Born: 1815

Died: 1893

Married: 1) Paul Smith’s sister Sarah Smith, who soon died in childbirth. M 2) Louisa Washburn Merrill (1829-1908) of Milton, VT.

Children: Four, all with Louisa. 1) Jed Scott Merrill, born 1861; an outstanding athlete, he graduated from the University of Vermont in 1886. He died in 1888 at age 26. 2) Sarah Merrill (Mrs. J. J.) Fitzgerald, born 1863, died 1960. 3) Jerry and Louisa’s third child, Elmer Marcellus Merrill, born about 1865 or '66. He became the famous Adirondack surveyor Lem Merrill. [Dates illegible.] 4) Ina A. Merrill, born 1870. [Death date illegible.]

Jeremiah Degroff Merrill, known as Jerry, a brother of John R. Merrill, attended Norwich University. Both Jerry and his second wife, Louisa, supplied medical help to the community. Jerry Merrill’s homestead is across the road from John R. Merrill’s Merrill Inn. About 1928 the Asplin Tree Farm purchased the Jerry Merrill home and all the acreage owned by the Merrills, with the exception of the John R. Merrill Inn and 20 acres surrounding it. Both buildings were still standing in 2000.

See Merrill Family.