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Zabace is a local property management company. They rent houses, duplexes, and half-plexes in the Davis area. The funky name is a combination of the company owners' last names.

Tenants should consider the many reviews below before renting from the company.


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2009-05-16 18:11:53   Ciana Wallace is married to Andrew Wallace. —JoePomidor

2010-04-29 20:17:31   Anybody want to share any experiences with them? I am moving to Davis in the fall and the website seems to have a lot of options. —MeggoWaffle

2010-05-03 08:55:53   I had a bad experience with Zabace and I would not recommend renting from them. They took over our property when PHM Property Management closed down and they were extrememly difficult to work with. Their office staff is very disorganized and they do not seem to communicate between themselves; we would call and register a complaint or issue with one person, not hear anything back for weeks, call again and someone else would have no idea what we were talking about. We reported rodents in our attic once and they suggested that they would prefer if we went up into the attic and set traps. They have an online payment system to which they post rent and WSG bills but they refuse to e-mail you when a bill posts to the account. Their expectation is that you log in every now and again to make sure you do/don't owe money. For a regular expense like monthly rent this is acceptable but for utlities bills, which are different from month-month, some sort of notification of the ammount owed is not an unreasonable expectation. Half way through our lease the owner of the property decided they wanted to sell the house. Zabace approached us and offered us our security deposit and one months rent in return for finding another place to live. During our negotiations we noted that there was patio furniture in the back yard and paint/building materials in the garage which had been left by the previous tennants before we moved in. Zabace assured us that they would not charge us to remove this material; our security deposit was returned less ~$180 for dumping fees to remove these items. I am glad that I am no longer living in their property. I would recommend caution when renting from them. Make sure you document everything and get everything in writing. —BrianNaiman

2010-05-03 16:19:54   The worst property management company I have ever had to deal with. In fact, I am still putting up with their lack of response to our problems. We live in their rental on BRENTWOOD PLACE in Davis and from the moment we moved in we have had problems. We have had rats living in our garage and attic and they have failed to respond. I have kids and did not want them to be exposed to rodents and the potential health problems their exposure sometimes leads to. We have reported the problem to ZABACE and they said it was my responsibility to take care of the problem.....They also said that they would fix a drawer that was glued back together prior to us moving in and they have failed to do this simple task, leaving my wife one main drawer less in our kitchen. Our next step is contacting the COUNTY......so we'll see what happens......If I were someone looking to move into a house in Davis, I would go to another property management company. Zabace is an unresponsive company to it's tenants problems.......period. On top of this, the attic access (which is where the rats are living) has a big hole in the sheetrock that I have had to tape over.....another problem that Zabace has failed at fixing. DON'T USE ZABACE, AND AVOID THEIR BRENTWOOD PLACE LOCATION IN SOUTH DAVIS BY THE NUGGET!!! My family and I cannot wait to move out of this mess! —CaseyAronson

2010-05-21 08:45:13   I would agree with the HORRIBLE assessment of this management service. They show a complete and utter disregard and disrespect for their tenants. It is a severe problem that is cultivated in this "College Town", where they think they can abuse college aged renters who often don't know their rights, and don't have the resources to fight them. My lease was transfered to them from another rental agency (PHM), and it started to go downhill. I have the same exact problems as indicated by "BrianNaiman" and "CaseyAronson" so its not surprising. A huge infestation of Roof Rats, which they explain must be told to them within 30days of starting the lease or "its not their problem". Additionally, they fail to inform you that Water/Sewer/Garbage is an additional charge of $200 every 2 months, and are consistently late on posting the bills, and you have to pay them directly. If you are able to pay the city of Davis, you have the ability to use a credit card, but not with Zabace. Additionally, They schedule appointments during business hours, and I needed to have a quote done of fixing some windows. The quote was performed, but they didn't like the quote, so I needed to set up an additional appointment to get a second quote. Enough wasting my time already. Then they scheduled a "Walk-through" for no good reason, in which I cleaned my house top to bottom, and then was rewarded by them not even showing up. Thanks Zabace, hopefully these posts make people think twice about renting from a cut-throat agency that builds its leases to screw tenants out of any rights. The last straw is they make you sign a lease 150 days in advance for the following year, and if you don't start bringing anyone they want through your home for tours. This on top of the fact of a mandatory 2% rent increase annually makes them the worst management company I have ever dealt with. I am afraid I won't get most of my security deposit back, for "broken windows" even though I was assured they would be fixed, as they were broken when I moved in.—donjumpsuit

2010-06-02 22:47:57   I was a little concerned to call Zabace after reading the comments posted below. I have to say that my experience with them was nothing but good. The staff was friendly and very helpful. I think sometimes people have nothing better to do than to complain. They are so miserable in their own lives they have nothing better to do than complain about everyone else. As far as that guy Casey...He does not seem like a very nice guy. I saw comments he posted about other people and he just seems like a very angry and unhappy individual. A word of advice...they have counseling for people like you. —Feliciahaslazydays

2010-06-18 18:10:09   I agree with everybody here. I had a good experience until I rented the place. After that, forget about it. I started to have problems in the walk-through. The girl took 10 minutes to see the problems with me, she was late, she left me talking by myself in the rooms. It was unbelievable. It's definitely the worst property management ever. A lot of disrespect.. they never answer emails. If you don't believe in any of this posts, try to talk to someone that lived in their properties before. I would not recommend renting from them. If you ever rent from them, take a lot of pictures of the place for the walk-through. They try their best to keep money from the security deposit. Feliciahaslazydays, when I moved in, there was no postings about Zabace here. I really use people advice to make some decisions. They were nice to me when I moved in, but them everything was a nightmare. After my experience, these posts, and some people I met, I guess you are probably someone who work at Zabace.


2010-07-02 15:16:02   To: BrianNaiman. Brian, you did not receive emails about the WSG bills because you do not fill out your email address (just phone number) when we did the transfer from PHM. Your roommates definitely received email notifications about the bill. Regarding your move-out, you and your roommmates sub-leased the property from previous tenants (note: this was done well before Zabace took over management). When you sub-lease a property, you are responsible as if you were the original tenants. Note: the actual dumping charges were $360. We convinced the owner to only charge you half that amount. We also did not deduct any charges for cleaning or other incidental damage which there definitely was in consideration of this. —This is posted by a Zabace employee. —AndyWallace

2010-07-02 15:17:27   To: Kery. We do not have any current or previous tenants named Kery in our system so I am unable to look up your issues. —Zabace Employee —AndyWallace

