Veteran's Memorial Park is 1.61 Acres City Park located at 101 E Fulton NE in the Heartside-Downtown neighborhood of Grand Rapids just south of the Grand Rapids Public Library's Main Library. The park was created as a memorial to Civil War veterans, though its meaning has been expanded to commemorate all veterans.

 Est. 1833

The park was dedicated on November 11, 1926, after the Grand Rapids Council of the American Legion and public contribution funded memorial pillars in honor of WWI vets.  In 1945, a citizens group petitioned for a WWII veterans memorial, and coupled with interest for honoring those who served in the Korean War, funds were secured for the addition of five granite pillars to the park.  In 1975, two more pillars were added to honor Vietnam veterans.


The park's main focal point is the central Veteran's Memorial Pillars with its fountain/reflecting pool. Also located in the park are busts of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Thomas D. Gilbert.


Veteran's Park is bound by Fulton Street to the South, Park Avenue to the East, Library Street to the North, and Sheldon Boulevard to the West. Three of these sections of street are called Dirk Vlug Way after local war hero Dirk Vlug.

Geographic coordinates are 42.963509° N, 85.666736° WLatitude: 42°57′48.632″N
Longitude: 85°40′0.25″W