Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Oakland, California 2

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Ascension evolved from predominantly immigrants into a parish that spans six generations. The current church opened on December 11, 1960 as the Church of the Ascension. 

The beautiful new building blends modern elements with traditional designs and is noted for its architectural features.  The parish was elevated to the status of Cathedral in February 1992.  The 90th Anniversary of the parish was celebrated on November 30, 2007.  The Koimisis Chapel is still under construction. 1


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Oakland Greek Festival

The annual festival "offers the chance for visitors to immerse themselves in Greek tradition. Each year, the Greek Orthodox Cathedral hosts three days of dancing, souvenirs, religion, and food. The festival’s slogan is “Greek food with a side of culture,” and it allows curious and well-seasoned attendees alike to get a taste of both." 4

Greek Orthodox Cathedral (left) & Koimisis Chapel (right), Oakland, California 3


4700 Lincoln Avenue, Oakland, California 94602


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