Dominick St is a cul-de-sac running eastward off Library Road.  Part of it was also known as Hassards Court, Hazard's Court, and Echo Court.  These courts were located at the east end of the street. The western part was shown as open ground.

It was the location of Hassards Court at the time of Griffith's Valuation, and Hassards Court had 24 dwellings.  The lessor for all 24 was William Hassard.  There was at the time a William Hassard living at 55 Mountjoy St., Dublin, who is most likely the same person.

It was listed as Hazard's Court by Charles Halliday in 1865/6 as 24 cottages.

It appears in the 1901 census as Echo Court consisting of 26 dwellings of which all but one are 1-roomed.

It was demolished in the period 1903-1907 as part of the re-housing of the poor working class people of the area.  The re-built street was named as Dominick Street because of it's proximity to the Dominican Convent.

In the 1911 census it is shown as having 63 dwellings, with a small number having multi-occupancy. It shows 264 occupants