Trail Sign at Riverwood. Details

The Culham Trail is about 12 km long. The trail surface varies from asphalt and gravel. At points you can hear the highway but once you get in far enough its very quiet. People fish along the river. It's a great little spot to bike or hike with tree covered paths leading into open fields at points. You can find washrooms along the trail at Erindale Park from May to October and at Riverwood Community Centre and Vic Johnston Arena all year round. There is no winter maintenance on the trail. Dogs must be leashed, please remember to stoop and scoop.

From Dundas Street east of Mississauga Road., the trail starts in Erindale Park and extends north of Britannia Road to Pine Cliff Drive. There is a signed bike route portion that starts just north of Highway 403 and follows along Wellsborough Place and Credit Point Drive.

The trail provides access to Riverwood where you'll find the Visual Art Centre and Mississauga Garden Council.

Starting at Creditview Road and Old Creditview Road, an asphalt trail extends north to Old Derry Road. Turning west is the connection to the Levi Creek Trail while the Culham continues easterly as a boulevard trail to Gazette Gate. The trail becomes a granular surface through the Credit Valley Conservation head office land and extends through Meadowvale Conservation Park up to Derry Road west where the Culham Trail ends. At Derry Road West the Culham becomes the Davidson Trail heading north into Brampton.

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