Malone Farmer, November 9, 1921 Born: 1849Lake Placid News, October 29, 1926

Died: February 28, 1922



Henry Hubert Miner (or Hubert Henry Miner) was a taxidermistCharles L. Dickert was his apprentice from 1886 to 1904.

Plattsburgh Sentinel, February 28, 1922

Henry H. Miner, 72 years old, a resident of Saranac Lake, died at his home in that village on Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Miner was well known to sportsmen throughout the United States and Canada.

Ogdensburg Advance and St. Lawrence Weekly Democrat, February 8, 1923


The first timber wolf to be killed in the Whiteface mountain region since pioneer days was shot by Carl Lawrence of Wilmington the other day. The animal was shown in a store window at Saranac Lake and attracted much attention. At Miner's taxidermy shop it was said to be the first timber wolf brought. there in 30 years or more. Many believe the animal to be one of a pack driven south in Canada by famine conditions in the Canadian wastes, and posses of men have been scouring the section around Wilmington Notch to ascertain whether there are any more of them in that vicinity.