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Eugene Hawkins Tharp (May 25, 1827 – October 21, 1907) was the first clerk of the California Supreme Court (c.1851) and the California Senate.

Tharp married Harriet E. Scott (Tharp) and they had one daughter, Mary Eugenia Tharp (Kelley) (who married George Walter Kelley, who was the brother-in-law of Robert Y. Snowball; one of their daughters, Edith Gere Kelley, married John W. Garthwaite, son of W.W. Garthwaite) and one son, Scott Tharp. Harriet died in 1896, and in 1900, Tharp was living with Mary and George Kelley on Piedmont Avenue.

He was also a notary public for many years 3,4; many later newspaper references are to him witnessing various transactions. Tharp was a member of the Whig Party.

October 4, 1850 Sacramento Transcript 2

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