Born: c. 1845

Died: February 23, 1923

Married: Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau

Children: Charlotte Trudeau, who died of tuberculosis in her late teens; Edward Livingston Trudeau, Jr., who died in his twenties; Henry, who died in infancy; Francis Berger Trudeau

Charlotte Beare Trudeau, called Lottie, was the wife of Edward Livingston Trudeau.

Plattsburgh Sentinel, March 2, 1923


Mrs. Charlotte G. Trudeau, aged seventy-eight, the widow of the late Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau, who made possible the present outdoor treatment for tuberculosis, died at her home at 105 Main Street, Saranac Lake early Saturday afternoon.

The death of Mrs. Trudeau means that Saranac Lake has lost the brave, gentle, kindly woman who has figured in every chapter of the growth of the village, and who by her devotion and courage made possible the life of service, lived by the late Dr. Trudeau.

Mrs. Trudeau was the daughter of the late Rev. Henry M. Beare, an Episcopal clergyman who was rector of a church at Little Neck, L. I. She was married June 29, 1871.

Dr. Trudeau met Miss Beare at Nyack. In the first meeting according to his autobiography, a heavy travelling bag which he carried for her figured prominently. From that day on the influence of Mrs. Trudeau is evident in each of the crises that faced Dr. Trudeau in his life of service to humanity.

Just one year after his marriage, Dr. Trudeau was stricken with tuberculosis, and then began the life in which Mrs. Trudeau played so prominent a part, that has endeared the Trudeau family to suffering humanity all over the world.

In each of Trudeau's undertakings, Mrs. Trudeau played a part. When Trudeau sanatorium was first opened, she it was who found warm clothes for the first patients.

"When the church of St. John's in the Wilderness, at Paul Smiths, was built. Mrs. Trudeau each Sunday placed flowers on the alter and prepared the church for the services.

When the old Trudeau house on Main street was destroyed by fire with Dr. Trudeau seriously sick in New York Mrs. Trudeau took the telegram from Dr. E. R. Baldwin and decided that Dr. Trudeau should know of the accident.

Mrs. Trudeau played a prominent part in the founding of a church of St. Luke the Beloved Physician. She started the first guild. Her charities among the afflicted were so numerous that it would be impossible to accurately recount them.

Just as the entire village of Saranac Lake honored the late Dr. Trudeau at the time of his death, November 15, 1915 so does the entire community and the whole world pay tribute to the noble woman who made possible in a great measure his achievements.

The funeral services were held Tuesday morning at eleven in the church of St. Luke the Beloved Physician. Burial was made in the graveyard of the Church of St. John's in the Wilderness at Paul Smiths, where Dr. Trudeau and other members of the family are buried. — Adirondack Enterprise.