Lester Abbott, cropped from a photograph of guides at Paul Smith's boathouse. Born:


Married: Esther


Lester "Let" Abbott was one of the guides photographed by A. W. Durkee at Paul Smith's boathouse on October 2, 1885.

See Interbrook Club. The following is an excerpt from:

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, February 27, 1957

Landmark Liquidated:

Owner Puts Torch To Old "Club Farm"

By Mrs. Albert Tyler

The house and barns and all other buildings at Vermontville known for many years as the Club Farm or the Palmer place were burned to the ground yesterday morning. . . .

For some years before the turn of the century the late Lester (Let) Abbott and his wife Esther owned the place and lived in a log cabin home for many years.

"Let" earned" a livelihood for his family by farming and kept a number of cows and horses. There came a time (about 1897) when the Abbotts needed a new and larger home and it is a matter of general knowledge hereabouts that Esther built and paid for the two story 10-room house. She earned the money by doing washings and ironings for the Fletcher Farm which was then a well established home for tuberculous patients.

Mrs. Abbott died there some years later. In course of time "Let" remarried and moved from Vermontville. Still later the place was sold to the Interbrook Club.