Leonard Cottage Loretto Leonard in the 1930 Canaras.

Address: 28 Park Avenue

Old Address: 15 Park Avenue

Other names: Mrs. John Leonard (1920s), Horne Cottage (1913); DIS

Year built:

Other information: There was another Leonard Cottage at 56 Park Avenue. Loretto Leonard lived at this address for her whole life, and gave piano lessons to generations of Saranac Lake children here.

It was the home of James and his mother, Clare Luce Holway, in 1941.

From a list found in the vault of Pine Ridge Cemetery, headed "Birthdates of Norwegian Patients in Saranac Lake and Gabriels, N.Y." Undated, but probably c. 1943.

Mrs. Lawrence's Cottage, 15 Park Ave.
Name Birthdate
Hjalmar Berentsen 3/8/1903
Conrad Drønnen ?
Waldenar Fahlstrøm 3/11/1923
Skaar Kristian ?
Wendel Jacobsan ?

List of donations from the Social Welfare Committee for Norwegian Seamen in America in New York. For context, see Stony Wold Sanatorium. Courtesy of Natalie Leduc.