Jay Bryan Nash (October 17, 1886 – September 20, 1965) was the superintendent of recreation for Oakland Parks and Recreation in the 1910s-1920s. He was very active in running Oakland parks,and was a nationally regarded expert on parks and recreation.

In 1913-1914, Nash was the athletic director at Fremont High School. 1,2

In 1915, Nash was "general supervisor of boys activities Recreation Dept." or "general supervisor of boys' activities in the Oakland playgrounds". 3 The 1924 and 1926 directories lists his title as "Supervisor of Playgrounds City of Oakland."

Nash was born October 17, 1886 in Ohio. He married Gladys Ovida Caldwell (Nash) and they had a daughter, Janet E. Nash. The 1916-1926 directories lists their address as 1506 Hampel Street.

In July, 1926, the Nash family moved to New York, where Jay Nash became a professor at NYU in charge of the recreation teacher-training department. Nash's former assistant, Raymond W. Robertson took over Nash's post at the recreation department. 4

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