True West was one of the most charismatic bands helping define the 80's Paisley Underground scene. Gaining cult status even in such rock'n'roll bastions as Italy and Greece, True West was a Davis band formed from the rubble of The Suspects. True West songwriter/guitarist, Russ Tolman, and lead singerGavin Blair formed True West in 1981, while Steve Wynn and Kendra Smith went on to form the Dream Syndicate. Both bands played psychedelic, guitar-rock ala "Paisley Underground". Touring with the band until 1986, Tolman moved on to international waters, releasing an assortment of albums starting with Totem Poles and Glory Holes. Learn about other local musicians who've left a significant musical impression on our page of Significant Davis Bands.

Band Members

  • Russ Tolman (g)
  • Kevin Staydohar (b)
  • Gavin Blair (v)
  • Steve Packenham (d)
  • Richard McGrath (g)
  • Jozef Becker (d)
  • Richard McGrath (g) joined after 1983


  1. Lucifer Sam/Mas Reficul (1982, single)

  2. True West (1983, EP)

  3. Hollywood Holiday (1983,mini LP;European edition-it contains the previous E.P. plus three unreleased tracks)

  4. Drifters(LP, 1984)

  5. Shot you down/1969 (1985,single)

  6. Hand Of Fate(LP, 1986,without Russ Tolman)

  7. West Side Story (LP,1989,outtakes,demos,live recordings etc.)

  8. TV Western (mini LP, 1990,outtakes,demos,live recordings etc.)

  9. Best Western (CD 1990,outtakes,demos,live recordings etc.)

  10. Hollywood Holiday Revisted (2007 reissue of first two albums, plus Tom Verlaine produced bonus tracks

  1. The Big Boot-live at the Milestone,Charlotte,11/22/1984 (CD 1998, official bootleg)