2010-07-02 15:25:23   Zabace Pest Policy. Our pest control policy has been severely mis-represented here. If there are pests observed in the first 30 days, let us know and we will send out an exterminator. After 30 days, we ask that you contact us to discuss the issue and we will almost always reimburse you for pest control expenses (I do not know of any case where someone was not reimbursed). If the tenant has made a reasonable attempt with common household products, we will then send out a pest control company. In very problematic areas (like older homes in Central Davis), most of our properties are on a bi-monthly pest control service. To Casey, they refused to use poison in the attic as they were concerned for their children. We did patch up exterior openings to the attic and trimmed back the trees but you really need to use poison to effectively control pests in Davis. Unfortunately, roaches and rats are severe problems in all of the older homes in Davis and diligence is required by everyone. —Zabace Employee —AndyWallace

2010-07-02 15:32:16   About the transition from PHM. There have definitely been some growing pains! In the last 30 days we have implemented a new email / voicemail system. Previously, emails and voicemails were getting forwarded to multiple people, and there was not a clear way to track the issue. Now, any email / voicemail gets sent into to a single response system that multiple employees can access. There is now a clear record of each incoming email and voicemail so we can track the history and status of the item. Note: if you email someone directly it goes to them directly. We encourage you to submit any questions about leasing, move-outs, tenant changes, etc to leasing@[email protected]. If you have a maintenance issue, please send your email to repairs@[email protected]. The best, however, is if you post it directly through your TenantPortal. —AndyWallace

2010-07-02 15:45:49   Water, Sewer, and Garbage bills. For the majority of our properties (about 80%), WSG is not included. The lease will clearly specify this. In addition, most (if not all) of our advertising says that utilities are additional when applicable. The WSG bills are VERY high. They have approximately doubled in the last five years. The City does not allow these bills to be sent directly to tenants. In addition, the bi-monthly billing by the City makes it very difficult for tenants to budget. We scan in the bills and make them accessible for all tenants so they can easily see old bills and track the history of water usage over time. In the event of a leak, we can (and have) worked with the city and/or the owner to give concessions to tenants. It is a severe burden to tenants that they have a $200 bi-monthly water bill, but this is unfortunately out of our control. For any prospective tenants, we will provide you a copy of a past water bill if requested to assist you in your budgeting process. —AndyWallace

  • I now recieve my WSG bills dirrectly. There must have been some change, though I went to pay it online and they had to reset the information from the previous tennant for me. I don't know exactly what's going on, but something must have changed. —MM

2010-07-27 15:29:21   They are the worst property management in town. The office assistant who answer their calls - Andrea is very rude and never helpful. She seem to know nothing about anything and just bitchy. They hardly ever reply to emails or phone calls. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE! BTW, ANDY the owner is NEVER EVER in the office, because he is NEVER available according to people at Zabace. —JoeyJoey

2010-07-27 23:57:00   Well, it appears as if AndyWallace has an excuse for just about everything people have (rightfully so) complained about. In response to his comments to my post, I have the following things to say. I asked MULTIPLE times to be notified by e-mail or be sent a paper notification when WSG bills arrived. I was told repeatedly that I would just have to log into their system on a regular basis and check to see if the WSG bills had posted. If it were really as simple as just giving them my e-mail address (which I know they had because they used it to contact me about other issues) why wasn't I informed as such. Secondly, it is indeed true that we initially took over the lease from other tenants. However, that lease ended after about 3 or 4 months and we signed a new lease with Zabace. At the time we moved out, we had a signed lease with Zabace which was not simply a sub-let from other tenants. Andy's claim is simply not true. Lastly, as I previously stated, Zabace made a verbal agreement with us in good faith that we would not be charged dumping fees for the building materials and paints, etc that were left in the garage (either by previous tenants or the actual homeowners). Shame on us for assuming that Zabace would honor a good faith verbal agreement. To be clear, let me state that I am not some crotchety old fogey who has nothing better to do than to grind my axe on Daviswiki. Actually, (and you can check this) I've probably made less than a half dozen posts on the wiki. I'm not out to smear any good business owners' name, but I don't appreciate the way Zabace treated me (and my housemates), and I also don't appreciate that AndyWallace is trying to (falsely) explain away the way we were treated. The proper thing for Zabace to do would be to improve their business practices, rather than posting mis-information on the wiki. —BrianNaiman

2010-08-02 20:48:25   To Brian. You were given incorrect information. I apologize for that. Your email address was not in the PHM transfer information, so your email address was not entered into our property management software. I have let everyone at the office know that if someone is not receiving notifications to check their email address in our software. Note: this is not the same as getting an email. Regarding your lease, I was discussing this from a Move-in condition perspective...from that perspective, it was still a sub-lease. It is because of some of these problems, we typically do not do subleases unless it is for a single roommate. We typically have the replacement group sign a new lease with a new move-in inspection. —AndyWallace

2010-08-13 11:38:33   Feliciahaslazydays, I see that I have a follower on here! Great! Hope you enjoy. To Zabace's response...."To Casey, they refused to use poison in the attic as they were concerned for their children. We did patch up exterior openings to the attic and trimmed back the trees but you really need to use poison to effectively control pests in Davis".....The person that they had cut back the trees did not cut back the trees completely. There were still branches on the roof of the house. Also, the attempt to "patch up the exterior openings to the attic" was only done in the outside of the garage!!! In the attic of the garage was where the rodents find shelter, not where they were finding access to the interior of our attic. There access was along the roof line which was not checked or dealt with. Even Zabace's employees are not in the loop obviously. The response to my complaint was deceitful. Its sad to see that the employee responding to my complaint is uninformed about the work done on the rental properties. Compared to the other "non-affiliated" comments on here, I seem to be one of the many who will never recommend or rent from Zabace again......One more year to go...... —CaseyCaseOne

2010-08-13 11:54:30   My wife just brought this to my attention as well......ANDY WALLACE, I believe, talked to my wife about the option of using poison to get rid of the rats.....at first we didn't think it would be safe around the children....after thinking about it we decided it would be better than nothing. In response to us being interested in the poison, Andy Wallace commented to my wife that "after 30 days it's our responsibility" like the poison was never even an option. PATHETIC, I would recommend anyone interested in living in Davis to go elsewhere. If this is how they respond to a family with two children in regards to pests, I would hate to think what they let fly in other circumstances. Andy isn't doing himself or the company he represents any justice responding with BS —CaseyCaseOne

2010-08-14 12:57:47   It appears that Zabace has hired a new gardener who is much more competent than the last one. He pointed out a place where the stucco is missing close to our roof. This is one spot that has been found without even observing carefully where the rats gain access. Is it my responsibility to re-stucco this house? Is it my responsibility to take care of the exterior wear and tear of this place? If Zabace was a competent company, they would have had someone access the whole exterior to find, for example, HOLES IN THE STUCCO where rats can gain access. Without patching these holes, pests will be an ongoing problem. Just common sense.......If Zabace came through, I would make it clear on this website that they have done what is needed to be done. Right now they are acting and appearing to be a very incompetent property management company, even with a rather common sense task of KEEPING A HOUSE SEALED SO THAT IT CANNOT BE INFILTRATED WITH RATS!!! I wonder if the property owner knows his house is being mismanaged....... —CaseyCaseOne

2010-09-15 22:16:50   As a former Zabace Employee and current undergrad, I can offer daviswiki users a window into the company unbiased, as I am not currently employed by Zabace. I worked at Zabace for two school years, for 2009 and 2010, as the maintenance coordinator. I mostly handled calls, and responded to a few on-site issues/walk throughs.

