an hour just to get your food. or 30 minutes just to get your $20 bill changed up so that you can tip the waitress. after 30 min, i tipped bare minimum! —xsnickerdoodle

2011-07-31 15:40:17   Went here for the first time ever today only because I had a $15 Groupon for $30 worth of food. I'm not a fan of sushi at all, I only go to Japanese restaurants for the sesame chicken, teriyaki chicken, and tempura.

The sesame chicken and teriyaki chicken that we ordered were okay, not bad but not the best I've ever had (that distinction goes to the now-closed Davis Osaka Sushi!) After reading all of the recent reviews on here, I was expecting the service to be slow and horrible but it wasn't at all. Upon entering, we were greeted and seated promptly, our orders were taken, the food came out soon after, and our drinks were refilled when needed.

That being said, I probably won't ever return because it's a bit pricey and I don't eat sushi. I miss the bento boxes at Osaka Sushi! —pvo

2012-01-21 14:55:50   I go here a bit because of the bar side... usually a good spot to kick back with a few cheap rolls, some beer and watch the games! I would like it if they had other dessert (green tea ice cream is good but gets old). Other ice cream flavors would be good! Also, what happened to the Korean food that they had a while back?


2012-04-30 10:38:12   Have tried this place twice now. I am not overwhelmed. I still prefer Zen Toro and I am happy to pay more for the higher quality. On the last visit I had to send back my Himachi because it smelled fishy and looked bad (mushy). They did take it off my bill without any problems. —LokiAbbi

2012-06-18 16:22:56   Maybe I am having bad sushi luck in Davis. Been two Zen Toro twice and definitely was not pleased. Maybe I was harsh on Sushi Unlimited. —LokiAbbi

2012-06-22 03:10:47   I normally have always had good things to say about this place but last night was a different story. I ordered a real crab salad, which I've ordered at this restaurant before. When my food arrived, I only received 1 ball of crab cut into 4 pieces. Normally, there are suppose to be at least 8 cut up pieces. The crab wasn't freshly made as it was luke warm and the crab on the inside was some what cold. I asked the waitress why there were so few pieces and she went to inquire. She comes back and said the chef told her they only gave me the few pieces because they ran out of real crab... Ok. Running out of crab was not the issues. The issue is that the chef, knowing that they don't have enough crab to make a full order, sent out an incomplete order hoping that the patron isn't the wiser. Why couldn't he just have said they didn't have enough crab in the first place so to give me a choice of something else? That's what irked me the most...blatantly trying to rip off a customer hoping they don't know the difference. They did eventually make me some fake crab balls but the initial poor decision made by the chef in the back tainted this place for me. Serving mistakes happen but knowingly cheating the customers is another issue all together. —C.Ling

2012-07-21 17:22:02   came in right at opening (11am). great service, nice waitress. HORRIBLE udon. boyfriend called it "slimy"... and I have to agree. It's very gelatinous compared to the udon we're used to. Also, way too much mushroom in the beef udon. Soup tasted... mushroomy... rather than like typical miso/shoyu broth. The #11 lunch bento was pretty good, but like with the beef in the udon, the beef was rough and chewy. cheapass beef... udon included one naruto fishcake, 2 fried tofu(?) thingers (they were rather smushy and nasty), one boiled egg (noms), thinly sliced green onions, a ton of sliced portabello mushrooms, and a mouthful of nasty, chewy, thinly cut beef pieces. broth, aside from the nastiness of the mushrooms, was rather plain. nothing spectacular. definitely not worth the 13$ we paid for the udon. bento box included miso soup and a tiny salad loaded with (delicious) honey mustard sauce. nothing particular about these items either. soup tasted like the soup i make myself at home (red miso + tofu + green onions + dashi). also included deep fried gyoza with a meager amount of meat inside, a bunch of fried tempura vegetables (noms) with dipping sauce, a ball of rice, and a handful of edamame (yum).

boyfriend HATED the udon; switched my bento box with him for it. would definitely not suggest anybody get the udon here. much better places for that, esp. for that ridiculous price.

hm... also ordered idr what sushi roll from the half off menu. it was pretty good. not disappointed... but then again, i'm no sushi expert :p anyhoo, i liked it. good ginger, good wasabi XD both were flavorful; better than some of the others i've tried around davis/sac.

what else... ah. i used the groupon offer here. it's NOT good for the 50% off rolls, so keep that in mind if u have one and plan on using it.

ordered a green tea ice cream. very gooey... just like the udon. odd. also had an ice piece inside... makes me suspect that it had melted and refrozen, otherwise sat in the freezer for too long. Large portion though. worth the 2.95$.

i think that's all for now. will post again if i ever eat here again (which is doubtful, considering how mediocre everything was...). —KimberlyKitHom

2012-07-21 17:23:39   oh yeah. the tables are old and wobbly... AC blasting on high... overall, the whole restaurant looked old and rundown. very much in need of a remodeling. outside looks nice though, hah... not a very nice atmosphere, imo. dark, old, and with unstable tables. —KimberlyKitHom

2012-11-30 12:00:02   I go to sushi restaurants for the sushi, not chicken teriyaki. I've eaten at Sushi Unlimited many times in recent months. Although service can be slow, the food is worth the wait. I sit at the bar where service is somewhat under my control. Their Seafood Salad and Spicy Sashimi Salad are very good, and a great value at only $10-11 for a meal sized salad with delicious house made dressings with fresh fish. The spicy scallop roll is amazing, and the Rocky Roll is my absolute favorite...several varieties of fish, rice, wasabi, and nothing else. I don't understand all the unfavorable reviews...they're on my short list of favorites for lunch in Davis. 50% discount menu has less fish in the rolls, but they're super tasty when my wallet is thin. Hamachi isn't the best, that would be my only complaint. —Linda

2012-11-30 22:29:58   I'm no sushi expert but it was good, and the service was attentive. I commented how I liked the soup and ole boy hooked it up with another bowl on the house. The rolls we had were good. —StevenDaubert

2013-01-14 22:42:29   Had a bento box here. Service was ok to good. Quality of the food was ok to good. Pretty pricey. For $11.95 I got about 2-3 cubic inches of boolgogi, plus 3 pieces of sashimi which together would barely feed a small cat, plus a lettuce leaf, a small dollop of wasabi, a bowl of poorly dissolved miso and a scoop of rice. I bet the whole thing added up to about 350 calories. —grzyb

2013-01-25 17:08:12   I very much enjoy this place, and have been coming here for years. Recently, the table side service has been hit or miss. The last time I was there I basically had to coach our server through what my partner and I needed. Chefs are awesome though! Food is yummy and fresh, though I don't like fried rolls or fried things in my sushi, which is most of the rolls :( Would like to see more non-fried options! —BombayCollins

2013-08-26 18:16:44   The price for their unagidon is ridiculous. Moshi Moshi has it for 7 bucks cheaper and I can't imagine their rice or unagi is any better. Both come with soup and salad. Don't get me wrong, I've been to sushi unlimited and it's nice, but dang. I wonder how zen toro compares price wise since I've heard some claim it to be the best in Davis.


2014-04-07 15:54:59   Good value, good (but not top) quality sushi at a good price, especially with their Groupon. —carlislesingensmide