Northcote Avenue joins York Road to Library Road.

Maps of 1860 show a pathway off York Road to a gravel pit in the present position of Northcote Avenue.  Northcote house was nearby but unnamed.

By 1870, Northcote Avenue had been built and named.  It led into an area of "courts" (sub-standard housing) including Brian's Court, Hassards Court (later called Echo Court) and others.

By 1908, the courts were either replaced or in the course of replacement by local authority housing finished in red brick, but Library Road had not yet been built.  Dominick Street was therefore a continuation of Northcote Avenue.  The 1908 map shows the "Rescue Home", a reference to Kingstown Rescue Home Laundry aka the "Home Laundry for Females"

Library Road was built about 1912, and separated Dominick Street from Northcote Avenue