Andy, Kim and Andrea are experts at what they do. There is a very strong business and friendly connection among the three. They communicate very well together and put in many, many hours (which largely goes unseen by the tenants). Together I believe they have over a combined 50 years of experience in property management. You will be hard pressed to find that in another company.

In general, property management companies are the middle men between the owners and the tenants. Most all the actions taken are a result of the owner's wishes, be a repair budget of X amount per month, yard care instructions, etc. Zabace has excellent communication with it's owners from potential tenant screening to monthly updates. Statements are always neat, clean, professional, accurate and thorough. I believe any owner should feel 100% confident leaving their rental in the competent hands of this company.

As for the general complaints, Andy has answered them exactly as he did when the issues originally presented themselves. I remember all of the above cases clearly, and Andy has left out no detail and truthfully explained the situation. These are leases, people, not pages in a coloring book. They are law, they are concrete, and they should be interpreted as so. Andy acted as every good manager should-by following the law. That doesn't mean this company is ruthless, they do care about their tenants. Andy mentioned above he reimburses tenants for using pest bait, bug bombs, traps etc and this is TRUE. Just like every relationship, Zabace offers residents respect in hopes of the tenants returning that respect.

Customer service at Zabace is one of the best in the local property management industry. The online web portal is fantastic and keeps the management on their feet to meeting requests and deadlines. If you are a current tenant, USE THE PORTAL! Seriously, it is the most powerful tool any tenant could wish to have as a renter.

In general, I would love to rent from Zabace if the opportunity presented itself. Andy, Kim and Andrea are all local, contributing members of the Davis community. They know the town, the culture and the rental scene very well.

Andy, Kim and Andrea, you are all great! Good luck in the upcoming rental year! —AaronGiampietro

2010-12-12 10:43:11   hey, zabace, where is my security deposit?!?! it's been 4 months since i moved out of your property on alameda avenue, and i have yet to see a dime of my $640 security deposit! guess what, that's against the law! you owe me every penny of that. where are you, kim!?!?! WTF!

never rent from these people. they have very, very poor communication skills. dealing with them while i lived in davis was no different. its obvious they can't handle the amount of work they have and should be in a different line of work. —RonnyMixon

Ronny, if they haven't given you a full, itemized accounting of the costs and a refund of the remainder yet, you are legally entitled to get the entire amount back. Call, send a letter, and, failing that, file a suit in small claims court. Being late with the deposit refund makes for a very cut and dry suit. You'll win, and there's a decent chance they'll have to pay the costs. It's even possible you'll be awarded some punitive damages, potentially up to 3x the amount in contest (from memory; double check the amount). By the way, you should mention these points over the phone and in the letter, as a little reminder. —TomGarberson

2011-01-25 20:34:41   I am currently renting a duplex from Zabace and have had a fine experience. I moved in with two girls that had been there a while, so I'm only speaking from a few months' experience. The few repairs we have needed (leaky faucet, sliding glass door off track, gate to backyard unhinged), were all handled within a couple days of our initial requests.

My lease makes the renters responsible for paying WSG. They were very clear about this before I signed anything, so I have no qualms about that. Just make sure you pay attention, because the rent may initially seem lower compared to other places when really the WSG bill evens it out a bit. Even with the WSG added, I consider my rent to be very reasonable.

The person I replaced in the duplex also got his security deposit back in full, which seems pretty rare from what I've read around the wiki.

I should add, having moved out more than a year ago, that I got my security deposit back in full. This may be related to the fact that one of my roommates still lives there, who knows.

Also, now that I'm not living there anymore, I'll mention that not all repairs were handled in a timely fashion. For example the leaky faucet previously mentioned was fixed within a few days of the THIRD email, the first couple emails having been several months earlier (when I did not yet live there). —MeggoWaffle

2011-04-17 20:29:09   super friendly at the beginning but once you start asking them complicated or logistical questions that they don't want to work with or answer, they become very unprofessional—emails start getting rude and they have no email etiquette. —EMin

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2011-05-13 17:03:31   Trying to work with this company is extremely difficult. They do not respond to emails, phone calls. They seems to discriminate against certain types of residents by ignoring requests. I am taking my rentals elsewhere and not recommending them to all my friends.


2011-05-24 16:47:16   horrible, horrible, horrible. charge me, but won't actually return my calls, get my rental processed. I'm been trying to get this rental done for the past 4 weeks and I'm the one who has to call them to get it all done. HORRIBLE. —summerinabaddon

2011-06-30 13:49:13   EMin, JenniferBarnes, summerinabbadon...I have searched our email, online applications, and task management system....I cannot find your information or reference to your issues. Can you please email me directly, so we can understand what went wrong and work to resolve it. Please email: rentals AT zabace.com Thank you, Andy Wallace —apwallace

2011-07-08 13:23:14   I would encourage anyone, especially students, to look elsewhere before they deal with Zabace. There are probably worse property managers in Davis, but there is very little positive to say about them. —HandsomeJonah

2011-07-10 12:53:11   We have had so many issues with Zabace I am truly surprised they are still in business. From withholding our lease since day 1 (we've been here for 10 months and still they refuse to give us a signed lease from the homeowner or Zabace) to, I KID YOU NOT, entering our property without consent because they couldn't get a hold of us while we were in class to show the house to a contractor. THEY BROKE INTO OUR HOUSE - it's truly that simple. When confronted, I got the run-around for two weeks - denials, excuses - never even admitting they were wrong - but who would admit they were wrong when they SO CLEARLY IN VIOLATION OF THE LAW? We had to set up security to make sure they don't enter illegally, steal, etc - we absolutely cannot trust them and I cannot wait to leave. If anyone reads these comments about Zabace and still rents with them, remember back to today when you were warned from nearly everyone here.


