Anna Curtin McKeown, with her husband, Patrick, and their son, Patrick J. McKeown, III. The photo was taken at her mother's summer home in Sterling Forest, on Greenwood Lake, New York (1927) Anna and Patrick McKeown, 1926


Died: 1956

Married: Patrick J. McKeown

Children: Patrick J. McKeown, III; Anne McKeown

Anna Curtin McKeown was the young wife of a doctor, Patrick McKeown, who contracted tuberculosis. He died in 1929, leaving her with two small children.

The following was written by her grandson, John McKeown, the son of Patrick J. McKeown, III.

There was some insurance money, and with the best advice available, they were invested in "Blue Chip" stocks. Later that year, the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began.

By then, for reasons now unknown, she had become estranged from her mother, but not from her father. Her parents, by then, had become separated. Eventually Anna, her two children, and her father, John F. Curtin, lived together in an upstairs apartment in a two-family house in Jackson Heights, Queens (St. Bartholomew's parish). There the family resided for many years and the children were raised. Then, Jackson Heights was an Irish neighborhood. Now it is very multi-cultural.

Anna had training as a stenographer and found a job in the Queens Borough President's Office. Her father, a former White Star Line sailor, was employed as a boiler operator in a tall Manhattan building. The children had a Catholic school education.

Unfortunately, Anna was stricken with Parkinson's disease. Anne McKeown Patrick J. McKeown III, Anna and John F. Curtin

My father entered the Navy in January, 1945, and as result obtained a BS in Electrical Engineering under the GI Bill. His sister, Anne, became an RN after studying Nursing at Hunter College.

After completing his BS and a short return stint in the Navy for the Korean War, my father came home and married my mother, who was also from St. Bart's parish. They moved to suburban Long Island and had five children.

In 1956, Anna passed away. I was 2.

Anne married a prominent Brooklyn lawyer, a widower and father of six.

Her father, John F. Curtin, moved in with us on Long Island. He survived until the ripe age of 86 in 1960. (I remember him)

Anne had a child, Amy, and then her husband, by then, Commissioner of Public Works of NY City, suffered a heart attack and died while giving a speech for Mayor John V. Lindsay at the Waldorf. His junior law partner, Mario Cuomo, helped see that she got a widow's pension from the City.

The Blue Chip stocks eventually became worth something and helped finance her grandchildren's college educations.

Anne lived until 2009. Her funeral, on the Jersey shore, was well attended. My father is still alive and doing well with his wife outside of Poughkeepsie, NY. They celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary the day after Thanksgiving, 2011.