Andrew Moon
from The Beginnings of Oakland, AUC 2
courtesy the Oakland History Room

Andrew J. Moon (December, 1800 - February 26, 1880) was one of the founders of Oakland.

Ah, the Moon-man … Oakland’s mystery founder, Andrew J. Moon.

Well, the guy might as well have been from the moon: next to him, Horace Carpentier and Edson Adams are practically household names. This is not just one sleep-deprived editor’s opinion, either: he seemed to fade into the historical background almost immediately after his role in Oakland’s incorporation. Here’s a summary of what is currently known of him:

  • born December, 1800; some sources say Binghamton, NY
  • met other future Oakland founders on the sailing ship while coming around the horn
  • >20 years older than HWC & EA; may have facilitated dealings with authorities/lent their caper an air of legitimacy
  • along with the others, claimed 4×13 block portion of original Oakland (thought to be the section closest to the lake)
  • served on the town of Oakland’s first board of trustees
  • possible 4th partner Alfred Burrell's daughter says Moon bailed for Hawaii shortly afterward
  • died c. 18791
  • the book History of the San Francisco Bay Region (Vol. II) has a profile on him, available at the OHR. It also includes the fact that in 1854, Major Moon married Miss Mary Agnes Willis, from a family with "many fine musicians" including Richard Willis, bandmaster at West Point. They had 3 children: Milton Willis Moon, Marynia (or MaryneaE. Moon (who married Capt. Williiam E. Hall), and Marie Edna Hall (who married D. S. Hallock of San Rafael; one daughter, Margaret.)

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