Witholding your lease? I dropped by and got a copy of my lease a couple weeks and they were super friendly. Daubert

2011-07-29 13:52:15   If you do not mind living with rats and squirrels in the attic and having a hole in your roof, rent from Zabace! If you do not wish to live with rats and squirrels above your head then by all means DO NOT rent from Zabace!!! My husband and started renting from Zabace 2/11. On 5/23/11 we notified them that there are rodents in the attic. In June they sent an electrician to exam the rodent problem in the attic. Of course the electrician did not do anything about the rodents, left and never returned. At the end of June they did have a pest control company come over and exam the rats and squirrels in the attic, the pest control company wrote up an estimate and recommendations to remove the rats and squirrels from the attic for Zabace at the end of June and has never been back. Zabace insisted that they would list the property to rent out because we had not re-signed our lease, we requested that they resolve the rats in the attic issue before re-signing. We pay our rent in full on the first of every month, we are reliable tenants. Zabace listed the property and gave us notification of showing the home. Not wanting to move and assuming that they home owners would not rats living in the attic forever, we re-signed the lease in early July. Today is July 29th and we STILL HAVE RATS living above our head. There is a nest above the master bedroom and we can barely sleep in this house because the rats are very active at night. On July 14th our neighbor pointed out the hole in our roof where the rats and squirrels (and rain) access the attic and said he knows the property management company has been aware of the hole for sometime. So when we moved in February of this year, Zabace knew they were leasing a house with a hole in roof. We reported the hole in the roof to Zabace on July 14th and to date no one has come to give an estimate or repair the roof. We still have RATS and hole in the roof. Zabace responded to my july 14th email on July 18th saying that they were looking at how to best get rid of the rats and fix the roof and would get back to me by the end of that week. They did not get back to me. I emailed them again 7/26 asking for a timeline for the rat removal and roof repair. Again I have not heard from them. I emailed them this morning demanding a response and again have not heard from them. We also had a cockroach within the first month of living here. I called Zabace and let them know we saw 2 cockroaches and had family coming to visit for week. It was within the first 30 days of living here when they by law have to provide a rodent and pest free home. They did not call the pest control company for 3 days after I called them. When I called Zabace to see why they delayed calling hte pest control company 3 days I was informed that they must prioritize their tenant issues and my cockroach complaint was not a high priority. A week later they had the place sprayed for cockroaches. It was a huge mistake to re-sign a leases with this company but we had just moved in February and honestly believed that Zabace and the home-owner would also want to remove the rats from the attic. We only discovered in the hole in the roof after re-signing the lease but again assumed that Zabace and the home-owner would want the hole in the roof to be repaired as soon as possible. We mistakenly made a huge erroneous assumption. I also feel bad for the home-owners that are trusting their properties to Zabace property management. Our experience with Zabace, Inc has been a rat infested nightmare! —StephMerten

Response: This problem did take too long to fix. We apologize for the inconvenience. I have attached our records of this situation. —AndyWallace

***This information was taken from Zabace's repair tracking software*** 9/7/2011 6:05 PM by Andrea Roberts Completed The rodent issue has been taken care of. Tenants have Aspens phone number, the holes have been filled and the trees have been cut back. 8/2/2011 12:42 PM by Andrea Roberts Comment hidden from resident Mike Shearer completed the work and I will send Aspen out to capture the rodents trapped in the attic. 8/1/2011 4:27 PM by Andrea Roberts Comment hidden from resident Mike Shearer is going to also fill the holes on the roof as there are several. I cancelled with Mike from CallsPro. 7/30/2011 10:49 AM by Andrea Roberts Comment hidden from resident Mike from CallsPro is going out on Monday to fix the hole in the roof. Michael Shearer will go out on Monday and cut back the trees. 7/30/2011 10:41 AM by Andrea Roberts Comment hidden from resident The owner has authorized moving forward with fixing the hole on the roof and cutting back the trees to get a four foot roof clearance. 7/29/2011 11:11 AM by Andrea Roberts Comment hidden from resident I have contacted the owner to see if we can move forward with fixing the hole in the roof and cut back the trees to get a four foot clearance. 7/11/2011 4:16 PM by Andrea Roberts Comment hidden from resident I have contacted Mike Shearer to take a look and give us his opinion and a price. 7/11/2011 4:15 PM by Andrea Roberts Comment hidden from resident Here are the rodent control recommendations from Aspen that you asked for at the property located at 1226 Menlo Drive in Davis. 1. Any branch 1/4" inch in diameter or larger within four feet of the eaves allows rats to jump onto the roof. There are trees along the west side (three California bays), at the northwest corner, and at the northeast corner of the structure, all of which are within four feet. Recommendation: Trim all branches at least four feet from the edge of the roof. 2. There are three shade structures within inches of the roof. The small one at the northeast comer of the garage and the large one in the back yard have no vegetation growing on them. Rats can climb on them, but it's less likely that they'd climb those two rather than the one in the front yard, which is covered with ivy and wisteria. Recommendation: Strip all the ivy off the front shade structure, including the attached fence. If this is insufficient, it may be necessary to remove the wisteria and collar the posts. 3. There are over-growths of star jasmine and creeping fig at the fences at the east side of the structure. Recommendation: Remove the star jasmine and creeping fig. There is probably no practical way to keep the rats out of the attic once they are on the roof and so keeping them off the roof is necessary. Trapping (and baiting as a last resort) are a distant second to preventing their access. 7/8/2011 9:09 AM by Andrea Roberts Comment hidden from resident Aspen will contact the tenants directly. They will set traps and monitor them up to 60 days. 7/7/2011 2:44 PM by Andrea Roberts Comment hidden from resident I have left a message with Aspen Pest Mgmt. to give us a call to get the tenants information. I have notified the tenants that they will be hearing from Aspen. 7/6/2011 2:59 PM by Andrea Roberts Comment hidden from resident Jon found that there are rats in the attic. He cannot find there way of entry but suggests putting out traps or getting an exterminator. 7/1/2011 11:23 AM by Andrea Roberts Comment hidden from resident Jon will be out there today to assess the issue. He has confirmed with the tenants. 6/30/2011 2:10 PM by Andrea Roberts Comment hidden from resident Jon Montgomery from WavElectric will schedule appointment with the tenants directly. 6/17/2011 3:30 PM by Andrea Roberts Comment hidden from resident Owner has authorized moving forward. I will send Jon Montgomery out to patch up any openings. 6/17/2011 9:58 AM by Andrea Roberts Comment hidden from resident In Progress I have notified the owner to let him know that we will be sending out our handyman to fill the holes. 6/17/2011 9:05 AM by Andrea Roberts Comment hidden from resident New | Assigned to Andrea Roberts Task Created.

