Address: Upper St. Regis Lake

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Year built: 1905/1919

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Binghamton Press, May 11, 1946

MAY'S BULLETIN PRICED AT $30,000, furnished. PROPERTY: Forest Lodge, Upper St. Regis P.O., "FOREST LODGE" an Adirondack camp of 23 acres located in HARRIETSTOWN, N. Y. The house faces a lake with a beautiful view of a wooded Island and mountains, in the distance. The surrounding wooded land ,of pine, birch, and spruce is beautifully landscaped, fronting for 1600 ft. on Upper St. Regis Lake and bordering in the rear on Bear Pond with a white sand beach. There is a one-acre flower and vegetable garden. A tanbark and cement walk throughout the grounds and property. Large tennis court of wood with a cabin for dancing. Handball court, 2 boat landings, 2 high speed mahogany motor boats, outboards, service boats, rowboats and canoes, all in first class condition. Clubs include St. Regis Golf Club, 3 miles and Upper Saranac Club, 5 miles. Lake Placid, 15 miles. Excellent trout fishing, deer, partridge. Dear, coon hunting, and sailing. Railroad station in Lake Clear Junction, 3 miles. Taft School Camp, 2 miles. Shopping center at Paul Smith's, 3 miles and Saranac Lake, 10 miles. Binghamton, 160 miles. RESIDENCE: Rustic architectural type. Built in 1919. Remodeled 1935. Recently repainted, redecorated. Stone and wood construction and foundation. Wood shingle roof, hardwood floors, fabric weather-stripping, Insulation, copper leaders, gutters and screens. Up-to-date plumbing, hot air healing unit, instantaneous heater for heating water for main and children's cabins, Public Service electricity, artesian well water, telephone installed, now electric refrigerator. FIRST FLOOR: Screened porch encircling living room, veranda terrace, veranda with triple fireplace and protecting roof, yet open on all sides; 2 master bedrooms. Sleeping porch is one bedroom, 2 bathrooms (one with shower, main dining hall, pantry, kitchen, servants' hall, laundry, guide's room and office or sewing room. SECOND FLOOR: 3 servants' rooms, storeroom. GARAGE: Detached for 2 cars, at landing over the lake, 2 minutes. GUEST COTTAGE: Swiss Chalet, unique in this country. Built in 1905. All Imported Swiss wood and built with foreign labor. About 14 woods employed. No nails In construction, all wooden pegs; 4 large bedrooms, studio room above which contains splendid pool and billiard table. Instantaneous heater. OTHER COTTAGES: Servant:;' quarters: 8 rooms, bath. CHILDREN'S or GUEST COTTAGE: Connected by covered stairway to main lodge, 2 double bedrooms. 2 double and 2 single rooms. 3 bathrooms, one large sleeping porch. FARM BUILDING: Barn, tool shed and workhouse combined, pump house, root and wine cellar, laundry. OTHER BUILDINGS: Boathouse, harbor for 4 motor boats, canoes, guide and sail boats. Wood shed, stone houses, ice and refrigerator house. Lean-to and kiln on Bear Pond. Private landing. A beautiful landing is being put up on 8 acres of ground. This is over the water, 2 minutes from the landing, accessible for all campers. Upper St. Regis Association is for the improvement of every condition. Property restricted to residential use. Photographs and further particulars at— MAY BROTHERS Tel. 2-3067. 99 Collier St.

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