A brick at the Saranac Laboratory has been dedicated in the name of E. Hallie Sutton by Joan Siedenburg.

Born: 1902

Died: August, 1939

Married: Betty

Children: Joan

Chiefly known for: E. Hallie Sutton was the son of Edwin Clark Sutton, of Wheat's Ice Cream Company in Buffalo. He came to Saranac Lake with TB at the age of 24. He was accompanied by his wife, Betty. They left their newborn daughter, Joan, in the care of Betty's parents. At the age of 4, Joan came to live with her parents at the Freer Cottage. Mr. Sutton's health broke down again in 1935. He had two sections of rib removed. He was taking a medicine with Bromides, which, Dr. Vorwald discovered, were poisoning him. The doctors tried to clean his blood of the poison, but he died of edema at the age of 38.

Joan attended the Baldwin School. She remembers that Dr. Vorwald gave her a rabbit from the Saranac Laboratory. They took the rabbit back after the summer and told her that it "ran away".