2011-08-17 17:08:15   Zabace is the most incompetent management company with whom I've ever dealt. The gentleman who does accounting has a handwaving way of managing the money, he also never gets back to your requests for information. Repairs were completed promptly; however, this is the only good thing about them. I asked via e-mail for a copy of the lease, this took 3 e-mails and 2 phone calls. I also just got a phone call from them asking when I was moving out...even though I signed a lease for the following year. EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED with their company. I did have a satisfying experience at 801 D St apartments, too bad they don't have any houses for rent. —paigedavis

2011-08-17 17:10:11   PS to Andy Wallace, perhaps if you stopped policing your site on the Davis Wiki, and started trying to improve your business management, people would have nice things to say about you —paigedavis

The only Paige in our records I can find was a roommate of Brian (listed above) and moved out over a year and a half ago. Is this correct? If not, please provide more relevant information so we may sufficiently address your problem? rentals AT zabace.com —AndyWallace

2011-08-29 16:58:00   Be prepared to be the "squeaky wheel" in order to get Zabace to do anything for you as a renter. I had to email them twice to get them to remove a double charge on my account. When I submit maintenance requests, they never respond to them unless I call and email them to see what's taking so long. I'm usually a patient person and assume that companies I deal with have a glitch here and there—but renter beware! There have been far too many glitches for me to comment positively. Currently, I have a maintenance request that I've been waiting on for a month and a half for a broken drawer which was broken before I moved in! —LiSaV

LiSaV....if your repair request has not been resolved, please email repairs AT zabace.com —AndyWallace

2011-09-14 16:16:47   When I moved in I was able to work with zabace and their staff to come in to an agreement with the owners so I could move in early to paint rooms to our liking, we were also able to customize and increase the value of the property. Zabace made it easy for us to want to take care of the property by puting t the owners and tenants first before the company. Communication was key with this company with emails and letters which I was pleased to get early. The staff at Zabace were there for me on a personal level which made me feel like a friend or family. Thankyou kim andrea hanneen and joe for all the help! —JaysonLamoree

2011-11-02 18:15:43   Andy Wallace,

Regarding my 7/29/2011 posting, thank you for acknowledging more than 3 months is too long to resolve a rat issue. A simple apology does not restore the months of nights of lost sleep because rats were moving around over our heads. What is your explanation for listing the property and scheduling to show it to prospective tenants rather than simply resolving the rat issue so your customers and rent paying current tenants would re-sign the lease as we expressed repeatedly we would do once the rat issue was resolved?


2012-03-08 19:54:09   DON'T RENT WITH ZABACE! I have had horrible experiences with Zabace during nearly every aspect of apartment rental. Admittedly, we had an even worse landlord which didn't make things easier. I rented an apartment with them last year (Fall 2010-Summer 2011). Our landlord would routinely send our city water bills after the due date, by which point we had already followed up with the city to pay on time. When we moved out, this happened again, but instead Zabace received the water bill (which we had ALREADY paid) and deducted the $120 from our security deposit refund. I went into the office LAST FALL and was told by Joseph in the office that he agreed with me that it would now be Zabace's responsibility to verify with the city that we had paid and that Zabace would then refund the money. I emailed Zabace and called a couple times, hearing nothing. Finally I got a hold of them by phone again (it's now March 2012) and was told that because they don't manage the property anymore I would have to take this issue up with the landlord- who I have never even met.

This property management company does not respond to concerns quickly if at all. In my experience they have been extremely disorganized in the office (when we first moved in we were told that two of our apartment-mates hadn't turned in their rent so they couldn't give us keys. We had in fact, all paid rent, and they had just presumably lost the checks in the office...).

I would strongly discourage everyone from renting with Zabace. Worst management and business I've ever had to deal with. —EllenGriesemer

2012-04-14 14:43:56   I was trying to rent a property with Zabace and there were a LOT of issues that I dealt with despite it being such an inconvenience. First, the realtor took me to see the WRONG property. He called me literally 10 minutes before my appointment saying that he was showing me the wrong property despite the fact that when I made the appointment I specified the house with the price, color of house, and address. Second, each adult had to do her own application EVEN if they're in the same family and each application is $30. Since my father was co-signing he had to do his own application. Two sisters were living with me and to have both their names on the lease they had to do seperate applications. Since their mother cosigning for them, she had to do her own application as well. So her family paid $90 total and mine had to pay $60. When they had finally accepted our application, we had issues with the lease agreement. There were many small clerical errors, like with dates. They forgot to send a copy to my father to have him sign it. On the original lease agreement they forgot to add the pet deposit and gave us 5 months to give the security deposit. So when they fixed the clerical mistakes they added the pet deposit and they only gave us THREE DAYS to get them the security deposit which was over $2000. After giving them the deposit, they didn't contact us until a week later, saying that we couldn't have the house. The landlord had backed out of the agreement at the LAST MINUTE. However I was annoyed that after dealing with so many annoyances with the company, waiting a month for confirmation that we had place, paying almost $3000, and going through 2 lease agreements, the place still wasn't ours. We could have taken our business elsewhere and had less issues. I asked for my security deposit back and he said they had already taken the money from the cashier's check and the accountant wasn't in today. I asked him to call me back when the check was ready. So they're sitting on $2800 and we don't even have a place to live for the fall. EVEN IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT I'd REALLY CONSIDER LOOKING FOR ANOTHER PLACE. I never want to deal with this company again. —NoThanks

Update: They were willing to give us our application fee back, which I see as an integrity move. Still, be careful.

2012-05-31 17:53:09   We opted not to rent with these guys, and are very lucky to have not. The lady that showed us the house was literally the most stuck-up, rude property manager I have ever run across (and I've been in Davis for 4 years now). We scheduled a meeting with her at 5PM yesterday, and she called us at 12PM telling us that she was at the property and waiting for us. We took that to be an honest mistake on her end (we both had 5PM pencilled in) and explained to her that we had to reschedule. She was rude, but agreed to reschedule for 5PM the following day. Twenty minutes before 5PM, we get an impatient phone call from her saying she is waiting for us outside the property. When we finally got there (at the exact time we scheduled with her), she seemed tremendously impatient and gave us run-through of the house in a record time of two and a half minutes, rushing us out of there as soon as she could. As soon as she was done, she said "I'm sure you'll find something around Davis, there's plenty out there." This woman didn't even want us to rent the house! What the hell? We're both in our 20's and have excellent credit (not that she ran an application or anything) and so I wouldn't see a reason for her attitude. We are literally baffled at the impatience and attitude and will never work with this property management again. —ykarmi

2012-06-12 14:39:24   Is there any sort of reliable quality control for property management companies? We have not lived in a property managed by Zabace but some houses in our neighborhood are managed by them, including the house next door. This company has allowed rat and termite infestations at its properties, for as long as the company has been in existence. This is only one of many, many horrific things that continue to occur at properties managed by this company, as reported to us by neighbors. Our neighborhood talks about this company's disgrace at length. So far, it appears that Zabace is able to continue this bully behavior at will. So....back to my question. Isn't there any quality control for these types of companies? —robbilyn

It's funny that you mention that because actually it's the owners of the properties who are using Zabace as a go between who really don't want to get things fixed, that is why they have it pawned off on someone. Talk to Zabace and talk to the owners, as well as do code enforcement reports to the city. Daubert

