George H. Carley, Sr. in mailwagon, Lake Clear Junction, c.1915. Winter driving gloves used by George Carley

Born: c. 1880

Died: 1959

Married: Louise Martel Carley

Children: George Henry Carley, Jr.

George Henry Carley, Sr. was a postmaster in Lake Clear and ran the general store there. He served as the first mail carrier in Lake Clear starting in 1912, making his deliveries by sled in winter and horse and buggy in the summertime. In 1919, he served as postmaster and the post office was located within his store. At one time there was a Carley School in Harrietstown, likely because his family gave the land for it. Such school sites often were given with the proviso that the land reverted to the family if no longer in use for a school.