Killiney Road runs from the Avondale Roundabout on Upper Glenageary Road to the front of Killiney Castle.

In the 1911 census, Killiney Road is shown in 3 separate returns within 3 District Electoral Divisions

  • Two houses (one large 10-room house and one 3-room house, possibly a lodge) within the Kingstown No 4 Division with 15 occupants
  • The Dalkey section is split into two groups - Two large houses (10-rooms and 13-rooms) within the Dalkey division with 11 occupants and 8 large houses totaling 55 occupants
  • Seven Large houses, some with multiple households, within the Killiney division totaling about 57 occupants.  Within this group, house Number 2 appears to have 29 rooms

It appears likely that there was more than one place called Killiney Road.  Does Anybody have the answer??