We don't know very much about these photographs. The primary subject appears to be TB sufferer Edwin J. Johnson, "Papa". The only date given is 1904. The original captions, if any, are in italics.

1. Esperance House, Saranac Lake, NY, July, 1904 2. On the verandah

3. With the lungers. Far[or Fat?] Papa on the verandah of Esperance House 4. Resting on the fence, coming up from the village Saranac Lake

5. Taking life easy 6. Esperance porch

7. In the village of Saranac [Note the dirt street and wooden sidewalk, and the Coulter Block at the top of the street] 8. Down by the campers at Saranac [The Ampersand Hotel is visible at left and the Ampersand Hotel boathouse at right]


The following photographs are on a single page, labeled "Cottage at Saranac Sanatarium". The photographs are all without captions. 10. 11. [This is the Administration Building]

12. 13.

14. 15.


There is a third page of photographs, two-sided, headed "Keavers - Dutches (sic) Co., N.Y. - 1906."

Most of the photographs are captioned "Amenia, 1906." A sampling is included below. 17. [No caption] 18. Papa - Amenia, 1906 19. Marion on Horseback, Amenia 1906

Photographs courtesy of grand-daughter Anita Drozdyl