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Have a problem with your local admin? Let's resolve this!

Every region has at least one volunteer local administrator who helps ensure that the Community Guidelines are being followed in that region. Every local administrator is bound to certain responsibilities. This entry should help you figure out what to do if your local admin is not fulfilling their responsibilities or is acting in bad faith.

What if I ask for help and my admin doesn't respond?

  • Admins should respond within 24-48 hours. They might not respond if your question doesn't relate to one of the things that they're responsible for. If that's the case, you can edit the entry or ask others to help, including anyone at the Help Desk. If you believe that your question pertains to an area they are responsible for, try reaching out again--sometimes things happen that take us away from our keyboards. If they are still not responsive, follow the process for changing admins.

What if my admin is being unreasonable or abusing their position?

  • If you feel that your admin is being unreasonable, try giving them a little space, or communicating to them through a neutral 3rd party. You may even want to look at the Conflict Resolution Guide. If your admin is abusing their position (including breaking the Community Guidelines), please follow the process for changing an admin, or have someone you trust do it for you.