2012-06-22 15:10:39   The other reviews for Zabace scared me at first, but I had an overall pleasant experience with them. I lived in a rental house managed by Zabace for two years without major incident. The staff were always friendly and helpful. We are a military family and they let us out of our lease early because we had military orders to move before our lease was over. Legally they HAVE to let us out of the lease, but I appreciated that they did without trying to fight us. Timeliness is not their forte. It took them over a year to bring us new screens for our windows, and they left them for me to install. They also never removed the junk that the previous tenants left behind, and then charged us for removing said junk. We had removed most of it already. They lost our move-in checklist and charged us for things to be replaced that were from the previous tenants. They also wanted the property to be freakishly clean, and charged us for light cleaning despite the fact that we cleaned for days and left it cleaner than when we moved in. Overall they only kept $200 of the security deposit, so I shouldn't complain too much. Luckily, I did not have a dramatic experience like some people have, so I am very happy with how the events between Zabace and my family transpired. —LoriOrf

2012-08-14 01:02:14   Inspite of all the comments I orginally read here before renting a house with Zabace, I can look back now and wish I would've heeded everybodies warnings. I have worked in property management, and my family have several income properties they rent out. We went with Zabace because we were in a jam. My husband was about to leave for Afganistan, his fourth tour of duty, and I was a student at UCD, and a mother of three children. It was hard enough being without my husband, a single mother, and a student with a double major. Unfortunately, we ended up living in less than desirable conditions. —

First of all, when Kim showed me the house she mentioned all of these things that were going to "be fixed" before we moved in. When I commented that I needed to clean the house before I moved in, I was told the house was already clean. The first thing I noticed were mice droppings everywhere. I called the company and I was told I had to take care of that on my own! — Next, the heater went out, and it wasn't replaced for 4 days! I have three children!!! They brought us space heaters but they tripped the fuses. They said build a fire, but the chimeny had never been clean as promised and we had a chimney fire. My children and I were freezing, we are CA natives, we are temperament to cold. There is a laundry list. I had items requested to be fixed, had people come out to look at them, and they still weren't fixed by the time I moved out. The fan didn't work over our stove, any steam, or even making popcorn set our fire alarm off every single time. (My kids took turns waving a pillow it front of it while I cooked.) Oh, speaking of cooking, I only had one burner that wouldn't catch on fire while I cooked. I only had one burner to cook on for over a year! The oven was also very tempermental, sometimes would just shut off in the middle of cooking our meal and not come back on. — That was for a year and a half, they kindly replaced the unit two weeks before I moved out. I must mention that both the older oven and the newer oven were too big to fit and you couldn't get the dishwasher to open. It really didn't matter because the dishwasher only worked for about three months during the entire time I lived there. After my first time using the dishwasher it broke. They sent someone out and he pulled an entire carcus of a fish out of the drain. We never owned a fish, nor do I cook any fish with bones...I was charged $90.00. When I moved in there was a sink hole on our front patio and I was afraid for my children. I moved a planter over it so they wouldn't fall in. Zabace had someone come out and put bricks over a hole, unfortunately it wasn't the dangerous sink hole. Then we went without hot water for 7 days! (They were more worried about the price of a new hotwater heater than they were about my children having a place to bath, or clean dishes.) There were outlets around the house that didn't have covers, holes in the walls, plaster coming off the walls. There were bad words and Nazi symbols painted slightly over in the garage but my children could still read them. There was a ton of large items left by previous tenants that took them a year to pick up. I could feel cold air blowing from the cracks in the bathtub kit, made for unpleasent baths. I never had windows with properly fitting screens, they would send me new ones, but no one ever put them on for me and they wouldn't fit. The sliding class door to the back yard always fell off it's track, we barely used the backyard because of it. The screen door to it never worked. I was having to run the airconditioning more than I liked because we couldn't otherwise ventilate the house in the summer. All four of the bedrooms had key locks on the doors, however they were never able to provide us with the correct keys, nor did they ever change the locks after more than six months of asking. My three year old had locked himself in his room and it took me 30 minutes to get him out. I finally had pounded the door handle off with a hammer. Don't tell me how I could've done it, nothing worked. Then somehow other bedroom doors were being mysteriously locked without anyone in them. One time my son's shoes were locked in and we were late to something. I think he wore a pair of his fathers! — I would never see the wsg bills until they were past due, and they treated me like crap for never paying it? No one ever did a move in walk through, or tell me I had access to these things on their website. We were paying an enormass amount of money for the crappiest house in the world, and having to live like savages. My poor husband had to consistantly worry about his family when he was off fighting a war. When my husband came home he replaced all of the door knobs. He tried to fix as much as he could before he had to leave for his Army duties again. I know I had a list of things that sat requested for over a year. Most of the Zabace employees had sympathy over our living conditons, but didn't do a damn thing about it till it was too late. My husband refused to continue paying rent on a house that was such a slum, and nothing was getting fixed. — We decided to buy a house, and found our dream house in April. We wanted to let the kids finish school, so we stayed and paid rent on the house, and mortgage on our emaculent dream house till the end of June. All of the empoyees were more than helpful trying to find a replacement to take over my lease. But truly the house was a piece of crap, and they all saw that. Upon move out the maintenance man said he was happy they might have a few months to work on the house and get it into shape. Kim said, I should have seen the place before I rented it!!! Everyone was aware of how unhappy we were, and tried to be sympathetic. My husband and I worked hard getting the house ready for new tenants when we moved out. We paid a professional to clean the house $300.00. Then we paid a carpet cleaner to clean the carpets, we had some issues, it was really light carpet, and I had three children....we paid him $450.00. We left the garage and surrounding areas in much better shape than when we had moved in. Three weeks after I moved out, we never received our deposit that was like $3500.00 dollars. Nor did we get an itemized list of items that they charged against our deposit. Up and till the day we moved out we were never late on our rent. We have refused to pay rent for the last two months of our lease, mainly because we can't afford to........but also based on principles. — If anyone actually reads this and has any advice on how we can fight them it would be greatly appreciated. We got a notice by email that we were two months late on our rent, for those last two months we weren't living there. Come on people, have a heart. You know you can use those two months to bring the house up to a decent living condition for the next tenants. Yes we had a lease, but how can you expect us to live up to our end of the deal if you didn't live up to your end of the deal? I have never paid so much each month on a rental, I have also never lived in a place that was in such shambles. There is something definately wrong here. Please heed the warnings!!! Amber Yeager —AmberYeager

2012-08-15 12:40:48   Wow, how come I never saw this page?! All these comments just made me angrier than I am with Zabace, which is almost impossible. I had a really bad experience with them. I should know that our relation would not be the best since I first look at the place. When I saw the townhouse listed at craigslist, I called them to see it. Of course, the girl that came to show the place (I think her name is Hanneen), came late and she showed me the house in 3 minutes, or less. Not friendly (or professional I should say) at all, while I was downstairs looking at the kitchen, she was upstairs already. During the walk-through, she came with a camera with no space, she started to delete pictures from previous houses and took no more than 5 pictures of the problems.

