The Freecycle Network practices the act of performing maximum reuse from the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra. Instead of recycling things that are no longer of use, try giving them away instead. Details on how to Freecycle can be found at the The Freecycle Network web page. The best way to learn about local offers or to make a local offer is to join the local web page. The Davis Freecycle group is found at . The old Yahoo Groups list should not be used anymore.

"Freecycle" is a trademark of The Freecycle Network.


  1. No politics or spam allowed. Two strikes and you're out. Please no off-topic conversation.

  2. Keep it free.

  3. You can use Freecycle to find a new home for pets, but please be careful and keep it legal. Interview interested persons, screen them and ask for references.

  4. No barters, trades, loans or borrowing.

  5. No "Free for all" posts that contain an address to come pick the items up at (i.e., no posts like “The stuff is out in the front yard of 1234 Main St.”) There is no way for the person going to get this item to know if it is even still available.This leads to wasted fossil fuel (against Freecycle mantra) and bad feelings. Most importantly, it prevents homes from being ransacked.

For a little while in late 2007 and early 2008, the group was besieged by spam, and moderators approved all messages before they were posted to the group. Moderators only screened for spam; they did not approve or deny messages based on items offered or requested or the formatting of such messages. Messages are no longer screened.


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2008-08-01 17:32:05   I just used the Davis Freecycle Yahoo group to get rid of 19 blank VHS tapes I was never going to use again because we're axing our cable to cut costs. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting something but can't afford to buy it on their own (such as furniture) or someone who wants to get rid of things while moving. I'm especially excited about it because apparently VHS tapes (among plenty of other things) are not recyclable. —philoinferno

2008-08-11 12:30:48   It's great for giving, harder to recieve. I'm pretty sure mobile equipped resellers are scooping the majority of the offers. —RobiPochapin

2009-12-15 19:02:26   For whatever reason, we have had much better luck giving things away with Freecycle than Craigslist. I get the sense that the Freecyclers are genuinely interested in our stuff. On Craigslist we always get stood up. —EdHenn