Franklin School and principal Jeanette MacDonald, 2006
photo CC-A from Our Oakland

Franklin Elementary School is located at 915 Foothill Blvd (formerly East 16th Street) in Oakland, adjacent to 9th Avenue and 15th Street. The original address for the school was on 10th Avenue, but this street has been abandoned between the school and the adjacent Franklin Recreation Center.


In 1877, it was known as Franklin Grammar School, and John H. Sumner was the principal. Teachers included Lellie E. Bentley, Carrie M. Ellis, Letitia Kinkade, and Emma R. Tucker, In 1887 Sumner was still the principal, with a staff of 12 teachers; Mrs. Emma R. Tucker, Miss Mattie J. Shaw, Miss Lettie E. Bentley, Miss Hattie L. Shaw, Miss Henrietta C. Simpson, Mrs. Hattie G. Ayer, Mrs. Ella M. Bartholomew, Mrs. Helen M. Storrs, Miss Angie Wakeman, Miss Louisa E. White, Miss Frances C. Sutherland, and Mrs. Lucy A. Walker. George Briant [also spelled 'George Bryant'] was employed as the janitor.

In 1935, the address listed was 1530 - 9th Avenue. 1

In 1953, the brick building was declared unsafe. In 1955, it was demolished to make way for a new building. 2

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