MEK at UNT is part of an alliance spanning 16 universities.

Thursdays, 6-10pm during long semesters
Other Events
All-Con, A-Kon, AnimeFEST, Capture the Flag, Assassins
 [email protected]


MEK holds meetings once a week to watch anime, hold contests, play games, and give away prizes.

MEK also hosts several special events, including a yearly Scavenger Hunt, the Halloween Matsuri every October, and Capture the Flag each semester.


MEK usually has 80-120 members/semester, divided into various special interest sub-groups called 'Circles,' such as Fighting Game Circle, Sports Circle, or Cosplay Circle.


MEK fields intramural sports teams in Volleyball, Softball, and Soccer. Losing to anime club in sports is embarrassing, but some people manage.


MEK has a strong presence at many conventions across Texas. They have provided a variety of anime-oriented events and content for the past several years. Recently MEK has branched out and have worked on new projects such as Artemis.

MEK has been guests at the following conventions in Texas:

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