Born: February 11, 1837

Died: September 9, 1894

Married: Marium Carter

Children: Imar R. Works (1880-1949)

Imar I. Works was listed as a laborer in the 1860 census, born in Vermont.

The The Palladium Malone, Thursday, Jan. 2, 1862, listing the Harrietstown Abstract of Accounts, includes this entry:

I J Works, com. h. w. & ins. election 19.50 (claimed),  19.50 (allowed).  This should almost certainly be Imar I. Works

And the The Palladium Malone, Thursday, Dec 19, 1867 listing the Abstract of Accounts includes an entry for "Imer I. Works" as "com'r of highways," again almost certainly referring to Imar I. Works.

He is buried in the Harrietstown Cemetery.

Plattsburgh Sentinel, September 21, 1894


...In Harrietstown, Sept. 9,1894, after a lingering illness, IMAR I. WORKS, aged 67 years...