Faulkner's Freezer (or Faulkner's Ice Cream) was an ice cream shop at 6111 La Salle Avenue in Montclair Village from about 1958 to about 1976. It was owned and run by Warren Faulkner. Faulkner's was sold to Chuck Gerow and became the Ice House.

A user on Facebook recalls: "They made an awesome sort of sherbet-type thing made of whole mashed frozen strawberries. Best thing they made." 1 One of the best things was the slush. White-haired Mr. Faulkner would dip a ladle into a bucket containing crushed ice and flavored syrup, either root beer, grape or cherry, and fill up a small (10 cents,) medium (15 cents,) or large cup (20 cents). Delicious.

I lived in Montclair from 1955 to 1958 and remember Faulkner's Ice Cream. They made different ice creams for every holiday, like peppermint, and our families favorite was licorice on Halloween! Something about eating a black ice cream was really cool. Also, they sold a "credit card" for a few dollars. Around the edge were 5, 10, 15, 25 cents. I wouldn't have to have money, just order a cone or slush and they would punch out the cost on my card. Used to get a card on my Birthday, Christmas and during the Summer. Great marketing idea!

The Faulkner family lived in Montclair, and the children attended Skyline High School.

1956 Montclarion - Chris Treadway

from 1976 Skyline HS yearbook

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