Many little things happened during the 3 years I rented the place. I think it’s pretty clear here that they won’t fix anything right away. You can email them, call, and go to their office…they don’t reply. Looks like it’s not part of their jobs. I’m glad my fiancé knows how to fix things. That’s what we did to not be stressed with their lack of care. Some things we couldn’t fix ourselves because were expensive to do so. I had a fridge broken for a month during December (my holiday dinners were messed up), a toilet not working for 2 days, until I called a plumber myself to fix it (I only have one at home… can you imagine?).

It’s funny that AaronGiampietro is mentioning how good they are. I actually have a good amount of emails I sent to him and he never answered them. I guess that’s why he is saying so many good things… he is just part of the problem.

All this bothered me, but it was not major… The problem was still coming.

Last year, they started coming to the house once a week for almost two months. They said they had to do “inspections”. It was really weird, every time they would come with different people. I emailed them asking if they could tell me what was going on, but never got an answer. After about 2 months they decided to tell all residents that the owner was selling the place, that’s why all the visits. Why they would care to let us know since the beginning, right?

Here is the big problem I had. It was a Monday, a holiday, around 8 am in the morning. I was taking a shower and getting a breakfast ready for me and my fiancé because it was our anniversary. I was trying to make him a surprise. When I come out of the shower, I hear guys talking downstairs. Well… Zabace gave the keys of our apartment to some guys (big ones) to do a real inspection at the complex. I was already scared to death, went downstairs and we all were surprised. They told me that Zabace said they communicated with all residents that this inspection was going to happen. I never got any note, email or phone call and I don’t think they are allowed to schedule an inspection 8 am in a holiday. The contract says “business hours”. The inspection took hours and my breakfast celebration was ruined.

I called and emailed them to ask for an explanation, but again they didn’t reply. After a week I decided to send an email to all emails available at their website, including the owner. He answered next day saying that this was not their problem because the house was sold to other people. What I don’t understand is that I still had to pay the next month rent to Zabace… and if they didn’t had anything to do with the house anymore (only the money), at least they should have said the new number we should contact in case of any problem, right?!

This situation just made me really sad, because I don’t think they know what they are doing. Maybe they have another business at the same time? We were always good tenants, paid the rent 1st day each month, and never bothered them with the small problems that we end up fixing. Be aware that this people can give the keys of your apartment to anyone and that they will come to your house even during weekends and holidays. If you don’t care about a little respect to your space, rent with them.

The apartment was sold and the new owner changed the property management (smart). My next post will be at their page saying how happy we are to have real professionals doing a good job of what they are supposed to do.


2012-10-09 16:46:35   Under NO Circumstances should anyone rent from Zabace. Zabace has once again exceeded the worst experiences I have ever had with a landlord to date. Not only did they charge us for carpet cleaning when we had the carpets professionally cleaned (and submitted the receipt), but they are refusing to deal with any complaints or concerns in a timely fashion. Their accountant was out for about a month, which was conveniently during the time we moved out and received our security deposit. They charged us for more than the share of painting that we should have to pay under California rental laws. I would have to say that the most frustrating part of dealing with Zabace is their complete lack of willingness to discuss problems with tenants. I called four times to try and resolve an issue only to be told that the right person to talk to was not there. Now we are trying to get our security deposit figured out and still no one is responding in a timely fashion. Yes, 30 days is the legal time for response, but any good customer service organization will respond within a week. Zabace is absolutely the worst rental company, probably even worse than property managers I had in undergrad that left extra furniture in a furnished apartment just so they could charge tenants each year for having to "remove the furniture". Again, WORST Management company EVER —paigedavis

2012-10-09 21:26:20   Zabace is BAD. They do not follow California civil code respecting deposits and repairs. They will not pay attention to you unless you seriously threaten legal action. They will also try and screw you by changing the due date for the rent. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM. Find a rental EARLY and DO NOT PICK ANYTHING FROM ZABACE —hobobot

2012-11-13 15:46:38   After further excruciating deliberations with Zabace about our security deposit, which took over one month to hear from them, they have informed us that the carpets were not cleaned to there specifications. They furnished pictures, yet the pictures look like the disgusting brown carpet that was there from day one. There was possibly one closet that was missed in the cleaning, however, this should not have cost us $250 to clean. I reaffirm my previous comments about them being the worst property management company with whom I've ever dealt. —paigedavis

2013-02-03 23:01:55   I would also caution anyone interested in renting from Zabace to look elsewhere. I had a miserable time dealing with them both while I was their tenant and after I moved out. As others have stated, they do not take care of anything in a timely manner. This includes issues that may be dangerous, such as a heater that is leaking carbon monoxide (which was confirmed by the Pacific, Gas and Electric Co.). They also have no respect for their tenants and their personal lives. We were repeatedly given less than 24 hours notice for visits (which included showing the property to future tenants). Even after we tried to explain that by giving us more notice, we would better be able to prepare for the visit (by making sure the place was clean, no dishes in the sink, etc) they continued give us limited, or no notice at all. I would also caution anyone interacting with them to be very careful about who they get their information from. Kim Braden pretty much runs the show, and if anyone in the company besides her gives you information, she will contradict it as she sees fit. Kim was also extremely unprofessional on numerous occasions. These are just SOME of the issues we had while renting from Davis. The real nightmare started when we moved out. To briefly summarize: a ridiculous portion of our security deposit was held for repairs which had astronomical estimates.(Repairs that were also conveniently not brought up during the pre-move out or final move out inspection). We were told these "estimates" came from professional companies (yet they were not listed anywhere on the document) and when we obtained our own estimates from professionals, they were much less. Long story short: 2 months after our lease ended Zabace was still unable to rectify the situation so I gave them a deadline and made it VERY clear to Kim, and her staff with multiple phone calls and emails, that I would take them to court if my deadline was not met. Somehow, they managed to find the time to take care of it once I made me intentions very clear. I would also like to add the date on the "actual estimate" for repairs from an actual company (other than Zabace) was dated for the day before I picked up the remaining security deposit balance. (Which to me indicates they had no intention of correcting this situation until they were threatened with a lawsuit). I should also add that the actual estimates were half of what their initial estimates were.

