Star TheaterStar Theater Poster

The Star Theater, also known as La Estrella Theater by the old Mexican Latino community, in West Oakland was located at 711 Market St near the corner with Seventh Street. The Star Theater opened as "The Marquee" in 1918 and was later renamed "The Arabian." It became The Star Theater in the mid-1930's. As the Star Theater it became a Spanish-language theater showing mostly Mexican movies. This was during the Golden Age of Mexican cinema; famous movies by popular Mexican actors and actresses like Cantinflas, Tin Tan, Pedro Infante and Maria Victoria showcased at the Star.

At the time, especially during the 1930's and 40's, Market St and 7th St were the heart of the Latino community in Oakland and the Star Theater was a focal point for the Mexican Latino community. The Theater not only showed movies, it also had live shows with Mexican actors and music shows. The Star also had Raffle Nights and free prize giveaway nights, both popular with local Latina women. One of the managers of the Star Theater was a man named Julio De Unamuno .

The Star Theater closed in 1964 and was soon torn down during the Urban Renewal era and destruction of West Oakland that displaced many Latino and African American families from West Oakland. The Acorn high rise Housing Project now stand where the Star Theater once was.