Address: 117 Olive Street

Old Address: 33 Olive Street

Other Names: Twilight Rest Cottage, Savage Cottage (1911), Alice Carbo (1945), Bickford Residence (1950-1952); DIS

Year built: about 1910

Other information: An open veranda wraps the southern and eastern sides of the house; the northern end of the eastern section has been enclosed with glass to create a cure porch. There is a second-floor cure porch as well.

NRHP Nomination photoOrin Savage, a carpenter, aged 62, lived in the house in 1915. The 1917 health survey indicates a TB patient in residence. During the thirties, the building was operated by Hugh Bickford as a commercial cure cottage called the Twilight Rest Cottage.

NRHP Nomination photo

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