Davis, CA
Servicing areas throughout Northern California.
Every Day 8am-10pm
Taylor Pope
May 2007
Payment Methods
Cash, Paypal, Credit Cards, Davis Dollars

The Graduate Movers of Davis are a moving labor service in the city of Davis. Give them a call and they will help you move your stuff. They can provide full service moves with the truck and equipment, or come as labor only if you prefer to rent your own truck.

The owner is the same Taylor Pope of Joy and Taylor's Raw Chocolates that makes raw organic chocolate right here in Davis.

This Business accepts Davis Dollars.


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2008-06-30 13:49: The best movers I've ever dealt with. I've gone through 8 moves and this was the smoothest experience ever. The guys were great, fast, and took care of everything as if it was their own. It took them only 2 hours to unload a completely full 26' truck which took over 5 hours to load. I've already recommended them to several of my friends who have upcoming moves of their own. I honestly can't say enough good things about them. — lost1

2008-07-24 14:37:16   Excellent, efficient and with good attitudes to boot. They were able to move "the monster" (6' square solid entertainment center) so I am impressed! Thanks guys! —fufismom

2008-11-17 20:07:24   The two men that helped me were very friendly. They loaded my truck fast, while making sure that nothing was damaged. One of the guys even used his own personal dolly when I didn't have one. I would definitely recommend using this company. It makes moving so much less stressful and saves your back. Don't forget to tip them! They deserve it. —Shannon.F

2010-09-29 00:23:31   I had The Graduate Movers of Davis move me twice. Kevin & Leroy did a good job & I paid them a hefty tip. I have sent numerous requests to Taylor & asked Kevin & Leroy for receipts. Kevin & Leroy said they don't provide receipts. Taylor told me over the phone he'd send them to me, but hasn't nor has he responded to emails about this. I need to get reimbursed and can't without a receipt. I'm resorting to posting here in the hopes that maybe I'll get a response. I would not recommend this company because getting a receipt is important. —DavisCitzen

2011-04-02 15:59:43   They were polite, fast, and worked hard (successfully) to stay under the two-hour minimum. But they also took a chunk out of a wall with a bedframe and dropped my desk twice. One of the two movers actually knew what he was doing, but the other appeared to have near zero experience, and was not strong enough to lift my desk (I had to help; I note that I have moved this desk in the past with only one friend without issue). While the owner mentioned over the phone that they did not accept checks, the movers said we could pay with a check. After paying with a check we got a call from the owner and had to meet him downtown to pay in cash. —MaunderingGadabout

2011-08-15 11:43:27   Just a quick note - I called to talk about rates, booking schedule, etc. and learned that The Graduate Movers of Davis do NOT claim ANY liability for damage to goods that they handle for you. California law holds movers liable for up to $0.60 per pound of damaged goods. TGMD claims that since they are only loading and unloading, not "transporting" your items, they are not accountable under that law. FYI. Compare to other local movers who do hold themselves accountable under this law... —ESparrow

This lady wanted to rent her own truck and hold GM's insurance liable for her driving. We said no thank you.

2013-08-04 13:23:07   Can anyone tell me what their rates are, particularly for full service moves? —MichelleNguyen

2014-05-16 22:20:50   I used these guys once. They are not a licensed business. They do not maintain a city business license, or a general liability policy, or workmen's compensation. You are taking a big risk by hiring this sort of outfit. Of course they will pass off their lack of insurance as a benefit to you. I don't know how someone runs this sort of business in good conscience —Petervinkman