Every region has at least one (sometimes more) volunteer local administrator who helps ensure that the community guidelines are being followed in that region. It's everyone's responsibility to ensure that the community guidelines are being followed, but local admins can help.

This entry is a guide for people who are local admins. It also helps provide information for everyone about what local admins' responsibilities are. If you want to learn more about other local admin stuff, check out the local admin hub.

What are the responsibilities of the admin?

Check out what local admins do.

When should an admin ban a user?

  • When a user is preventing the site from being usable as intended to further the mission of the LocalWiki project.

  • When a user is acting maliciously towards people, places, and/or the site.

  • When a user is a spammer.

When should an admin lock an entry?

Only in case of an edit war or unstoppable spam

Locking an entry is a drastic measure and should be used exceedingly sparingly! Locking entries should only be used when the standard ways of controlling content (tracking changes across the site via the "Activity" tab, checking the history of an entry (available under the "Info" button on every entry), and reverting entries) fails.

These measures have failed when there's an edit war or if an entry is getting attacked by spam/malicious edits.

How do I know if an entry is in an edit war?

Look at the history of the entry. If you see a bunch of changes that are just happening one on

What about if there's a bunch of spam/malicious edits?

Before locking an entry, try banning the user first.

When should the language of the site change?

If the language spoken by a majority of folks in the region that was previously unavailable becomes available.