Plattsburgh Daily Press, August 24, 1937 Born:


Married: Doris Tyler

Children: George Doty, Jr,, Thomas Doty, Mrs. Francis (Alice) Dezrengame, Mrs. Franklin (Jacqueline) Braley, Mrs. William (Elizabeth) Goetz, Mrs. Wendell (Shirley) Naegle

George Doty, Sr. was a World War I veteran who lost a leg in the war. Like so many other veterans of that war, he developed tuberculosis shortly after the war. He is known especially for a 32-pound lake trout 1 that he caught of an Adirondack on a Lake Clear Wobbler lure while fishing from a guide boat in Upper Saranac Lake in 1937. 2

Plattsburgh Daily Press, August 3, 1937


SARANAC LAKE, Aug. 2 (AP) — A lake trout weighing 31 pounds and measuring 39 inches was caught in upper Saranac Lake by George Doty, one-legged World War veteran.

Doty said it took him 45 minutes to land the monster fish, believed by conservation officials here to be the largest on record to be caught in the lake.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, May 16, 1972

Fishin 'n' Huntin'

By Bill Allen

The largest Lake Trout to my knowledge ever to come out of New York State was a 32-pound. six-ounce fish caught by the late George Doty, Sr. Tom Doty informs me this fish was entered in a contest. Many record fish have shared this fate. I saw this Laker at Tom's home shortly after it was caught and believe me, I doubt if there will ever be another one like it.



1. Accounts vary between 31 pounds and 32 pounds, six ounces
2. Based on personal communication from George Doty's grandson, Daniel Braley