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Clyde Callahan Lamkin (December 20, 1870 – August 7, 1943) was a photographer and salesman.

Lamkin was born in Nebraska in 1870; his brother Burt Burkes Lamkin was born in 1876 in Yolo County and settled in Fresno with his mother beginning in 1883. 6

Clyde attended Washington College in Fremont c.1890. 1 He tried a number of different ventures, including a short-lived paper called the Daily Ad in 1893. 2 [ possibly his father? ]

The first reference of him as a photographer is in the 1899 directory, at 1063 - 13th Avenue. About the same time he advertised in the Overland Monthly. The 1900 census shows him living in San Francisco in a boarding house, and his profession as "photographer". But by the 1910 census, his profession was listed as "traveling salesman - tobacco" and he had returned to Oakland.

On June 21, 1906, Clyde married Rose Nagel (Lamkin). 3 In 1910, they had a daughter, Rose Helen Lamkin. Sadly, Rose Nagel died of a pulmonary embolism soon after childbirth. Rose Helen died of whooping cough 5 months later. 4,7 They are buried in St. Mary's Cemetery.

A few years later in 1912, Clyde married Lela Roberta Davis (Lamkin). 5 They had no children. Clyde and Lela are buried in Glenn County, CA, where Lela's family was from.


from Bonnie Meyer

Much is unknown about the Lamkin family, but one question in particular remains: when was this photo of Julia Emma Steere (1832-1916) taken? Clyde's career as a photographer appears to have been fairly short, around 1898-1900, but it may be that he didn't advertise much. It could have been as long as 1890 to 1909. But 1063 - 13th Ave. address is the one most associated with photography. When does 556 E12th St. come in?

Fergus M. Harkness had a photography studio at 556 E12th St. c.1882-1890, but Lamkin would have been too young most of that time. T. Virgil Hill had "photographic fixtures" there in 1905. Before renumbering, 556 E12th St. was near 11th Avenue; after renumbering it was 1108 E12th St.

1911 Sanborn excerpt

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