There are many nerds in Denton. This is how they live.



A door on Fry Street, fashioned after a Doctor Who time machine.
Undoubtedly the work of a nerd.

Reddit has an active Denton community, with both UNT and Denton subreddits. See here for more.

Time Lords of Denton is a facebook group uniting the Doctor Who fans of Denton in hopes that one day they will all gather and have an awesome drunken nerd-gasm.

Mu Epsilon Kappa is the anime and Japanese Pop Culture organization at UNT. Aside from anime screenings, MEK takes part in community service projects, intramural sports, and an array of other nerd-oriented activities.

Animanga is an after school program for teens in grades 6-12 who are interested in anime, manga, and art. Meetings take place every third Wednesday 6:30pm to 8pm each month at the Denton North Branch Library.

20 minutes south of Denton, the Legion of Extraordinary Jews, a speculative fiction group, meets at Congregation Kol Ami in Flower Mound. Contact


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  • Denton Barcraft - Denton Barcraft convenes each month or so and is run by DJ Yeahdef. You can watch Starcraft 2 finals and drink beer at the same time!
  • UNT Gamers Club - A group of UNT students that play board games, collectible card games, tabletop games, you name it, except video games. At UNT on Wednesdays in the Media Library from 6pm-10pm. Don't have any games? Come along and we'll teach you. Around 10-15 people on a weekly basis.
  • LARPING (Live Action Role Playing) - nerds have been spotted doing this at McKenna Park and the grassy patch on the corner of Fry and Hickory.
  • Game Developers -
    • Jovian Minds calls the basement of The Bank Building their home.  They are a mobile game developer and can sometimes be seen hanging out a couple of doors down at the Jupiter House.
    • All 3 members of JForce reside in Denton, creators of the #1 rated Xbox Live Indie Game, Murder Miners!
    • Fermenter, the creators of the cross-platform platforming boss-fighter David, is a group of underpaid Denton dudes.
  • A separate group of LARPers can be found around Denton in the Shire of the Arlac Woods.
  • More Fun Game Center - Open 7 days a week and located next door to the Oak St. Draft House, you can play everything from Magic the Gathering to your favorite board games. BYOB after 7 PM.



Favourite study spots near UNT include Big Mike's Coffee on Fry Street, and Banter on the square.

The Cyber Cafe in UNT's Willis Library is another study location. Oh, and I guess the Willis Library itself. Actually, libraries in general are crawling with nerds.

Other Hangouts

Discovery Park is one surefire place to find nerds. Again, libraries are also pretty much guaranteed nerd hangouts. (Because nerds read. For fun.)