I hope that anyone considering renting with Zabace will take my, and the many other reviews under advisement before doing so. If you still decide to rent with them be EXTREMELY CAREFUL and be ready for a fight when you move out. —dds1372

2013-03-01 09:04:52   Zabace has been a mess to rent from. First, it took them over a week when we moved in to fix a standing water issue in the kitchen that was a health hazard. Then it took them 4 months to fix any other problems we had with the house (even though we had put in requests for maintenance online, and called). In fact, they only fixed the issues when the owner of the property was coming by to put the house on the market to sell - guess they figured if the owner saw all the problems, they might get upset. One month, they charged us rent twice, and it took 20 days before they were able to reimburse us. Then, the house sold to a new owner, and Zabace STILL charged us rent - even though they were no longer the management company! BTW, this action is illegal. Zabace was never able to reverse their charges, so I would have to go through the bank to stop the payment (incurring up to a $31 fee each time). Additionally, they would charge us more than what the online bill would tell us was due (by between $6-12 each month). We would then have to dispute the difference, and we were never told why these inconsistencies were always appearing between our bill and the money charged to our account. The answer was always "oh, it was a mistake, I don't know how that happened". Since it happened so often, I suspect it is a regular occurrence that they hope tenants do not notice. Be very cautious when renting from them... make sure you have at least 2 months rent as back-up in your checking account incase they charge you multiple times in a month, and double check your bill and payments to make sure they are the same! —KrisDuehl

2013-05-10 16:13:20   Scummy business practices. Handled application in bad faith, and lack of communication between employees. Rent from them at your own risk. —DGriffi

2014-09-22 11:26:39   We moved in to a Zabace-rented home in January 2013, and have been extremely happy with our experience with Zabace. We had kind of a weird moving situation, and they were very flexible and helpful along the way. They have an online system for paying rent and utilities, which has been super helpful and convenient. The few times we have submitted repair requests we got a response back in a matter of hours. I was a little worried going through Zabace because there were some bad comments on this Wiki page, but our experience has been overwhelmingly positive and we would not hesitate to suggest them to a friend. In fact, this is perhaps the best renting experience I've ever had. —KellyWeinersmith

2014-11-13 09:30:57   Avoid, Avoid, Avoid! I rented 2206 Amar Ct. from Zabace (owner Sarah Pia Anderson). She is very litigious, which I am finding out after a small claims court case. Long story short, Zabace wouldn't acknowledge that I had the right to break a lease due to unforeseen circumstances (divorce), I had signed an addendum to my lease to start in May, in June found out I was getting a divorce. FYI, addendums are considered a provisional lease, and therefore are month -month contracts! They refused to let me out of it, I was paying $1600/month to not live there with my ex. Of course, his name was never on the lease- short sighted of me and them somehow that got through. Fast forward 2 years later, I moved to Illinois, and Sarah Pia Anderson filed a small claims case (illegally out of state). I flew to California 3x to fight it, won it based on a technicality. She goes ahead and hires a debt collector, and puts it on my credit report. Of course when you hire a collections agency, why would they not want to collect that money- it's not unbiased or fair when disputing the case.

Zabace during my tenancy tried to get me to repair their entire septic system, luckily I got a second opinion that showed her old house had bad fixtures and it wasn't me clogging the lines. Closet doors were falling off onto my children, Zabace never would come fix it. They never repaired the lights in kitchen, the dishwasher, or the garbage disposal. They ignored my calls. But hey, now I'm supposed to repair her house for her after I leave the state?

Avoid these guys. They are horrible property managers, they still haven't returned my calls to tell me how Sarah used my $2400 deposit, then is also claiming I owe her an additional $4200. What the hell did they spend my deposit on if she is claiming she needs extra $4200 to 'fix carpets, paint walls, repair garbage disposal" which btw is all wear and tear and can't be applied to your deposit.

I'm still waiting for an itemized list of what they spent my $2400 deposit on that is in addition to the $4200 claim from Sarah. My guess is they refurbished that old house on my dime. Andy Wallace I see you're replying to these complaints online, I wanted to warn unsuspecting people before they run into your disaster of a business. I'm officially filing a complaint with BBB.

Scammers to avoid at all costs. Not worth it.


2015-04-22 14:49:41   Its been 6 months, and I still have not received our deposit. Zabace never answers their phone. They are a bunch of crooks. I have filed a small claims against them. This is just ridiculous. I have to go through all this to just get my deposit back. —williamfairchild

2016-04-05 09:09:04   THIEVES and CREDIT FRAUD! Not only did they let their home owner (Sarah Anderson at 2206 Amar Ct) ruin my credit and take me to court for her OLD house with needed repairs that were NOT MINE TO FIX (Like a horrible brand of toilet (Loboy loflow) they wanted me to replace myself!) They basically had a bunch of trumped up charges based on repairs they should've attended to before I moved in and afterwards- that they didn't want to fix themselves, Zabace made no effort to ever come and fix when we called them. I regret not making diary entries of every damn call to these folks because I could've used that in court! Fast forward three years and 1 court case (which I won!) but that didn't stop the property owner Sarah Anderson at 2206 Amar Ct. from putting her bs charges on my credit report through Southwest Recovery after I moved out of statet! I looked today and discovered that ZABACE added a duplicate credit claim for a different amount than Sarah but for the same list of bs they said they are charging me for! Zabace also used Southwest recovery service. These guys obviously push a lot of business to Southwest Recovery because they refused to listen to my situation and refused to honor my dispute and court judgment being thrown out. Screw you ZABACE! I am entertaining suing these ***holes in court for all the bs they've put me through! Anyone else want to team up and go after them in court? I am sick of these guys screwing me over 3+ years later. It can happen to you too. CROOKS! —myayize

2016-04-05 14:01:47   I am a little troubled by the comments of myayize, these are strong accusations and we on the Davis Wiki can't judge fairly if we have no insights in background and proof of what is being said. We live in a Zabace managed house on J Street in Davis for over 4 years now and I don't recognize anything that is being said about Zabace. —ConstantiaOomen

2016-04-07 08:39:06   Andy Wallace is a vindictive property manager. When I gave him a bad review on Yelp for screwing me over like he has done to many others....he went and entered a fraudulent DUPLICATE credit claim. Happy to say that the credit bureau deleted his account, because it was credit fraud! How do you attach TWO credit claims from the same rental, after I got that small claims thrown out of court from his property owner, because she was in the WRONG. What a scam artist, don't trust this business owner with your childrens' rental, parents. Anyone else listening, save yourself years of court battles and credit fraud correction (hours spent on phone and credit disputes). Stay away from this disaster of a business. —myayize

2016-04-07 08:48:33   @Constantia, if you like I can message you and send you the stack of papers from this encounter with Zabace. Including all the money I have spent flying back from Illinois where I moved to California to deal with Sarah Anderson's (property owners) small claims case (which I won), I can give you copies of my credit report with multiple disputes (latest one deleted from account thank god), I have pictures of the rental when I left, copies of the communications from my lawyer to Zabace. The list is long. I obviously wouldn't take the time to write this unless they did REAL HARM to me! They have ruined my credit and are obviously practicing business with ill intent to their customers. I have to warn people about what can happen if you rent from these crooks. Thanks for reading, and good luck! —myayize