It might be a bit of a stretch to call this a velodrome, but it is as close as it gets currently in the Grand Rapids area. While there are other possible sites for a velodrome like South Field, this is the only known functional velodrome in the area. It might be that the structure is actually for some other function, but it is definitely for small wheeled vehicles - maybe skates or small bikes. Nonetheless it does work and can accommodate some form of bicycle riding and possibly racing.


The track is banked for the entire loop. The banking is a bit steeper on the turns. The structure is nearly an oval, but the back straightaway is a long gradual curve. The other anomalies are the turn sections adjacent to the front straightaway. These are both very tight turns. The first one (turn one) is not much o a problem, but the tightness of turn 4 is quite hazardous whether riding solo or in a group. It could be especially hazardous if bikes on the inner part of the track are not capable of holding their lane in the turn. It could make for some exciting moments.

Wyoming Parks and Recreation

Kimble Park is operated by the city of Wyoming and managed by the Wyoming Parks and Recreation Department. Kimble park is most known for it's baseball field, Kimble Stadium.

The surface is asphalt. It is quite soothe and regular. There are several cracks. Many have weeds growing out of them. The surface on either side of the cracks is not uneven so the cracks are not much of a disturbance.