Eastern Avenue is a North-South roadway on the east side of Grand Rapids, running approximately one mile parallel to Division Avenue. Eastern's southern boundary is the Kent County-Allegan County border, whence it extends northward into the city of Grand Rapids. It serves as the East-West boundary between:

Eastern then extends through the heart of East Hills and takes one block jog around the Fulton Street Cemetary between Fulton Street and Fountain Street in Midtown. Eastern enters into Highland Park and becomes sporadic, showing up occasionally (for a block or two at a time) through Creston, where it forms the western boundary of Aberdeen Park. Its nothernmost appearance is a short stretch between Rudy Street and Georgia Street near Rudy and Coit Avenue.


Eastern served as the eastern boundary of the city of Grand Rapids. It is assumed that this is the etymology of the name.


The map below shows the extent of Eastern Avenue. Note its sporadic nature in the North end of the map.